Updated on April 19th, 2019

The Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Helmet is a new and ambitious product from its Moto 2018 collection. It is different from any other Troy Lee Dirt Bike Helmets, which has been launched recently. Riders are accustomed to paying a penny for Troy Lee Dirt Bike Helmets due to premium substances and helmet technology. The new Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Helmet does not make bikers choose between a cheap bike helmet and one that offers enough protection for the head. Bikers get all the benefits and protection of a new Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Helmet in an affordable price.

The just difference between the Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Helmet, the SE4 Polyacrylite Factory Helmet and the SE4 Composite are the outer shells. The SE4 Carbon Helmet generally uses a carbon fiber shell, even as the composite uses a combination of carbon fiber and also fiberglass. The polyacrylite SE4 uses a tough plastic material that drastically cuts the price of this bike helmet. The material is a little heavier and has a little more elasticity than the above-mentioned substances. Apart from this difference, everything else is closely similar. It is equipped with all the excellent qualities that ready its predecessor an award attractive helmet in 2018. This SE4 Carbon Helmet is equipped with a second layer of defense that completely complements the rigid outer shell. This protects cyclists against punctures and abrasions, at the same time as expanded polystyrene absorbs impacts and scatters it across the whole helmet.

This best dirt bike helmet has other excellent features, such as more than 20 combined ventilation ports that aid regulates the temperature in the helmet cavity. The 16 intake ports use the cyclist’s momentum to capture fresh air, despite the fact that the 6 exhaust ports expel used and hot air. This replaces helps keep bikers comfortable and cool while competing. The 3D contoured pads help the bike helmet fit comfortably against the cyclist’s face. They are equipped as well with an urgent release system that allows emergency services to have earlier access to potentially injured bikers. Such as the cheek pads, the whole inner lining is washable, removable, and replaceable so that cyclists can keep their own helmet in excellent shape. Ensure to check out the whole line of 2018 Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Bike Helmet at BTO Sports.

The Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Bike Helmet comes with MIPS, which incorporates rotational protection for the brain with 13{2f4b43b0d6efdd53c03a9a874674d6bf65a24bfae4027e9233fc27065b407ae4} more expanded polystyrene for greater head safety. This SE4 Carbon Helmet comes with just 1,325 grams, preparing the lightest dirt bike helmet that Troy Lee Designs ever launched. This SE4 Carbon Helmet comes with 6 upper sockets that feed 10 internal ports for highest cold air induction, coupled with 6 exhaust ports powered by 9 internal passages to give superb heat dissipation and you have a protective, lightweight and super ventilated motocross helmet.

Features of Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Helmet:

  • Advanced carbon / Kevlar composite housing construction.
  • MIPS brain protection method reduces the forces of rotation in the brain.
  • 3 independent inserts of EPS with different specific densities of impact of low and high speed.
  • 3 shell sizes to fit more perfectly to a variety of rider’s head sizes and ages, developing overall safety.
  • EPP chin bar gives lightweight and durable safety.
  • 21 input / output ports channel air to cool the head and extract hot air.
  • Anatomically contoured 3D pads with urgent release method for EMS responders to simply remove cheek pads before removing helmet.
  • Superlight titanium D-rings, save weight and increase the tensile strength of the material.
  • Plastic visor screws and brass inserts for easy protection against impact breakage.
  • Includes a TRD SE4 plush helmet bag, 2 combined TRD SE4 matched visors, and general instructions.
  • Navy blue / blue / orange.

Troy Lee is a popular motocross brand because of its advanced levels of style, design and protection features. Troy Lee Motocross helmets in the latest designs, including the Troy Lee SE3 Reflection, SE3 Midnight, SE3 Flight, and Air Star Break the best dirt bike helmet models. For more information about Troy Lee Designs SE4 Carbon Helmet, search online or place your order online to receive a fast delivery directly to your door.