Updated on May 13th, 2022

There are so many modular helmets in the market. However, you need to but one depending on your budget and unique needs. Here is a list of the best modular helmet that you can find in the market. Each product has a description, features, pros, and cons. This information will help you to make an informed purchase decision as you buy your next modular helmet.

For the record, the best modular helmet is among the most crucial head gears for riders of motorcycles. While many riders of the bike know the importance of a helmet, the fine complexities and distinctions separate them when it comes to models, brands, features, classifications, and price. This makes it hard for you to choose the right helmet. For this reason, this write-up is in place to help you choose the right helmet.

  1. HJC IS-Max II Modular Helmet
  2. Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Helmet
  3. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Modular Full Face Helmet
  4. Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  5. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet
  6. YEMA YM-925 Modular Helmet
  7. IV2 VIPER Model 953 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Overall Best

HJC IS MAX 2 Helmet

HJC IS-MAX Modular Helmet


Best Value (Under $100)

ILM Modula helmet

ILM Modular Motorcycle Helmet


1. HJC IS-Max II Modular Helmet

Overall Best Modular Helmet


The flip-up bar in the HJC IS-Max 2 makes communication with the helmet easy and wearing glasses comfortable. The face shield of this helmet is superior optically because it shields ninety-five percent ultraviolet light. it has a quick replacement system that does not need secure tools for removal and installation. The ACS or advanced channeling system provides full back and front air flows that flush humidity and heat out and up. It also has vents for a multi-stage intake that combine with exit vents at the back to offer ventilation that allows flow-through.

The chin bar vent in the best modular helmet allows air to flow across the shield to assist in eliminating shield fogging. The washable, removable, and super cool interior lining is good has antibacterial properties, is washable, and is removable for cleaning the interior. The glass groove can accommodate the rider that puts on glasses. The sun-shield system for the visor has a one-touch integrated system for the helmet. It has an adjustable sun-shield that quickly deploys with ease while in use. It has three positions that are adjustable too.


  • It has a polycarbonate composite shell that also has an adjustable polycarbonate chin bar
  • Superior fit, lightweight and comfortable due to the CAD technology used in its manufacture
  • One face shield release and single button handed bar
  • It has a superior face shield licked with a pin
  • And also provides ninety-five percent protection from UV
  • It does not require tools to replace the whole shield system
  • Integrated sunshield with a locking system that deploys with ease and quickly
  • The ACS controls the flow of air and flushes humidity out and up.
  • The interior is super cool because it made with an antibacterial material
  • All cheek pad sizes are interchangeable in all sizes of helmets
  • It meets the set standards for the best modular helmets

This modular helmet  has a lot of features in it to make it the best choice for your riding needs. It has an internal drop down sun visor for reducing glare and making the ride very enjoyable. The Moisture-wicking anti-bacterial liner gets the sweat to the integrated ventilation channels. The chin bar rises with one button that is easy to operate with a hand that is gloved.


  • It is cool and comfortable due to the antibacterial fabric it is made with
  • It is lightweight and fitting to enhance the comfort of the rider
  • You will have fresh air because it has the mechanism of flushing humidity out and up
  • It is easy to handle because you do not need a tool to replace the sunshield
  • It is pocket-friendly when purchasing


  • It does not come with the pin lock insert lens


Given all this information, you have all that is required to buy the best modular helmet. The most important thing is to get the products that meets most of your needs within the set budget.

2. Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Ride safer, smarter, and more comfortably with the new Sena Outrush modular helmet. Sena has redesigned the traditional motorcycle helmet and made it smarter.

Riding without a helmet is not allowed in many countries. But does wearing a bulky and uncomfortable helmet spoil your mood as well as your looks when you’re on your way to work or enjoying life on the weekend? Need to turn up the volume on your playlist? Outrush’s modular helmet solves this problem.  Simply use one of the three hidden buttons .

Smart motorcycle helmet

Outrush is a modular smart helmet that comes with a retractable sun visor, jog-dial operated controls to make use of functions such as volume control  and HD Intercom Mode for audio clarity with another rider. Outrush connects to another Outrush user via Bluetooth Fast Pairing for clear communication. With these features, we can revolutionize the biking experience and bring biking back from the brink.

Sena Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

It is Bluetooth-ready and has a modular design with retractable sun visor, making it the perfect helmet for everyday commuting and long distance trips. With 15 hours of talk time, you can make all your phone calls without having to stop to recharge.

With more functions than ever before and lighter weight, this is the ultimate motorcycle helmet for people on the go.

The quick-release ratchet strap system means you can get on and off the bike in a flash. You’ll also love the drop-down sun visor and face shield for eye protection. .The Sena Outrush Modular helmet is the ultimate motorcycle head protection.


  • Best modular Smart helmet with sun visor
  • Jog-dial operated controls to make use of functions such as volume control
  • HD Intercom Mode provides audio clarity with other rider
  • Pair the helmet with your smartphone to enjoy your music
  • Hear GPS navigation and make phone calls.
  • 15 hours of talk time on a single charge.
  • Multi-density EPS liner and lightweight
  • Quick-release ratchet strap system
  • Drop-down sun visor
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218

Sena’s Outrush Helmet is designed to be the most versatile, safe, and convenient helmet on the market.This Modular helmet is the ultimate motorcycle head protection and  comfortable as it is versatile.