Best Full Face Predator Motorcycle Helmets Review – Dot Approved

Updated on March 19th, 2022

Taking biking accessories to the extreme, predator motorcycle helmet is without doubt the most unusual yet authentic creation to be added to any motorcycle riding equipment. Based on the movie Predator, these one-of-a-kind custom made motorcycle helmets are not only attention grabbing but a true work of art. Beautifully crafted and designed with the most intricate detail, even seen in any motorcycle helmet, predator motorcycle helmets are not only a specialized creation created by some of the most highly skilled craftsman in the world, but setting a trend that will soon be the envy of even the most novice of riders.

With continued attraction from across the world, the predator motorcycle helmet remains a focal point for all riders that are looking for a change from ordinary to extraordinary when choosing a motorcycle helmet. For the beginner rider to the most experienced, a predator motorcycle helmet brings the thrill of riding to a new level of excitement.

Best Predator Motorcycle Helmets for You

If you are looking for a full-face bike helmet, look for it in the right place. The dull, bored and apathetic low-quality motorcycle helmets for anyone belong to the past. It designed by an incredibly talented artist, this Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet with airbrush with black nylon heads cannot go unnoticed. With great emphasis on detail, this full face predator motorcycle helmet is just what you want to take your tours to the next stage. Show your personality and be clear with your exceptional choice. An incredible journey can’t be completed without an excellent custom motorcycle helmet!

Utmost Design without Sacrificing Quality

As safety comes first, this Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet is designed with innovative technology, without affecting the basic structure of the helmet. Wear your unique bike helmet with airbrush with ease; With the Dot, ECE R22.05 and TIS certifications as well, you do not have to worry. Not all motorcycle helmets are the same – ensure you choose the best one!

Complete Face Design

Different open or half-face helmets, these full-face motorcycle helmets are unbeatably better to protect your head in the event of any unwanted accident. In addition, it has an adjustable locking chain for a secure fit. Contoured design for optimized air flow.

Superior Quality of the Sample

Made of resistant fiberglass that stands out for its both durability and quality, you can be sure that this helmet will protect your head against any accident.

Extreme Comfort

Lightweight yet robust full face predator motorcycle helmet with Polarize visor, equipped with a triple laser beam with a simple on/off switch. Wide vision, super clear and you can change and remove the visor for unrivaled comfort and safe riding.

Replica Versatile Predator Helmet

Perfect for men and women or children; Ideal for a dirt bike, a speed bike, a decked out chopper or even skate or bike.

Adaptable Size

If you want it, we can customize the pro predator motorcycle helmet to the size of your head. Simply contact us to provide more details about your preferences and we are more than willing to give exactly what you need.

Show off your unique personality – ride with style and safety with the Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet.

Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved White Helmet include Tri Laser Top Level T03

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Check Prices on Amazon
Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Of all the predator helmets in Amazon, the happens to be the market’s finest helmet. It is not really new into the market, but it has remained a game changer of all times. This of course is not without cause. has been in this game for about 30 years. The helmet’s design is obviously a hit. It is quite robust and has been made to fully comply with the S.N.I standards. In addition, it is made of Fiberglass Shell which makes it very durable. Its design and printed by expert hand.

Features & Specs

  1. Weight: ranges in size.
  • Origin: USA
  1. 3 true lasers
  2. 6 fiber optic dreadlocks
  3. S.N.I certified inner lining


  • Epic design
  • Several sizes available for different head sizes
  • Lightweight: the carbon fiber material is very lightweight and will not make you tired after a day out
  • Durable: it has both the inner and exterior lining tested for ruggedness.
  • Well ventilated to allow both good aeration and one can easily pick sound waves too.


The only bone you may have with this helmet is the fact that it will not be very accommodating to people wearing glasses.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet - SNI Approved - Unisex - Silver Spiked

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Check Prices on Amazon

Are you ready to take your driving style to the next stage? This Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet is designed to offer cyclists an exclusive way to show off their fierce and a unique personality in its kind, as they enter and exit traffic. If you drive on a speed bike, a fist bike or a deck out of the helicopter, this fashionable bike helmet is meant to instantly take your driving style from boring to amazing made hundred percent by hand with a tough fiberglass material.

This rugged motorcycle helmet is designed to keep you safe while you’re at the road. The visor is polarized, equipped with a triple laser beam and simple to open and close with only a click of a button. The chin strap is changeable and locks in place when you are prepared to ride. To provide the helmet the appearance of an individual appears in the famous movie THE PREDATOR, the top has a series of nylon black dreadlocks attached securely to that.

The interior padding can be detached and washed to keep it clean between rides for your comfort. Make your purchase with confidence knowing that their talented artist makes each and every one of the helmets carefully by hand with the purpose of making sure the highest quality.


  1. Channel your inner beast when you put on one of these Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmets.
  2. These Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved helmets are completely handmade by a talented artist who focuses on the development of unique accessories for bikers.
  3. The full face helmet is cautiously crafted with a tough fiberglass and outfitted with a triple laser beam with a simple on / off switch as well.
  4. This handmade biker’s helmet is very safe since it is approved by DOT and ECE R22.05.
  5. This Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved helmet is available in various sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL to provide you with a custom fit.

Pro Predator Motorcycle DOT Approved Helmet Red and Black Style include Tri Laser SY33

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Check Prices on Amazon