Updated on March 17th, 2021

It’s quite rare to find someone who doesn’t love to ride or drive motorcycles. If you’re a tough rider or getting started to learn about motorcycles, you need to be concerned about safety before riding on an open road.

If you are riding hard (60 miles per hour), there is a chance of some bolts or nuts coming loose. You may find varieties of safety measurement tools to tighten them but be sure you purchase the right one. Using the correct size of tools is necessary to repair your motorcycle on your own.

It doesn’t matter if you own a motorcycle or what level of experience you have, and a perfect size torque wrench is necessary to avoid unavoidable accidents. Be sure you always tighten the bolts and nuts while you are out on the road.

Do I need a torque wrench for my motorcycle?

Every motor mechanic should have a torque wrench to fasten tight – Why? Because there is a risk, bolts or nuts can loose on vibrate. Traditional wrench sometimes goes too far that can break the fastener. But a torque wrench lets you set the correct level of torque without any guesswork.

Torque wrench comes in many varieties. That’s the reason you have to know how they work before setting out to buy. The least expensive and useful wrench has a handgrip and pointer, which isn’t a good deal for your motorcycles. While a torque wrench with pound-feet or newton-meters scales would be a good option.

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Manufacturers write the measurement level of a torque wrench for specific motorcycles. Depending on the torque wrench, it can click or beep before turning it off.

What Size Torque Wrench for Motorcycle Maintenance?


The size of the torque wrench is changed depending on the motorcycle brands and models. Those sizes are quality standard, and you can’t go wrong with them. You can maintain small to heavy all kinds of bikes with those sizes wrench.

We talk about the three most suitable wrench sizes for the maintenance of motorcycles, which give you an optimal performance.

1/4″ Drive

This is the most common and smallest torque wrench to work on small nuts or bolts. This wrench is appropriate to use on 50-250 inch-lbs (4-21 ft-lbs). The size is most suitable for motorcycles, mopeds or similar kinds of vehicles. You can also use it for maintaining other small fasteners like valve covers.

3/8″ Drive

This is the next most popular torque wrench drive size. It is mostly used for repairing major parts of small trucks and motorcycles. The actual range is 3/8″ or 15-75 foot-pounds. It is the most common drive size for socket wrench sets, often used to tighten the spark plug.

1/2″ Drive

This drive size is mostly used in all kinds of automotive work. You can use this torque wrench (200 lb 1/2 torque wrench) for large-sized bolts or nuts. Ideal for use in suspension and transmission. It is suitable for 30-250 foot-pounds torque specification.

If you face a flat tire, this torque wrench helps you mount the car or motorcycle, loosen and tighten the wheels’ bolts.


How to Choose a Torque Wrench for Motorcycles?

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Many motorcycle enthusiasts save their extra dollars by doing repair and maintenance on their own. It allows them to control and properly customize their motorcycles from every possible way.

Choosing the right torque wrench to maintain your vehicles isn’t a big deal. Here we explain some of the characteristics of a good torque wrench you want to look at before choosing one to work on your motorcycles.

Motorcycle Torque Specifications

The torque measures its value on newton meters and inch-pounds—the general torque specification for any brands you can find with the wrench. But for an updated specification for a new brand, we always recommended the manufacturer’s manual. We add an updated chart below so that you can get the right torque specification.

torque chart


It’s very important to know that your torque wrench is accurate or not. This is the first thing you have to check before getting one. Basically, the manufacturers do the calibration according to the standards (U.S. and international).

To take good care of your torque wrench, you need to do calibration periodically. The majority of the wrenches are calibrated at the accuracy level of +/- 4%; Remember, to make your torque wrench accurate forever, make sure it has been calibrated after every 5000 uses. But, the professionals suggested doing it on 2500-3000 uses.


When it’s about an automotive tool, then make sure you choose a well-made product. That’s why manufacturers use the best materials to produce the torque wrench. They made them sturdy, durable and anti-rust.

Many times chrome, vanadium or steel alloys are used to make some of the motorcycle torque wrenches. Those will be good to use for the long term.

Drive size

Depending on drive sizes, torque wrenches are used in different industries. But when you want to use it to tighten the nuts and other fasteners of motorcycles, the 1/2 and 1/4-inch drives are most common to use as automotive torque wrenches.

It will be necessary in some cases to use the 3/8 inch drive. But, this size is most common to use on small trucks and motorcycles. So, Buy different size adaptors for multi torque wrench works.


This is the most essential aspect to consider. The universal unit measurement for a torque wrench is the NM (Newton Meter). Most of them have dual-scale measurement systems. One is feet-pounds and the other is inch-pounds.


Final Word

 We hope you now know what size torque wrenches are necessary for your motorcycle. If you want the basic maintenance like, tighten or loosen the nuts or bolts, oil plugs, brakes, spark plugs and all other fasteners on your bike, then a 15 – 75 ft.-lb range torque wrench is enough to handle those.

For heavy repairs and multi-purpose uses, you can level up the range depending on the type of vehicle that you have. You may find many expensive on size, but choose the appropriate torque wrench sizes for your motorcycle.

And while doing these risky things, you must wear safety gear keeping in mind the safety aspect. Such as helmet, gloves and goggles.

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