Updated on April 2nd, 2021

What’s going on here? We’ve sat tight quite a while for Shoei’s VFX-EVO motocross helmet to be presented. Its forerunner, the VFX-W, was at the bleeding edge of head protector innovation 10 years back. Over that decade the protective gear scene has changed drastically, because of the presentation of new advancements, inventive structure and another emphasis on wellbeing highlights. Shoei has ventured up with the VFX-EVO.


Here’s a rundown of things that emerge with Shoei’s VFX-EVO protective gear.

(1) Foam: Shoei utilizes a double thickness EPS liner. It is gentler at the head protector’s crown and firmer on the sides. The situation and utilization of the diverse froth densities are controlled by the surface zone, contact fix estimate and anticipated power of the effect in every zone.

(2) Fit: We tried the past VFX-W one next to the other with the new VFX-EVO. The estimating on the VFX-EVO was more tightly in the cheek region. We got some information about the chipmunk feel, imagining that we may need to go up a size. Shoei instructed us to ride in it for some time and it would break in. If not, they said more slender cheek cushions were accessible. The motocross helmet took a couple of a bigger number of rides to break in than we thought, however it came around for most MXA test riders. A few, in any case, changed to the more slender cheek cushions.

(3) M.E.D.S: Shoei’s new rotational vitality moderation framework is called M.E.D.S. (Movement Energy Distribution System). M.E.D.S. comprises of a tied down focus section that the double layer framework swings from amid an effect occasion (crash). This permits the three deliberately structured border segments to assimilate the vitality and diminish the rotational effect. The incredible thing about the M.E.D.S. framework is that our analyzers couldn’t let it know was in the head protector.

(4) Weight: You would think the extra froth structures would cause the VFX-EVO to put on weight. Not really. On MXA’s scale, the old VFX-W and the new VFX-EVO both weighed 3.3 pounds contrasted with the 6D at 3.4 and the Troy Lee Designs SE4 at 2.9 pounds.

(5) Ventilation: The 16 admission and fumes vents make this extraordinary compared to other ventilated helmets available. It additionally makes it one of the most intense. The VFX-EVO is such a great amount of more intense than its VFX-W forerunner that some stalwart Shoei supporters begun utilizing earplugs. The solace of the head protector is extraordinary. We likewise like the adaptability of the visor, and in addition the substantial eyeport. Indeed, even the biggest goggle outlines fit without issue.

(6) Looks: MXA test riders loved the sharp look. It has a swoopy and etched plan that looks quick sitting still. Notwithstanding, every test rider was careful about the ramifications of getting one of its articulated edges in the soil while smashing.

All Over Comfortness

After getting over the weight of the VFX-W, you then had to deal with average or subpar venting. Again, this issue has been corrected with the VFX EVO. It is immediately noticeable that this helmet has better airflow than most. It is cool and dry to ride with. Even after riding and taking a break, you can put the helmet back on without that cold wet feeling that a lot of helmets will force you to endure throughout the day.

This is thanks to the 3D Max Dry interior system that is said to absorb sweat twice as fast as nylon. As always with Shoei helmets, I find this dirt bike helmet extremely comfortable as well. The 3D interior is adjustable so you can get the helmet to feel exactly how you want it to. If you manage to keep the helmet long enough, you can even replace the interior quite easily. However, I found removing it and washing it enough for me.

The Verdict

Some of you may have skipped to right to this section to see if I think the helmet is worth it. My answer is yes. This helmet truly ticks all of my boxes and I find it to be one of the most comfortable helmets out there. Am I biased? Maybe a little because of my past love for the VFX-W. However, if you look at everything the new VFX EVO offers and compare it to other helmets of this caliber, it isn’t missing anything.

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