The helmet I brought in front of you today is YEMA YM-926 Modular Helmet. This helmet is upgrade version of YEMA YM-925. This helmet has become popular for various reasons.


It is a modular helmet, so it is more comfortable than other helmets. The front of it can be easily flipped up, so you can take in the open air without having to take off your helmet when you park your bike. Moreover, in any emergency moment and it is an advantage that plays a very important role. Its Inner Padding is very comfortable. You can easily open and read one while wearing gloves. This helmet weight only 3.74 pounds.

Safety :

YEMA YM-926 helmet is safe enough, so the motorbike has gained Reed’s confidence. This helmet is dot certified. The bottom line is that this is a professional quality motorcycle helmet. It is suitable for both women and men. It can be used comfortably by motorbikes, snowmobile or street bike riders.


YEMA has used a variety of high quality materials in their helmets. Such as, the shell made of  Aerodynamic  ABS, they also use Multi-Density EPS.  Reinforced Chin Strap, laser cut foam, removable and washable liner pad, Quick Release Buckle are used on the inside of this helmet.


Another aspect of this helmet is that it uses Dual Visor. The outside is transparent and the inside is smoky. You can easily change it to suit your needs. These are scratch resistant.


This helmet is a fully adjustable ventilation system. It blows gently through it, which keeps you cool and gives you the gift of comfortable travel. It is adjustable and protects from annoying noise.


The YM-926 helmet costs only around $ 100. The price is much lower in terms of quality. Many people think that good quality things mean higher prices. Again, many increase the price when it is a little popular. In this case, just the opposite. They have further upgraded the previous model and released YM-926 at the same price. So it is better not to worry about the price of this helmet

Size Chart for YEMA YM-926 Modular helmet


YEMA YM-926 Modular helmet is an excellent value budget helmet with full feature. There are six different size.  Before buying the light weight helmet, confirm your perfect size. Really it’s fits well and is outstanding comfortable.