Updated on May 4th, 2021

LEXIN FT4 Pro can be a viable product for you as it has the latest Bluetooth v4.0 connectivity and a wide range.

This is a 4 way Bluetooth speaker shaped like a “double-sided blade.” It is very simple to operate. You can control it with only 3 buttons: A, B, and “Jog Dial.” Different combinations of these three buttons can help you execute different features of the speaker.

FT4 Pro comes with integrated v4.0 Bluetooth technology that serves you seamless connectivity with your phone. The pairing process doesn’t require much time.

Surprisingly, the claimed connectivity range is 2.0 km, but according to verified users, this range is not compatible with a stable connection. A stable connection range is almost 1.0 km.

LEXIN 2pcs FT4 Pro 4-Way Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

However, the connection becomes more stable with a straight low-traffic road and a strong signal. But the good thing is, even if two riders are disconnected for any reason, a reconnect feature will trigger a “reconnect attempt” after every 8 seconds interval.

Well, FT4 Pro does not have the best sound quality. These speakers are more into treble than bass.

So, the sounds are not expected to be that rich. Unfortunately, it does not offer any noise cancellation features. Hence, the sound quality would decrease after crossing 70 mph.

Weather resistance is a plus-point for FT4 Pro. It’s durable in the most unpleasant weather, let it be rain or snow. Its IP7 waterproof design and ice-resistant feature make it invincible against any kind of rough weather.

Battery life is, as usual, 15 hours, and it takes 2 hours 30 minutes to get the Li-ion fully charged.


This one is a very affordable and durable Bluetooth motorcycle speaker. Its top-notch Bluetooth technology makes it a winner.

However, the flaws, as mentioned above, are the audio and microphone quality. Furthermore, the advertised range does not provide a stable connection.

Yet, if you search for short-range use and are not too picky about sound qualities, FT4 Pro, considering its price, can be the right choice for you.