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Motorcycle Helmet :Why We Should To Wear?

A helmet is a protective gear that is put on to protect the head from injuries. These head injuries can lead to severe conditions if not avoided for instance memory loss, death and internal brain bleeding. There are different types of helmets which serve a variety of tasks for instance they include. Those used by motor bikers, cyclists, ice hockey players, American football players and baseball players just to mention a few. These are games and tasks that put the head prone to injuries. So whenever one is engaging with them you really need your helmet on.

1.Different Uses of Helmet.

1.1 Hockey Helmets

Hockey helmets are the most significant equipment to a hockey player. The helmet protects you from injuries that might come from sticks and balls during the game. Unfortunately, these injuries come abruptly. So you really need a helmet to counter them. Alongside protection, it gives one the confidence to play your game. This is due to the assured safety that it comes with you. For parents with aspiring hockey players, you really have to purchase them this year. It will prevent them from potential injuries.

1.2 Bicycle helmets

We have all heard of cycling competitions which engage a lot of cyclists. In this scenario, one is likely to be exposed to injuries. Since a lot of people are taking part and riding their bicycles closely. Especially when the race has just begun therefore, the need for one to have a bicycle helmet on. It will protect you from head injuries that are likely to occur in case of crushing or falling down. There are different types of helmets that a cyclist can choose from. All you need is to come up with specifications and put them alongside the available helmets. Be sure you will get that which satisfies you.

1.3 American Football Helmets

American football is a familiar game to the American people. It involves a lot of running and colliding. With a view to catching the ball that is being used  these activities just form perfect conditions for one to get head injuries. So it is advisable that those who take part in it should have this helmet on. It really saves a lot and thus essential equipment during the game. The retail market has different sizes and types of these helmets, so you really have a wide variety to choose from. Make sure you pick the right one.

1.4 Baseball Helmets

Baseball game subjects one to injuries including those that find the head. These can be caused by the ball hitting you or even the bat that is being used. So it is advised that you have a protective gear for your head. A baseball helmet just turns out to be of great importance. It covers your head and has a shield as a measure to prevent any part of your head from succumbing to injury.

1.5 Motorcycle Helmets

A helmet is so important especially when you are riding your motorcycle. You cannot doubt its ability to save lives. This is because motorcycle helmets are made in a way to ensure the safety of the head when an accident occurs. As you all know motorcycles are prone to accidents and that might just be a reason why you should have your helmet on.

The market offers a variety of motorcycle helmets on the market. So it is very important that you look at the available helmets before purchasing. On purchasing, you have to make sure that which you are buying meets your specification. Motorcycle helmets come in different shapes and sizes and they include;

Different Type of Motorcycle Helmet:

Full Face Helmet

This is the most ideal helmet while using a motorcycle. It is because the entire face and head is rider is covered. While using it, you will be able to be saved from some serious injuries that might occur to your skull and head. Alongside that, it also protects your face from wind-blowing. Noise levels are also kept at minimal levels. These make it is very efficient. In addition, a full face helmet offers comfort, especially during long distance rides. Though they are heavy, technological advancement is creating room for lighter ones.

Half Face Helmet

It is also called a three-quarter helmet. This helmet covers the riders head leaving the face. The face is well catered for by the visor which undoubtedly gives you a full view of the field. For this helmet, one is prone to facial injuries whenever an accident occurs since it does not cover it. Noise and wind also get into the helmet. Fortunately, half face helmet gives you the ease to ride with sunglasses. It also enhances proper communication. Indeed this helmet will not suffocate you as the full face helmet.

Half Shell Helmet

This helmet is also called skull helmet. Although it gives reduced safety while riding this is because it only gives safety to the head top leaving the other parts of the head exposed. Unfortunately, this might not be the best helmet when it comes to riding a motorcycle. It exposes a larger part of your head and in case of accidents; you might succumb to multiple injuries.

Modular Helmet

They fall between a half face and full face helmets. Its front modular helmet can be easily converted to a half face helmet by moving it up. It is very adjustable. Besides, this helmet comprises of the advantages of a full face and a half face helmet. It qualifies to be one of the most convenient helmets around.

Dual Sport Helmets

It is a Helmet for pro-biking preference. They are specifically made to be so aerodynamic with an improved safety rating. Dual sports helmets are convenient for motorcycles with at least 650cc.

Off-Road Helmets

When you are traveling to places with no roads then consider using these helmets. They help you counter debris that might get into your face. You can decide to use googles while riding your bike so that to get rid of dirt. They are made of air vents which keep the head cool always. Although be prepared to deal with more wind resistance and neck straining. These helmets lack properly covered visor.For more information you can visit out blog Dirt bike helmet & Mountain bike helmet .

