Updated on April 1st, 2022

Biking is a matter of passion, and wearing a helmet adds security with fashion to a biker. In this case,  ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 will be the most effective helmet you can use while biking to update yourself with the new biking trend.


This helmet has met up with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 is known as the DOT approval of FMVSS 218 Standard that test your helmet in a sort of adversities, ensuring  the ultimate protection of your head and the face.


This ScorpionExo helmet contains Aero-tuned ventilation inside the helmet. You will be rescued from warming up by your breath inside the helmet. The feature is specially added to confirm fresh airflow inside the helmet.


Additionally, the mandatory thing to mention is the speed-view drop-down sun visor that clarifies your view while riding a motorcycle. It protects your face and eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Full Face Modular Helmet 04


This helmet is formulated with TCT compatibility. It has an ultra pre-preg lightweight system that will make you carry the helmet easily. You can move your head freely by wearing it without facing any obstacle.

This helmet is made of Kwikwick III liner w/ 3D contoured cheek pads. The extra benefit of these cheek pads is that the pads are easily washable, ensuring moisture-wicking comfort for you.

It has an Everclear no-fog speed view shield to make you easy in different light views. The sun-visor reduces light reflection, and it is included to keep you away from any distractions. The most vital thing is that the helmet can fit in your cheek and head fantastically.

This helmet is always ready to provide the topmost comfort with security. Moreover, it has the latest super Bluetooth system for communication and entertainment.

The unique BMW system enables you to communicate via this helmet while biking. It reduces the frequent use of the mobile phone during the journey.

This helmet’s quick feature amused you that your one-hand customization is enough for opening and closing the face shield.

You can easily open it for your convenience and close it. The lock response so quickly that it does no need to pressurize through both the hand.

Adobe all, the unique features of this helmet will surprise you, making your motorcycle journey happy. The latest tools combined like the BMW system and no-fog speed view affix the aristocracy’s vibe to your biking hobby.


For a stylish biker ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 will be the best buddy as it has an excellent tools combination and fittings.

This Modular helmet is extremely lightweight that you can easily carry it while biking. The latest features not only add a stylish look but also ensure comfort during the journey.

This particular helmet especially comes useful to the beginner because of its lightweight and no-fog visualization features.