Updated on April 14th, 2022

The market now a day offer a whole range of helmets, leaving riders spoilt for choice. It is upon the rider to choose what best works for them. The Fox Metah Helmet comes in handy for any rider who wants a gorgeous stylish look without compromised protection. It is suitable for all mountain biking activities.

The following features characterize the metah helmet, which make it the best option to most riders.

  • It has a high quality liner which enhances absorption of crash and sweat
  • Fixed adjustment straps which give an excellent fit.
  • It comes in different sizes therefore can accommodate a wide range of customers.
  • 10 opening vents provide sufficient air circulation and reduced weight.
  • First-rate set of pads and sealed peripheral for sweat absorption
  • Lightweight of around 400g
  • Deep case which covers almost the entire head


The fox metah helmet comes with a whole range of benefits to the user, some of which are as follows:  

Safety: To begin with, metah helmets have excellent level of protection. The outer case is relatively deeper and covers the bigger part of the head, especially at the back.

This gives a perfect fit for the rider. The fit is further made better by the magnificent adjusting straps that are tightly buckled under the jawbone.

Lightweight: The level of comfort in this mountain bike helmet is out of the world. This is because of its superb lightweight.  The Fox put weight into consider during the design and production of this helmet. Selection of material is therefore guided by the need for this feature.

The lining material is also a good absorber of sweat, which adds to the comfort of the helmet.  The material also greatly takes in impact in case of an accident and prevents serious head injuries.

Air circulation:  Amazing air circulation in this helmet. This is due to the adequate ventilation for the helmet which facilitates free flow of air into and out of the helmet. The ventilation also contributes to the lightweight of the helmet, making it even more comfortable.


Compared to other helmets in the market, this helmet is a little expensive. The price of a Fox Metah mtb helmet is almost double the price of other helmets of lower rating.


Its superb features explain the premium price . Despite the high price, the Fox Metah Helmet is highly recommended if security and comfort are in one’s mind. It is advantages greatly outdo the demerit of being highly priced.

Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet

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