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>>>>Predator DH6 Helmet

Predator DH6 Helmet

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The Predator DH6 helmet is just plain and simple designed for downhill skateboarding. Unlike most predator helmets that throw a pompous show of color and display (in design), the DH6 keeps is simple in design and complex in aerodynamics. Looks can be deceiving sometimes; there is no doubt about it. And in the case of the Predator DH6, this really is the case. The simple looks could deceive one to ignore its complexity. This helmet has a wide bottom with a D-ring chin strap that help one to easily weld the helmet fit onto the head (regardless of the head size). A cool slant and having a simple vent by the front completes the design and gives you adequate ventilation when cutting through the air. Besides, it has the following features:

Features & Specs:

  1. Weight: 40 pounds
  2. Pricing: See Price at Amazon
  3. Origin: Canada
  4. 2 cheek pads for head-fitting
  5. 2 visor screens (one clear and one tinted)
  6. High grade EVA and EPS to enable comfort and safety in case of accidents
  7. CPSC and CE 1078 certified.


  • Awesome design: As outlined before, this helmet is simple and attractive. Though the designers were economical in throwing colors, I think this thing has its coolest.
  • Safety:  The double D-ring chin-strap ensures maximum safety.
  • Cheaper: when considering our predator helmets price list, not many helmets that perform a fraction of this helmet have a pricing lower than $500.
  • Light: just 940gm for a helmet is too awesome to imagine.
  • Comfy: well, on this helmet is very well ventilated and the inside really comfortable.
  • Anti-fogging capability and cools the rider. So it’s perfect for summer and winter


  • Not very good looking: Well, I (personally) had no issues with this helmet, but there are a few critics of the design more so on the broad bottom of the helmet.
  • Only one size is available but with a fit kit including 2 size of pads you can adjust it easily. So that really isn’t a big cause for alarm But that really isn’t a big cause for alarm.



The Predator DH6 helmet is really an awesome helmet. It can be best suited for downhill skating or in simple racing. Generally, it is just good. It is not very complicated like most predator helmets, but at that price, I take it to be a fairly good bargain.

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