Updated on January 9th, 2022

Dual sport snowmobile helmets are quite tough, yet its very lightweight. And it commonly contains an electric shield that has anti-fogging features as well as UV filtering capabilities while preserving a distortion-free field of view. So, you can ride in a snowmobile for a long time being.


However, finding the best one can be a tricky task as there are so many options available in the market. And obviously, not all of these are good enough to give you the best service. Also, there are some other aspects that should be considered before buying the best dual sport snowmobile helmet.


That’s why, after doing some intensified research, we rounded up some of the best ones that you can consider buying. So, stick together with this article until the end to choose your desired one.


Best Dual Sport Snowmobile Helmets


CastleX Mode Dual-Sport SV Helmet


CastleX Mode Dual Sports SV Electric Snowmobile Helmet

When it comes to dual sport helmets, the Castle X Mode SV is one of the best choices that you can consider buying. Certainly, the Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Helmet has a good-looking design to its advantage. Although the look of this helmet is quite interesting, there are so many other characteristics available in it that meet the usual requirements.


If you are worried about the sunlight, then don’t worry. With the internal amber lens as a starting point, your eyes will be well shielded from the sun. If you don’t like the extra lens, you can easily remove it in a matter of seconds.

CastleX Mode Dual Sports SV Electric Snowmobile Helmet

With this helmet, you won’t have to be concerned about not being able to get the proper size for your head. It is available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from Extra-Small to XXX-Large and beyond. If you’re not sure what size you are, you may always refer to their sizing guide for assistance. This will provide you with a few measures guide that you may use to determine the size of your new helmet.

CastleX Mode Dual Sports SV Electric Snowmobile Helmet


On the other hand, this Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV is a very lightweight snowmobile helmet that is also equipped with a one-of-a-kind breathing system. The function of this enclosure is to keep the lens from fogging up along its whole length. It also prevents you from overheating when breathing, allowing you to breathe in clean air. The whole package is an incredible value for such a low price on such a terrific variety. So, if you are into something outstanding but also considering the price range, then you can simply choose this one.


Key Features: 

  • It is equipped with an amber lens on the inside to filter out the sun.
  • You can choose between a variety of different sizes.
  • The stylish look combined with increased usefulness.
  • Hi-Definition Smoke tint sun visor
  • This dual-sport helmet comes with electric shield
  • It has dual pane anti-fog shield
  • DOT & ECE Approved


GMAX AT-21S Adventure Snowmobile Helmet


GMAX AT-21S Adventure Snowmobile Helmet

Unless the chilly weather does not really prevent you from getting on the road or perhaps the track, it is possible that the new AT-21S Dual Sport adventure snowmobile helmet from Gmax could be for you because it comes with so many additional key features and characteristics which will be helping you to enhance the total experience of snowmobiling.


Featuring the very easy and effective clasp that can be used with gloves on, this ECE/DOT-approved lid comes with a transparent double layer protective shield, a drop-down sunscreen, detachable and washable lining, breathing chamber, and chin curtain to keep out the chilly air. On the other hand, for the aesthetic riders, the AT-21S is also available in plain colors in sizes from between XS to 2XL.


The detachable inside, which incorporates COOLMAX CORE Technology, is intended to drain sweat away from the body and keep you fresh and cool, as well as warm throughout the ride.


This helmet is mainly created to allow journey lover snowmobile bikers to experience their surroundings in warmth and protection, yet providing most of the other characteristics that you’d want from a more costly dual sport helmet. Hence, in a variety of color choices and patterns, it’s available in both adolescent and adult sizes and weighs just 3.0 pounds (size big). Yet, providing all of these amazing features and characteristics, this helmet comes at a very low price that you can afford easily.


GMAX AT-21S Adventure Snowmobile Helmet Feature

It’s a very lightweight, ECE, and DOT-approved helmet in a very affordable price range. There is also a built-in speaker pocket for communication and sound systems. So, you can communicate with others without even putting your hands off of the handle. Overall, considering all these features and price ranges, we think that this is one of the best dual sport snowmobile helmets that you can consider buying.


Key Features:

  • Approved by the ECE and the Department of Transportation.
  • Buckled up with a quick-release mechanism.
  • Excellent protection is provided by a lightweight polycarbonate outer shell.
  • Antimicrobial SpaSoftTM inside that is detachable, adaptable, and machine washable.
  • The shell is very lightweight and comes in three sizes.
  • An anti-fog coating is applied to the drop-down sunshade.

Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet

Bell’s MX-9 Adventure, which competes in the dual-sport helmet category, raises the bar to its absolute limits. This is one of the greatest Adventure helmets for snowmobile riding that you can get your hands on. With a weight of 1700g for a helmet of this size, it is the lightest in its class, especially when compared to the previous helmet, we reviewed before.


It is a variant of Bell’s MX-9 off-roading helmet, which is also available in many colors, including black. However, generally, the sun peak is tilted downward for high experiencing the highway aerodynamics. Also, the face shield is introduced with high quality, and the chin bar is reduced for somewhat greater warmth and accident protection.


