Updated on April 1st, 2022

You are a biker, and when you are thinking of a stunning move with your bike, a helmet will be your best mate. It will give you security with leading styles of new days, you know!

And in this case, this Ultra Max snowmobile helmet provides you electric heated shield to be a tremendous winner rider. It is designed so aggressively to give you a vigorous look with extra comfort.

The helmet offers Comfort-Tech removable liner for you to ensure security. Also, it’s formulated aerodynamic water-resistant shell. It has an electric heated shield that makes you enjoy your riding correctly.

Using this, you can see your surroundings perfectly as It does not reflect light to see clearly without facing any fog or frost with its optically correct.

Electric heated outer shield manages the edges so that the inner drop=down sun shield can protect your eyes when driving.

The matter of comfort is a big issue when you are thinking of a helmet. This helmet is uniquely featured for maintaining the ultimate comfort for a biker and easily washable.

Additionally, you will get an excellent ventilation system. It serves you with maximum airflow in the helmet while driving. And what is mandatory to mention that the sun shield has HD clarity.

The security is also replaceable to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s direct harmful rays. This helmet maintains US DOT standard, prepared with a D-ring strap system that keeps you safe.

The high density of airflow EPS liner is channeled technically. Also, it has versatile quality according to the user experience.

Key Features:

Ultra Max Electric Snowmobile Helmet

Electric shield

The ultra max full-face snowmobile helmet includes such a fantastic electric heated outer shield that functions to ensure the biker’s perfect view from the helmet.

You can have fog and frost-free sight with sure seal contoured edges. A split cord of extra-long fuse provides protection and connection to the battery of all snowmobiles. Moreover, the helmet is ready for tremendous security from ice buildup by excluding the fogging.

The weight of your helmet can control your balance on the bike. So the Ultra Max Snowmobile Helmet shell is made so lightweight that its weight is only 4.6pound with all its accomplices. You can easily carry it while biking.

New drop-down replaceable sun-shield

The helmet has a unique sun shield that is replaceable and fashionably designed to provide HD clarity. It keeps your eyes secure and safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

The shield is Optically Correct to maintain your vision straight and focused. The flip-up flip-down system is such incredible mechanisms included in the sun shield, making you access it with snow gloves.

It is absolutely a new arrival for Winter to enhance your comfort. The shell is true to size, and the elegant design with a bundle full of features gives you maximum comfort.

The electric heated shield keep your eyes safe from all sore of dust, fogs, and frost. Furthermore, you will get UVA / UVB protection through the sun shield on a sunny day.

The ventilation system

A biker can feel the necessity of ventilation inside the helmet. A helmet can serve the most when it has a sound ventilation system in it.

The ultra max full-face snowmobile helmet has ensured full ventilation when you are riding. The helmet’s superb ventilation system is designed to meet all your comfortable air-flown demands inside the helmet.

The helmet is prepared with an advanced ventilation system that includes three intake vents. The vents are closable, which is formulated to ensure maximum airflow.

There is also an angled passive anterior exhaust vent. It makes the maximum airflow out. The helmet’s specialty is the anterior vent doesn’t allow wet weather to get inside the helmet.

The versatility of the helmet: The ultra max full-face snowmobile helmet is uniquely designed for winter riding.

It has an electric heated shield, comfort-tech removable liner, and aerodynamic water-resistant shell specially formulated for your safety.

The helmet is so versatile that you can replace the heated shield and use your helmet for your regular motorbike after the winter season.

Sometimes washing a helmet seems more complicated than wearing it. But the ultra max is very easy to maintain, clean and dry.

The helmet provides you a comfortable tech wick-dry liner system. Additionally, you will get soft and smooth pads that are very easy to release .it will keep you dry and ensures your comfort.

DOT Approval

This new Ultra Max snowmobile helmet by Vega Helmets meets US DOT approval. It is solely designed, engineered, and entirely manufactured in a safe and secure D-ring strap system.

As The DOT standard test is conducted to check the helmet’s strength and durability, it is always vital for your helmet.

The most delighting feature of the Ultra Max has met up with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 218 & ECE R 22.05 +.

It means your helmet is adequately tested in different sorts of adversities. It has DOT and ECE certification, which ensures that your helmet ready to serve your safety with an elegant look.

Moreover, the helmet has a warranty and guarantee for five years to use the helmet without any material defects.


If you are a passionate snowbiker, Ultra Max Electric will be the most trustworthy partner. When you are a beginner, it will help you protect your head and make your starting rides happy.

While you use it as an expert rider, this helmet will give your snowmobiling a new dimension. Ensuring your head and eyes’ protection serves you to explore the world.

A biker’s priority should be safety and self-protection. For maximum security, the most beneficial tool is a helmet. You can purchase a variety of shields for the bike and use them separately.

These will give a striking glossy black look not only to your helmet but also to your snowmobile! This helmet will be an excellent choice for the new days to explore the outstanding quality and ultimate protection.