Updated on October 12th, 2019

Anyone who rides a bike needs head protection. This is especially more important in the case of children, considering how fragile they are. With this, if you are on the lookout for the best toddler  helmet for balance bike, keep on reading and we’ll let you know some of our recommendations.

Before we start, take note that the neck of infants is weak, which is why it might not be able to support a helmet. For this reason, a child under one year of age should not ride a bike.

Our Top Picks for the Best Kids Helmet Balance Bike

Ready to start shopping? Below we will have a quick rundown of five of the products that should be on your radar.

Razor V-17 Child Multisport Helmet

#1 Best Seller

Razor V-17 Child Multisport Helmet

Check Prices on Amazon
Check Prices on Amazon

Among others, this is well-loved by many because of its versatility. While kids can use it for biking, it is also great for skating and other activities where head protection is a must.

One of the best features of the helmet is the interior padding. It has an ergonomic design and fits securely, as long as the size is right. The main material is EPS foam, which is soft but protective. The pads are removable, making it not only easy to clean but also hygienic.

To make it even more comfortable, there are 17 vents on the top and the side. This encourages air circulation. The head will stay dry and comfortable as the helmet offers exceptional ventilation.

For ease of use, it has side-release buckles. Kids will be able to wear and take off the helmet without any difficulty! The straps are fully adjustable, allowing customization depending on the size and shape of the head of the user.

The helmet also passes the CPSC standards, which should be enough to provide you with peace of mind regarding the quality and safety of the product.

The manufacturer recommends this helmet for use of children who are five to eight years old.

TeamObsidian Kids Bike Helmet

Designed for kids who are three to seven years old, this is another CPSC-certified helmet that guarantees dependability and protection for the little ones.

One feature that gives this a distinct appeal is the expanded polystyrene shell, which has the excellent ability to absorb shock. This won’t easily give in to pressure, providing protection to the head of kids. It also comes with a snug fit, reducing the likelihood that it will slide off the head during an accident.

More than the protection that it provides, the helmet is also cool and comfortable. First, it is lightweight. Kids won’t feel that wearing the helmet is too much of a burden for them. There are also 14 vent holes in strategic positions. This means that air circulation will never be a problem, unlike other helmets that can easily make the head sweaty.

To secure the fit of the helmet on the head, it also comes with an adjustable strap. The latter is made of a soft material that won’t scratch or irritate the skin. It also comes with a quick-release clip. Plus, it comes with a fit dial adjustment system. With this, it is perfect from toddler to a child’s size, allowing it to offer excellent value for money.

Schwinn Infant Helmet

Since this is a helmet by Schwinn, the brand name itself should be more than enough to convince parents to pick this product over its cheaper competitors.

To keep the infant cool while wearing the helmet, there are six vents on the top. To add, the helmet also comes with a 360-degree internal padding. This will ensure a comfortable fit for the wearer. It also provides an additional layer of protection to absorb shock.

Parents also praise this helmet because it offers 100{2f4b43b0d6efdd53c03a9a874674d6bf65a24bfae4027e9233fc27065b407ae4} adjustability. The dial fit offers customization options depending on the size and shape of the head of its user. Whether for small or large heads, it can offer the perfect fit.

For better coverage, meanwhile, there is a lower molded shell that increases the protection the helmet provides. The coverage also extends all the way to the rear of the helmet.

Bell Rally Child Helmet

One of the best things about this helmet is the True Fit 1-step adjustment. The technical details from the manufacturer specify that this is for a head size of 52 to 56 centimeters. You do not have to deal with confusing adjustments of the strap to secure the helmet. There are straps in correct and permanent positions. Meanwhile, the fit belt is self-adjusting.

Similar to the helmets that we recommend in this post, it also comes with several vents in strategic positions. What this means is that the user can expect proper ventilation for comfort when riding a bike, especially during a hot day.

The helmet also comes with a provision for a visor, which will protect the eyes from the excruciating heat of the sun. It offers an additional layer of protection.

Raskullz Kitty Cat Child Bike Helmet