Updated on February 13th, 2022

Motocross is a thrilling physical activity! It gives you a different kind of an adrenaline rush. Despite the excitement, however, it can also be unsafe. Physical injuries are common. To prevent the latter, you need to have the highest level of protection. Among others, one of the most important when riding a dirt bike is to wear the best motocross helmet. With the tons of the possibilities, however, which should you choose? If you are having a hard time deciding, read on and we’ll help you come up with the right choice.

Our Top Picks for the Best Motocross Helmet

  1. Bell Moto 9 Flex Helmet
  2. SHOEI VFX-EVO Helmet
  3. 6D ATR-2 Helmet
  4. O’Neal 5 SRS Men’s Off-Road Helmet
  5. Fox Racing V3 Helmet
  6. Scorpion VX-R70 Ascend Dirt Motorcycle Helmet

Below, we will have a rundown of some of the top brands and models that should be on your radar.

The premium price of this helmet is sure to be worth it. The cost can be justified by the features and performance of the product.

Among others, one thing that makes this exceptional is the 3K carbon shell, which makes it look, feel, and perform like a true racing helmet.

The progressive layering technology also deserves to be highlighted. This is a first-of-its-kind feature, which is basically the one responsible for improving impact protection through the multiple layers of materials that can withstand varying forces.

Another feature that makes it excellent in terms of safety is the Rotational Energy Management. This allows the creation of a slip zone, making it possible for the head to not absorb most of the impact a crash.

There are also plenty of features to ensure your highest level of comfort. For instance, with the Adaptive Fit, the helmet has a segmented construction that can personalize the fit based on the size and shape of the head of the wearer.

Ventilation will not be a problem as well, guaranteeing a comfortable ride. It is designed with velocity flow ventilation, which has port placements in strategic locations to encourage air circulation.

The helmet also features X-Static XT2 silver liner, which is removable and washable. Essentially, it is an anti-microbial fabric that has been clinicallyproven to get rid of odor and bacteria.

Lastly, this helmet comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, which should be enough to provide you with peace of mind.

Comfort and protection – these are two of the best reasons why this motocross helmet should be on the top of your list. It is featherweight, which means that it is not a burden to wear the helmet. It has the Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus shell construction, an innovative technology that uses the best fibers available to make it strong while keeping the weight at a minimum.

Another excellent feature is the Emergency Quick Release System. Basically, it has straps under the cheekpads that make it easy to take it off.

The V470 visor that comes with the helmet is also great. There are three screws that secure the visor in place. It is removable, so you can use the helmet without it if you find such to be more comfortable.

Meanwhile, with the Motion Energy Distribution System, there is a flexible insert inside the helmet. The latter will improve the impact absorption of the helmet, minimizing the possible injury in the head during a crash.

This is unlike the helmets that will make you sweat profusely, especially when you are riding during a hot day. With the smart design of the helmet, the cool air will be passing through the front intake vents. There is also a large neck outlet to improve air circulation, which has a direct impact on your comfort.

Lastly, it has the 3D Max Dry Interior System. It has a liner that is also removable and washable, like most of the options that are included in this list. Unlike traditional nylon, it speeds up the dissipation of sweat by as much as two times.

This is another helmet that comes with a premium price, but you should not let the cost discourage you. After taking a look at its features, you will easily realize that the price is indeed worth it.

The extremely light body of the helmet is one of its best assets. This won’t cause a strain on the head or the shoulder, unlike its heavier counterparts. It weighs only 1,480 grams, so you can be sure that the weight will never a burden.

It also has the Optimized Shell Design, which refers not to a single element but to a combination of various components that make up the shell. The structural integrity of the shell guarantees its ability to protect the head from a serious injury.

To add, it has the innovative Multi-Impact Outer Expanded Polypropylene Liner. The material is known for its energy absorption, which allows the impact to distribute evenly. There are also low-friction disks for damping.

As for the liner, it is made of GenuineDri-Lex Fabric. It is also washable and removable, making it hygienic. Plus, it has the natural ability to resist the growth of bacteria from your sweat.

Lastly, the manufacturer takes pride in pioneering a number of safety features in this helmet. For instance, it comes with the structural brow rib, which improves the structural strength of the helmet in the eye port. It also has Cervical Protection Zone, providing protection even to the spine and neck.

With this helmet, you can choose from six available sizes – extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra-large. There are also three helmet designs.

Looking at its materials, you can have the assurance that safety and durability are not compromised. To ensure this, it comes with a polycarbonate ABS shell, which is known for being long-lasting, protective, and lightweight. You do not need to be burdened by its heavy weight when it is worn during a ride.

The Cool Max liner is also well-loved in this product. Basically, it is an ultra-plush padded liner that you can also remove and wash, making it economical and hygienic. It wicks away sweat, so the helmet will not be a breeding ground of bacteria. More importantly, this will prevent the interior of the helmet from having a foul smell.

Worried that your head will feel too hot and become too sweaty during an intense ride? This is not going to be a problem with this motocross helmet. This is because of the presence of multiple vents that will let air in.

The adjustable design of the visor is also a plus. This provides protection from the glare of the sun when you are riding. Plus, since it is adjustable, you can customize it based on what you are personally comfortable with.

As the manufacturer claims, it has met safety standard and it has various certifications to ensure its ability to keep the user safe.