Updated on April 14th, 2022

Motocross is a serious sport, not suitable for cardiac. However, that should not mean that the strong-hearted ought to behave such as a jumping jack unprotected. The Fox Racing V3 Bike Helmet will help you keep your head intact once you’re up on the ramps trying to pull off death-defying stunts. Apparently, this dirt bike helmet resembles the head of a hawk or an eagle with its beak ready to snatch its prey in a fraction of a second. It is the peak, not the peak, which provides this motocross helmet its unique appearance. Anyway, the Fox Racing V3 Helmet has managed to keep the design simple, but with style. It has a nice and aerodynamic shape that provides minimal resistance once testing the limits of your motorcycle in the country.

What Would You Like?

Fox Racing V3 Helmet is one of the best dirt bike helmet. It has integrated a Magnetic Visor Release System into this helmet today. Rather than using clips, nuts, straps, bolts or rivets, what they have done is to use magnetic brackets. Then, in case of a crash, the visor is removed quite simply while you are busy rubbing your nose on the ground. In addition, you can turn it on again if it has not been cracked or if its integrity has been affected in any way because of that crash.

The Fox Racing V3 Helmet is also equipped with a multi-directional impact protection technology, a system that is being adopted by several bike helmet manufacturers. Protect your brain from any violence that results from a rotating impact. In reality, it consists of a layer of low friction between the carapace and the head. This layer is like the protective brain fluid that exists between it and the skull to absorb the impacts.

The Main Features to Keep in Mind

For a motocross helmet that is designed to go unnoticed, it should not cut you out on any features. This is what Fox Racing V3 Helmet has to offer.


The Fox Racing V3 Helmet is a real update to the previous V3 helmets. They have improved their game and chose a various multi-composite material making it lighter than previous versions. The Fox Racing V3 Helmet comes in 4 colors as your main choice with the similar graphic on each. The excellence of the graphic is great as well, with 2 ‘foxes‘ dotted on each side of the helmet’s wing and accent lines that represent a ‘fast’ feel.


The peak in this motocross helmet has a very aerodynamic contour, with 2 additional large cuts with a small central one. This makes sure the stability of the helmet at atrocious velocities. Fox Racing V3 Helmet has a handy update for visors in the form of the MVRS which prevents you from cursing the gods whether you come out in a face-first clash. Rather than the 3 visor screws that held the visor in place and broke it when it crashed, now you have 3 magnets that secure the helmet to the face. However, do not worry; the magnets are very strong enough to keep the lid in place at high speeds.


Fourteen intakes and four escapes take care of incoming and outgoing air. This is on the top of the open face that you get with this best dirt bike helmet. A large hole for the pentagonal chin is responsible for letting in the air in. There are 2 additional entrances just above the chin vent that deflect air through your face. The combined shape has a pentagon reverse pentagon shape, which works fine with the aggressive Sub-Zero nose design that is supposed to exude the cap. 2 jaw line entries add more airflow over the areas of the jaw. 2 exhaust outlets in the upper rear and 2 in the lower part near the fin area eliminate all this suffocating air using the Venturi effect and keep things cool and nice.

Lining and Padding

A Drilex Comfort Liner absorbs sweat and keeps you dry most of the time. The cushions and the comfort lining are perforated sufficiently to keep the constant of air flow. Even so, the material feels so soft against the skin and should not bother you for prolonged Moto sessions.

The Bottom Line

The Fox Racing V3 Helmet is a wonderful helmet for dirt bike. It is very strong and durable with a removable peak and should last you long enough before you think about the V5 or V4.