Updated on April 14th, 2022

Whether you prefer to take your bicycle adventuring to the rough, single-track terrain of the wilderness or race through the smooth-sailing roads of the countryside, safety is always of utmost importance. That’s where the Fox Flux Helmet comes into the picture.

When bicycling at high speeds, rock and debris are likely to fly up and ricochet off the surface of your helmet possibly leaving dents or slight damage. That’s why the Fox Flux features in-mold construction to prevent damage to the underlying EPS foam structure. Additional coverage exists at the rear end of the helmet providing for protection from such scenarios. This downhill mountain bike helmet takes safety even further with its removable visor designed to shield the face from debris and unpleasant weather.

Second to safety on the level of importance when shopping for a helmet is comfort. Comfort and style are also accounted for with the Fox Flux Helmet. It features a single hand dial actuated retention system to ensure a snug, comfy fit. Strategically placed across the surface of the helmet are 20 ventilation ports to keep you feeling cool and refreshed on the hotter days of the year. Assorted color and size options are available to accommodate the needs and preferences of various bicyclers.


  • In-mold construction to prevent damage to the underlying EPS foam structure
  • Coverage at that rear end of the helmet to provide additional protection
  • Complex ventilation system with 20 vents for airflow
  • Detachable visor to shield face from the elements
  • Comfortable, sleek design
  • Single hand dial actuated retention system
  • Assorted color and size options available


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Comprehensive protection


  • Expensive ($50-$150 depending upon color and size selections)


While the Fox Flux Helmet may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, it is important to realize that investing in a quality helmet ensures that you are safe from head injury if something were to go wrong. A trip to the emergency room or a lifelong, untreatable head trauma is bound to be more detrimental on the wallet than a one-time helmet purchase.Fox brand is a global leader in racing products and related equipment. It values and promotes quality in general and has made its positive reputation evident over years of business practice. You can rest assured that this helmet is well worth the investment!