2. Helmet Buying Guide

Helmets core value is to prevent injuries that are bound to happen. So when you go out to purchase one be sure that you are investing in your life. This means that you really have to pay attention to the process so that you can acquire that which gives you maximum safety. Besides, it does not leave a dent in your pocket. Below are some of the things you should consider before purchasing a helmet.

Get your specifications right

While purchasing a helmet, you really have to look for the specifications that satisfy you. You need to have them at your fingertips to avoid making a panic buy. Some of the specifications might include the material used to manufacture this helmet. Most helmets are made of fiberglass composite, polycarbonate and carbon fiber material. These materials are advantageous in giving the helmet the comfort and safety assurance that any potential user desires.

Weight of the helmet

Nobody wants to wear something heavy on their heads. So it is very important that whenever you are out to purchase a helmet look for a lighter one. However, despite the light weight, it should be able to assure maximum safety in case of an accident. A lighter helmet also makes you very flexible.

Is it comfortable?

This is a question you need to answer whenever you set out to purchase a helmet. It has to earn you a more comfortable helmet that will not seem like a burden to you. A convenient helmet should be one which reduces wind effects, allows efficient communication and is out to enhance your riding experience and other activity that requires wearing a helmet. This is a proper description of comfort.

Safety Issues

A good helmet should be one that gives you maximum safety. This is attributed to the features that it should have in order to make safety a priority. Some of the safety features include cheek pads, allows safer removal of the helmet. Multi-directional Impact protection, it is a recent technology that allows rotational forces that can come from various impacts.

Size of the Helmet

It is no doubt that people have different sizes of heads. That is why helmets come in different sizes. To satisfy the various type of people that want to use them. So when out shopping for a helmet goes to for that which fits you and offers comfort. Avoid larger ones that might just be an added burden to you while you are riding, or playing.


This is an essential aspect to consider while purchasing a helmet. You really don’t need to ignore the price. Although as you look for an affordable helmet, you have to be conscious of quality so the price of a helmet has to coincide with quality. That is the only way you will get value for your money.

3. How Helmets keep you safe from injuries:

Helmets’ design embraces a reduction in injury to the head, the face, and the brain whenever an accident occurs. Riders who fail to put on helmets face greater risks of having facial, brain, or head injury resulting from a collision. In this case, they are observed as an essential safety gear that can shield your head from damage.

According to World Health Organization, helmets reduce the slowing down of the skull, and hence the movement of the brain, by controlling the effect in case of a bicycle or motorbike crash. Through the soft material that is used in the design, it absorbs such impact. In turn, the head decelerates more gradually. Eventually, it does not hit the skull with great force.

Whichever reasons you choose to ride, one accessory that ought to be a prerequisite is a helmet. Although it may not be very comfortable to wear helmets when riding, it is apparently the most secure way while on a two-wheeler ride. As such, you can have many advantages that guarantee a fabulous riding experience.

Here are 5 ways on how helmets keep you safe from injuries;

Head injury protection: wearing of good quality helmets can rigorously mitigate the risk of you getting a head injury in case of a critical accident. This way, it acts like a buffer that dissipates energy thus reducing the brain impact.

Protection from flying objects: Helmets can safeguard your face and head from flying heavy objects like rocks, twigs or gravels, which may be encountered while riding in speed.

Heavy flying objects, such as gravel, rocks or twigs can be highly damaging when encountered on your face while riding in speed.

Protection from the harsh weather: Apart from head protection, a helmet can also protect your face from rain or wind bites. Helmets keep poor weather and rain out, enabling you to ride your two-wheeler in comfort and without losing concentration.

Noise Reduction: Noise from the wind can be a bother especially when you are riding a two-wheeler speedily. This can be really disturbing especially while on a highway. Apparently, riders can have a terrible experience, especially where they lack a proper helmet. Wearing a good helmet will keep your ears covered from the noise of wind thus making it possible to listen to the surroundings better and therefore avoid accidents.

Clearer Vision: Helmets designed with visor enable riders to have a clear vision on road. Such helmets can support you to see through correctly, despite the high beam lights from vehicles going in the opposite direction. Indeed, a clear vision on roads reduces risks that may occur from accidents.

A helmet will help control the impact of the brain by reducing the skull’s deceleration. Usually, the soft material that is integrated into it absorbs the particular force that enhances a slowing motion to a halt. Ideally, helmets act as mechanical barriers between the head and the object. If you feel that your helmet makes you uncomfortable in the process, then, opt for a good quality lightweight helmet, but don’t go without it.

4. Frequently asked questions about Helmets

How should a helmet fit?

