Updated on April 1st, 2022

After a long time period, Shark has rounded up their helmet to a new lineup which is the EVO GT. Containing next-level premium-ness, the Evo GT attracted many biking enthusiasts to buy this helmet. Shark has done an incredible job by updating their modular helmet to the sticky flip-up mechanism and the total chin bar configuration. Because of these lineups, it feels much more comfortable to wear this Evo GT. However, let’s walk through the article to learn more about this helmet.

Features of the Shark EVO-GT Helmet

Including so many additional key features makes this helmet more reliable to wear. Some of the great features are auto-up and auto-down chin bar mechanism, inner sun visor, included thermoplastic shell, speaker cutouts, sunglasses-friendly Microtech fabric liner, venturi chin vent, and so on. However, now let us see the in-depth features of the Shark Evo GT.

Lightweight Design

As expected from the Shark Evo series, they created this modular helmet by using an injected thermoplastic material. So, the build quality will be outstanding. With a great build quality, the weight of this helmet is also very reasonable. According to the official website of the Shark, the weighs is only 3 pounds and 11 ounces, which is approximately 1.68 kg. So, you won’t be able to feel the helmet while wearing this.

Multifunctional Face Sheild

Shark EVO-GT Modular Helmet While driving, the face shield plays an important role in a helmet. Because the more clear it is, the more you can drive safely. Along with some major improvements, it offers a good field of view and the mechanism that tends the visor into the helmet, making it a strong seal. Hence, the face shield of Evo GT is crystal clear and pin lock ready. So, it will help more while driving. Also, the shield is removable, so you can remove the shield if you don’t want it.

Microtech Fabric Liner

Using a Microtech fiber liner allows you to enjoy so many benefits like moisture-wicking, noise isolation, ventilation properties, and so on. Also, the fabric liner is removable, so you can easily wash it if it gets dirty. Another great thing about this helmet is that you can wear sunglasses without any hassle because the inner side is eyeglasses-friendly and is antimicrobial.

EPS Liner Bluetooth Compatibility

If you remove the comfort liner and the cheek pads, the first thing you will see is the Sharktooth Prime intercom system. And it is included with speaker pockets. So, you can connect your mobile phone or any other Bluetooth communicator if you want. Also, the eps liner is designed for better internal ventilation. So, you won’t sweat after putting on the helmet.

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Choosing the best helmet for biking is a little bit tricky if you want something valuable for money. But the Shark Evo GT is a great modular helmet that you can try. Because it includes many useful and beneficial features that make driving easy. When looking at the comfort perspective, Shark tried to design the Evo GT to be more adaptable. So, if you are looking for the best helmet, then you should definitely try this one.