Bicycle is considered the healthiest and one of the mediums of transportation. The tiny vehicle can help you in many ways. A bicycle can help you to reach your destination by beating the traffic. It also exercises different parts of your body to keep you fit. There much more benefits of riding a bicycle. However, it can be injuries and even deadly if misused without following the safety precautions.

Why need a good quality helmet for bike lovers? A quality helmet can help keep you safe from deadly head injuries during an accident. There are some other benefits of wearing a helmet which we will discuss below. First, let’s see the stats of injuries related to the bicycle.

Bicycle related injury stats

As per the National Traffic Safety Administration, around 677 bicyclists are died by accident in 2011 only. In the meantime, 48000 peoples got injured due to bicycle accidents. As per the department, most of these injuries were related to the head. As per research , around 90 percent of all bicycle-related injuries happen to people around 14 and older.

Still, around 500,000 people only in the USA require visiting the hospital’s emergency sections for injuries related to the bicycle. Around 700 peoples die from the injuries where most of them had head injuries. They could have been survived by wearing an appropriate bicycle helmet.

Why need a good quality helmet for bike lovers?

Bicycles are an excellent way to move around, exercise, and commute. However, wearing a helmet while biking is something that most individuals don’t find cool. A helmet can be very crucial for your safety while riding a bicycle. Check out why it is essential:

Keep You Safe from Fatal Accident

You must wear a decent helmet to prevent your head from fatal injuries. The head is the most crucial and vulnerable part of our body. A head injury can lead to immense damage to the brain. Helmets can work as the first line of safety to protect the head from accidents. A well-made helmet includes thick foam inside, which absorbs the impact during the accident.

If you don’t wear a helmet while riding, the impact will directly affect the brain, which may lead to injury. As we mentioned earlier, most bicycle-related injuries and deaths happen because of head injury during an accident. That happens because the rider rides the bicycle without any helmet.

Prevent Concussion

In case you don’t know, a concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury because of the head’s quick shake. It happens when your head is hit by a blow or something else. A person can become unconscious after such an incident. Some other symptoms include temporary memory loss, confusion, lack of coordination, fatigue, etc.

A concussion is something you shouldn’t take lightly. It can lead to life-threatening disabilities and even death based on the degree of concussion. A helmet can be the most effective way to prevent concussion while riding a bicycle. When you hit with something or fall from the bike, the helmet will absorb the shock

Increase Rider’s Visibility

A bicycle helmet can also help to increase your visibility while riding on the road. You may use the bicycle without any helmet on a not-that-busy road. But it can still be dangerous because of your low visibility compared with the other large vehicles. The bright color on the helmet can help the other drivers on the road quickly, making them aware of you.

Some of the bicycle helmets nowadays also arrive with light-reflecting straps on the front and back. They can be helpful to make you more visible to the drivers and pedestrians even during the day.

Protects from Bad Weather

A helmet can also protect you from harsh weather conditions. While driving, you may encounter sudden weather changes like snow, heavy wind, rain, hurricane, etc. If there is a helmet in your head, you are protected from falling things. It also keeps you dry and warm. Besides, the helmet can also offer you protection from UV rays.

How to Choose the Right Helmet for Bicycle

bike helmet

While shopping for a bicycle helmet, you will find a lot of options. So, it can be a little bit confusing to find out the perfect one. There are certain things you should consider while selecting a helmet for a bicycle. Doing so will help you to pick the most suitable one for safety and comfort:

Proper Fit

A helmet for kids bike will never suit an adult. It is incredibly crucial to select the right fit of the helmet for comfort and safety. Based on your age and head size, go for a helmet which a perfect fit on your head. It shouldn’t be very tight or loose. Finally, you need to feel comfortable while wearing the helmet. Make sure to try the helmet out before buying to be assured about the fit.

Consider Riding Style

The varieties of the helmet also change based on the riding style. Such as there are different helmets for regular riding, sports riding, mountain riding, etc. If you utilize the helmet for casual riding, go for a recreational bike helmet. If you use the bike for commuting, you should go for a road bike helmet. For mountain riding, mountain bike helmets are the best choices.


The premium brands of the helmet invest millions for research and development of newer features. That’s why you will find the costly branded helmets cooler, lighter, and more aerodynamic. While selecting a bicycle helmet, make sure that it arrives with all the features you will require. Such as it must have a well-designed strap or harness for fitting. If you want to record the rides, you may want a built-in camera mount on the helmet.


A decent quality helmet can help you to stay safe and reduce the chances of injuries during an accident or fall. In the above, we have also discussed other importance of utilizing a helmet. We will recommend you to use a decent quality helmet to make your rides safer and more enjoyable.