A good helmet is that which is fitting but not very tight. You need to feel it in contact all around your hand and should offer maximum comfort.

How does one measure his or her head?

It is recommended that you know the size of your head before setting out to purchase a helmet. This helps you get that which well fits you very easily. Why is it so? It is because you will not waste your time trying to try out the available helmets. Once you got your dimensions that which conforms to them will be given to you.

What does it mean to care for your helmet?

A helmet is prone to being tampered with at any time. So this calls for some care and maintenance to it in order to keep any form of destruction at bay. This can be done by storing it in a clean and dry place far away from extreme cold and heat. Besides that, avoid keeping it around corrosive and petroleum products. Avoid dropping it carelessly because that can damage your helmet.

How should I clean the helmet face shield?

The shield is very sensitive to a paper towel, so you should avoid it in cleaning. Use cleaning clothes that have been formulated for coated lenses and lens cleaner while cleaning. While cleaning avoids scrubbing the shield but instead wipe it gently. For the Bell Fog Free Shields and inserts, you should rinse them in warm water. The free coating can be protected by an automotive wax.

Is it advisable to paint your helmet?

Painting your helmet might be a good idea. Since people have different preferences when it comes to colours. However, the process of painting should be solely left to professionals. This is because they identify well with acrylic enamels and know how to protect the inner liner from any damage while painting.

When is one required to replace his or her helmet?

Depreciation is something that any product cannot run away from. Surprisingly it sets in once you have purchased a product. Helmets are no exceptions when it comes to depreciation. So when they degrade you will have to replace them especially when you prefer a fancy look. Depreciation of helmets comes from bumps, ozone, sunlight and perspiration. They really affect the inner liner and shell of the helmet. So once these things start acting upon your helmet, be ready to witness some wear and tear which will be very visible. It is at this point that you just have to add a helmet to your shopping cart.

Should you consider Technology while purchasing Helmets?

Helmets nowadays are not all about safety there are so many great features with technology. While you are purchasing Helmets you should consider the latest technology. Some Helmets come with fixed Bluetooth and cameras. Make sure you are getting the one for your purposes.

If you are going to adventure then you want to record everything you see, this is where technology comes. The latest technology lets you record your adventure.

Do you believe that wearing a helmet can safeguard you from head injuries in case of an accident? If you do, always wear a helmet. Whether you’re riding a bicycle, motorbike, or participating in sports, safety should still be a priority.

Sporting or biking makes you stay not only healthy but also active. However, due to the physical and highly dynamic nature of the activities involved, injuries are inevitable. In most countries around the world, helmet wearing among riders and sportspeople has been made mandatory.

Before the introduction of helmets, catastrophic brain injuries such as the immense engorgement of the brain, bleeding, and skull breaks were at an alarming rate. Therefore, Helmets were designed to lessen such disastrous brain damages, an aspect at which they operate effectively.

According to the Guardian, a study conducted on the use of bike helmet globally from over 64,000 cyclists established that they lower the risks by about 70 {2f4b43b0d6efdd53c03a9a874674d6bf65a24bfae4027e9233fc27065b407ae4}.

Here is a summary of reasons why introduction of helmets is necessary for riding and sporting activities;

  • Increased effectiveness for riders thus fewer traffic accidents.
  • More aggression in sports due to fewer injuries.
  • Fewer risks to the user due to secure skull protection.
  • It reduces mortality rates among participants.

Generally, injuries witnessed by riders, cyclists, and sportsperson are often irreversible and can cause loss of life. The sustained injuries can result in the traumatic brain when your head is unprotected.

Wearing of helmets can aid your skull by protecting the human brain.

Lack of head protection can be quite risky for human beings. Given that the principal aims of wearing helmets are to safeguard users during impact, through prevention or reduction of injuries. In addition, they offer conveniences like face shields, ventilation, and intercom and ear protection.

With sport related activities, the use of a helmet is associated with less frequent and less severe head injury. Ideally, athletes wearing helmets play more aggressively than those without helmets. As such, their introduction reduces the number of hurling and camogie players suffering head injuries.

Conclusively, there is a clear indication that helmets are useful in eliminating mortality and severe injuries. By wearing a helmet, you can take a risk that you wouldn’t without it.


As we have seen there are many types of helmets some which are just used by you and others by people who take part in sports. Despite their variances, they all serve one purpose. That is to ensure maximum protection to your head if you get involved in an accident while riding your bike for instance. However, with the market having a variety of helmets for different sports, you really have to be informed. It is essential so that you can make a sober and wise decision while purchasing. While you are purchasing new helmets make sure you have done a proper research and find something which is both safe and equipped with the latest technology.

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