Updated on April 15th, 2020

Among all Predator wolf helmets on sale in 2019, Rezzer’s predator wolf helmet happens to be the “big boy” in designs and (somehow) in performance. It does not spit elegance; it is elegance itself. Coupled with the killer looks are features that can hardly be explored in this short review. The wolf helmets have checked nearly all check boxes, you can think of being in a good helmet and even added a few more. Is it comfy you are after? Check that. Are you after an extremely unique look? Aha! Check that. Are you after the safety? Well, check that too.

Here is an overview of features and specs:

  • Killer design: Well, the wolf helmet was hand-modeled and it is nothing short of a work of art (if looks are anything to go by).
  • Light-weight: the helmet is just too light to bother you when riding.
  • Durable: it has the normal double layer of lining and has the exterior lining suited to reflect UV. This has enabled the helmet not only to be cool always but also to be more durable.
  • Safety: Sandwich composite technology. Based on original HJC helmet.
  • Have several helmet sizes that one can choose from in order to fit different head sizes.
  • 25 removable dreadlocks with mini dreadlocks
  • A rechargeable battery for LED lighting
  • Three bright Laser lights
  • Metal Tiger Fang spikes
  • Easy-to-open shield (can be opened with one hand)
  • All sizes available
  • Bluetooth headset & camera adjustable
  • Top – level airbrushing
  • DOT Certified (DOT / ECE22.05R)
  • All interior is removable, Washable and convenient buckle.
  • Convenient and comfortable to ride in Lightweight,


This helmet is just too good and highly recommendable. It is awesome in both design and performance. The only bone one may get with this helmet is maybe the price tag. Otherwise, if you got the bucks, just go ahead and get it. Lastly, I want to say that if u love Predator  Helmets, you should to check Predator Wolf  Helmet