On top of that, the MX-9 Adventure helmet continues to operate in the same manner as a snowmobile helmet. There is a chin bar and a large open area under the chin bar that allow for a lot of air to pass through the garment. There are also vents on the forehead and the back of the helmet, but these are not retractable, which I believe is a mistake on Bell’s part.


Hence, according to some of my observations, the sun peak gets a great deal of wind on the roadway. However, Bell appears to be aware of this since they provided us with thumb screws that made removing the sun peak very simple. Although there is one drawback of this helmet so, it goes without saying that I’m not meant to be doing any road riding while wearing it. I wouldn’t want to, either, since it’s actually noisy in traffic.


However, it’s very simple to use sunglasses with this helmet, regardless of whether the face shield is in place or not. Because of the space provided by Bell in between the visor and the liner, anyone can easily wear glasses when the face shield is lowered, which is now a bad thing to have. However, frankly speaking, I don’t find that to be a really helpful feature. If the road is dusty, sandy, or heated enough to necessitate the use of sunglasses, then holding the face shield on is just a recipe for having it damaged or being fogged up.

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet 01

On the other hand, the MX-9 Adventure dual sport helmet has a moderate body structure and fits according to the size chart available online, which brings us to the end of the statistics. On top of that, this helmet comes with the DOT and ECE certification, something you already know how much we prefer.


So, overall, because of all these amazing features and characteristics, we think that that this MX-9 Adventure Dual Sport helmet will be a perfect choice if you are into something which is inexpensive and comes with standard features as well.


Key Features: 

  • Comes with a MIPS impact management system.
  • Integrated removable shield with Nutrafog anti-fog, anti-scratch, and UV protection.
  • Features two-point adjustable visor with vents.
  • Three shell sizes are available for greater fit.
  • Very lightweight.

GMax GM11 Dual Sport Helmet

GMax GM11 Dual Sport Helmet

GMax GM11 is one of the best Dual Sport Snowmobile helmets currently out there, which is often known as a “snow helmet” because of its design and characteristics. It comes in different colors, including black, and has different sizes that you can purchase according to your head size for a perfect fit. However, whether you like roadside biking in the heat or snowmobiling in the snow, this helmet can do all these jobs well.


After seeing the price of this helmet, I was kinda suspicious at first as it was so much affordable that it promises to be able to perform the functions of three helmets. GMax, on the other hand, seems to have pulled it off, at least in my opinion.


There are so many features and capabilities available in this helmet that will amaze you for sure. It has a removable sun peak, face shield, a double lens system for anti-fogging, spare pockets for sound systems like the speaker, removable and washable linings, chin curtains, breathing shield, and so on. So, it’s obvious to be suspicious that they hope they can be able to offer all these amazing features in this price range.


On top of that, it has six chin bar vent holes, two forehead vents, and six exhausts. So, in the summer days, you won’t get sweaty, and in the winter season, you can close them off and become super hot. Hence, there are two things that I loved in this helmet, and also, there are two things that I didn’t like.


The two things that I loved is that the face shield is way bigger, so it opens in a wider way. That’s why you can actually wear large framed sunglasses without any issues, which is really an impressive thing. The other thing that amazed me was its very lightweight weight. Although there are so many features, it’s very lightweight that it won’t bother you while riding off-road.

GMax GM11 Dual Sport Helmet

However, there are two drawbacks that caught my eye. One is regarding the vents. GMax should have used thumbscrews instead of Philip’s heads in order to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag. Because maybe I will like to remove this sun peak while traveling on the highway for a long period of time. And the other one is regarding the certification. Even while this isn’t a major issue, there is a broader issue at hand: This helmet is just DOT-approved, and I certainly feel more secure with a Snell or ECE-certified helmet instead.


Hence, these are not that major issues if you look into the cheap price range. If you can overlook these things, then you can consider buying this one.


Key Features: 

  • An excellent bargain at a reasonable price.
  • It has a detachable peak for easy cleaning.
  • For big goggles, it offers a wide viewport.
  • Vents can be moved around.
  • Features a set of vent sliders that are easy to grip with gloves on.
  • The face shield system has a three-step mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is a dual-sport snowmobile helmet?

Dual-sport snowmobile helmets are made of very lightweight material, and these are quite tough. Also, it is common for this style of snowmobile helmet to feature an electric shield that provides anti-fogging capabilities as well as UV filtration while retaining a distortion-free field of view.


For snowmobiling, what sort of helmet is required?

A full-face snowmobile helmet will provide the maximum protection in the event of a collision as well as against the hard elements. Also, air sound and crosswinds are minimized since the helmet covers your complete head and has few moving components. So, when it comes to snowmobiling, a full-face helmet is highly recommended.


If you love to snowmobile a lot, then you are going to need a very tough yet lightweight helmet for enhancing the total riding experience. In this case, a dual-sport helmet should be just fine because it can be used in the winter and summer seasons as well. But there are so many options available in the market which may make you confused. So, in this review, we rounded up some of the best dual sport snowmobile helmets that you can consider buying. We hope that this article has helped you to choose your desired one.