Updated on April 14th, 2022

Shopping for a quality bicycle helmet is crucial when it comes to protecting yourself from injury on your bicycle adventures. Injury can happen when you least expect it and how you least expect it. It can happen when you go flying off your bicycle or when you kick up a rock from the ground below. So, it’s important to be prepared for anything. The POC Trabec Race MIPS Bicycle Helmet comes equipped with a variety of safety features to keep you protected when you need it the most.

As mentioned in the product name, this MTB helmet features MIPS which stand for “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System”. What does that mean, exactly? It means that it is designed to handle impact coming at you from an angle. The helmet is made up of two layers that work in opposite directions to lessen impact and prevent potential concussion injuries.

The helmet also features adjustable straps and an aramid fiber grid. Strap adjustment not only aids in protection by assuring that the helmet is safely fastened to your head, but also allows you to find the most comfortable position.

Aramid fibers are strategically placed throughout the helmet to add extra strength to the structure, so it can withstand higher impacts without breaking or cracking. Because Aramid fibers are commonly used in aerospace and military technologies, we can trust that they truly do possess strength!

Last but certainly not least, the surface area of the helmet extends to the temples and rear of the head to provide additional coverage.


  • MIPS aka “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System”
  • PC Shell overlaying EPS foam liner
  • Size-adjusting strap
  • Extra protection at the rear of head and the temples
  • Aramid fiber grid
  • 12.6 Ounce weight


  • Lightweight
  • Straps can be adjusted for comfort
  • Nearly every aspect of this helmet is designed with safety in mind


  • Price is slightly higher than other


POC is a brand highly dedicated to staying safe in adventure sports. They are prevalent across 25 countries and their products are used amongst X-Game athletes and Olympians alike. You can bet their products are of the highest quality out there.

The POC Trabec Race MIPS Helmet offers maximum protection for your absolute money’s worth. With MIPS, an adjustable strap, extensive coverage to the temples and back of the head, and an Aramid fiber grid, you are surely on the right road to safety!

POC Trabec Race MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

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