One word of a helmet and if you are a teenager or in the age range of 25 to 35, you will definitely comb your hair. But you need to have your head in a healthy condition to ride a bike. And whether a bike or a motorbike or motorcycle, a helmet is a must. Wearing helmets is a must in all countries. However, in this era of fast-improving technology, helmets have also gone through a complete makeover. It was considered pure fiction when a car can come to your desired location without a driver. And yes, it happened in James Bond films. Now, the same technology is possible with artificial intelligence. In this article, we focus on smart helmets in 2019.

Smart Helmets

Okay, so what does a smart helmet contain? You can make a guess. It consists of built-in microphones, rear-facing cameras, speakers and other features. These helmets combine several features to make the riding passion enjoyable.

Yes, helmets can disturb your hair, but they are, indeed, an integral part among the rider wardrobes. We have gone to great lengths to give you info on the cool helmets and accessories.

There are many smart helmets in 2019, but which model should you go for? Read the information on the best models.

Skully Fenix AR


This model first appeared in the market (July 2016). Now it has appeared in another version because of a change in ownership. It is known as the Skully Fenix AR. Some features are the rearview camera, heads-up display, smartphone integration, and navigation. Other features are Premium Carbon Fiber shell, Anti-fog Pinlock lens, and pin lock visor and EQRS. Oh, the full form of EQRS is Emergency Quick Release Straps.

Crosshelmet X1

Many bike riders consider this model as the most future smart helmets in 2019 and beyond. It is called as the Crosshelmet X1. In the Heads up Display, you can get vital information such as weather, time, and route directions. This helmet has been designed to give a 360-degree view of the road. But yes, the advantage is that you cannot take the eyes off the road. There is a noise control system which can reduce the sound to a safe level. So, you do not have to experience rider stress or weakness while going for the ride. You find LED lights on the two sides of the helmet for better visibility if you have to go for the ride during the night.

And yes, the design, it is marvelous. Definitely, this model is one of the smart helmets in 2019 that you should include in the rider stable.

Quintessential Design

Having got the required budget in 2018 March, this model is lightweight compared to other models. You can get them at one-third of the price of many smart helmets. Let us look at the features. The bike has been designed with only one focus in mind. The safety of the rider. So, you have the blue tooth system, speakers and every part fit for making the bike safer.

You have the Crash Detection and SOS beacon.  The Arc Chip makes use of Bluetooth protocols so that you can communicate with sensors on the helmet. The crash detection system has an accelerometer that can detect as well measure a crash and alert the rider. This smart helmet has technology that can learn by itself. Oh, did you remember machine learning technology? By making use of DFU or device firmware upgrade, you can update any software, features or get the bug fixed. You just need to plug through the micro-USD cable. You can consider this model as one of the top smart helmets in 2019.

Sena Momentum

This helmet model has a very attractive appearance. Made available in three versions. So, you have the mic, speakers, Bluetooth, intercom, FM radio, and even the voice commands. Do you know, that this company which has been part of the motorcycle industry for years have teamed up with Digilens (augmented lens company) to give the best functionality? This helmet model has the components tugged in the right place. So, you do not have to adjust the speakers, plug the wires or need to fidget for the other parts in place when you do the ride. You also have highly modified sound process speakers to keep the audio signals clearly audible. You can listen to music while riding the bike. One of the top Smart helmets in 2019.


Yes, there are also other models in the market such as NuViz, Torc T15B, Bilt Techno 2.0, FreedConn BM2-S and more, but we have focused only on four. We plan to include the content more in our next article.

There is one point which has been made clear in the Smart Helmet division. The safety of the rider. You have the crash detection feature which is very important in the prevention of accidents. In recent times, every bike in the market has one or more features to ensure the comfortability of the rider. But even in case of bike problems on the road, you can get immediate assistance if you are staying in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

Case Study

Now let us imagine a situation. You are in Bangalore, and use a smart helmet while riding to the office. You always follow the rules of riding, but the person in front, while trying to avoid a dog, applied the brakes suddenly, Your smart helmet picked up the situation in a jiffy, gave the apt message to your brain. You applied the brakes, but still, the bike greased against the front bike. The reason, the wheel got jammed. The bike did not move. It was not the front rider’s mistake.

What will be your next step? You do not have to move a muscle. Just search for the best bike assistance app and book the experienced bike mechanics in Bangalore for roadside assistance. You will get the mechanic within a short time to your location. The problem gets fixed and you can go to the office with ease devoid of any problems.

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