Updated on April 20th, 2021

O’Neal 3 Series  Helmet is designed with an astonishing glance. The outer shell is made using poly-carbonate. So, the dirt bike helmet becomes durable and runs for a long time. You don’t have to spend money to purchase another one.

The weight of the shell is 1500 grams. Well, that is pretty much weight-less and carrying it in hand. By wearing it, the user can move the neck seamlessly. They don’t feel any kind of trouble putting it on the head.

There is an extravagant plush liner pad. It’s removable. As a result, you can clean while it absorbs dirt and grime. Once you clear the filth, you will feel like a new one again.

Sometimes riders sweets after an extremely strenuous ride. No tension. This motocross helmet has a sweet free solution to make it dry. It knocks out the relative wetness.

The visor of the helmet is so flexible. See, the visor has exhaust and intake vents. For that reason, humankind enjoys venality. They feel fresh and cool, and adjustable.

You will get colorful graphics, which makes it more beautiful. The graphics are coated incredibly. This brand sends the replacement part along with the box.

The helmet fulfills all the requirements meeting Dot or ECE standards. It is tested in a sufficient lab. That proves that the brand uses advanced technology to produce that. Last but not least, O’Neel also encounters AS/NZS standards. So, this is an unbiased measurement.

Key Feature:

Super ventilation and cooling system: 

Ventilation matters first when a helmet is your daily mate. You never want a sweaty heated heat inside your helmet.

Again, if you are a regular rider,, your helmet’s cooling system should be the first priority. O’Neal 3 Series Motocross Helmet provides you supercool ventilation inside the helmet.

It includes Intake and exhaust vents inside the helmet to ensure pure ventilation. The cooling system makes you have a sound ride with relaxation.

You will intake fresh air and exhale the air inside the helmet. It will make your brain fresh and anxiety-free. You don’t need to get worried about the heat of the helmet to enjoy your trip.

Removable and washable padded liner:

Maintaining a helmet is hazardous work when the producing method is not user-friendly. But a helmet should be washed regularly so that it lasts a long time.

O’Neal 3 Series Motocross Helmet reduces your extra effort to wash your helmet. It is removable and washable. There is a padded liner that is easy to remove and clean.

Durability and long-lasting comfort depend most on maintenance. You should remove the padded liner carefully to save it from external damage. If you could maintain it, the helmet will also serve you an extended period.

Durable Polycarbonate shell:

The helmet is made of a Durable Polycarbonate shell. It is very lightweight to carry on the surface seems unique and new in the era of the helmet.

O’Neal 3 Series Helmet is designed and formulated to maintain the Adjustable visor and other styling functions of the helmet. The visor will ensure a clear and widespread view of the biker. It keeps the look clear and fog-free.

It is the most crucial feature of a helmet that a biker always wants to have in his helmet. So with the new secure and unique sunvisor, you can explore a new experience of biking.

Elegance and comfort:

The helmet becomes more attractive when it gives an elegant vibe with the highest comfort. It has Eye-catching and multi-color coated graphics in its shell.

The design provides a very aristocratic flavor of the helmet. Besides, the very unique feature of the O’Neal 3 Series Motocross Helmet is it offers maximum comfort with a great look.

The Durable Polycarbonate shell is so heard that it ensure the long durability of the shell. The shell has a very new look for maintaining your comfort.

DOT certification:

S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard D.O.T. is known as DOT . the test is an effective passing procedure for all sorts of helmets.

Surprisingly O’Neal 3 Series Motocross Helmet has fulfilled all the criteria of the dot test. It means that your favorite daily helmet is ready to ensure your security and safety for a long time.

Moreover, this helmet has special features. It has met not only the Dot certification but also ECE 22-05 and AS/NZS safety standards.

It means that the helmet gets European access to its fitness. The helmet is ready to serve you the most with its various tools.


  • Absolute workable visor.
  • Great fitting to head.
  • Impressive for a long ride.
  • Fair price.
  • Noodle protection.


  • Plastic made tension screws.
  • No ratchet buckle.


Our observation says that it’s a cosmic off-road helmet for riding. It is a renowned brand. The lack of perfection is noticeable in anything. But we also give priory to value and benefit ratio. In that case, this helmet wins.

O'Neal 3 Series Helmet

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