Updated on March 14th, 2021

Jiekai has arrived with their professionally designed motorcycle Bluetooth Modular which allows you are listening to your favorite music, access GPS, and talking with two riders for a long time continuously on the freeway.

It offers a stereo bass sound quality and raises your great comfort and convenience while you are on the run.


Having a 550 mA polymer lithium battery, it offers to enjoy listening continuously for 12 hours while automatically connected the phone and its built-in FM radio, bass surrounded as well.

The waterproof and rainproof properties of the Modular won’t affect the use. Hence you can run it in all rainy situations with no hesitation. Even in cold weather, the big Bluetooth button design leads you to have easy operating when wearing gloves.

As for Having the CSR Bluetooth chip detachable and built-in power amplifier, the helmet won’t disappoint you getting an enjoyable, effortless ride.


This modular helmet comes with a modern ventilation system; you may like it most. At the top, bottom and rear, there are vents for better air circulation. The ventilation holes inside and outside of the helmet you dry and comfortable inside it.

Comfort and materials

Another comforting attribute of that helmet is its quick-release clasp and the removable inner lining pads; you know that they are great to ease in use.

Also, the reflective material at the back offers more visibility even at night and protection as well.

You know modular helmet design also offers their users a high protected zone along with comfort purposes. However, this TKTTB helmet has also arrived with plenty of highly protected properties.

For example, the resistant materials it carries make the helmet defiance from wear, shock, and drop having no fragile in the body. The highly durable body made of ABS material is enough to protect your head and reduce injuries.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Modular Dual Visors Full Face Helmets

The abrasion resistance visors ensure your protection from harmful UV rays from the sun. Also, the anti-fog lens provides clarity even when you’re in full-face style on that headset.

Not to mention that you would see a perfect combination of weight and safety while riding with this Bluetooth Modular helmet.

However, it’s a DOT approved one which ensures the highest performance with your best experience.


If you are looking for one that will guarantee your safety and have an advanced function, this one perhaps a wise option for you. Also, for the modern ventilation system, you may like this Bluetooth modular helmet.