Updated on February 13th, 2022

Well, we all do not doubt the necessity of a helmet. But what about the smart motorcycle helmet 2021? Does the smart helmet have that kind of need that we feel about a regular helmet? Very few people can understand the concern of a smart helmet. Yes, the primary purpose of a smart helmet is the same as a regular helmet to provide you with a safe journey. But the additional purposes make it lucrative.

Not an easy task to select the best smart motorcycle helmet for you. Many companies try to come up with a smart helmet, but they are often unsuccessful in their purposes. Consumers find a bug in the tech of a smart helmet. To make matters worse, companies cannot afford to provide any permanent solution. That’s why we would inform you about the best smart helmet 2020 here, which are not untrustworthy at all. Let’s get started.

Overall Best

Sena MOI-PRO Smart Helmet

Sena MOI-PRO Smart Helmet


Editor’s choice

TORC T27B1 SL L T27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

TORC T27B1 Modular Helmet


Best Smart Motorcycle Helmets

Okay, so what does a smart motorcycle helmet contain? You can make a guess. It consists of built-in microphones, rear-facing cameras, speakers and other features. These helmets combine several features to make the riding passion enjoyable.

Yes, helmets can disturb your hair, but they are, indeed, an integral part among the rider wardrobes. We have gone to great lengths to give you info on the cool helmets and accessories.

There are many smart helmets in 2020, but which model should you go for? Read the information on the best models.

  1. Sena MOI-PRO Smart Helmet
  2. Reevu MSX1 Rear-View Motorcycle Helmet
  3. TORC T27B Full Face Modular Helmet
  4. Quin Spitfire Rosso Smart Helmet
  5. Sena Momentum Motorcycle Helmets
  6. Skully Fenix AR Helmet
  7. CrossHelmet X1 Smart Motorcycle Helmet
  8. Quintessential Design helmet

Here, the best four respectable smart helmets which have been keeping their legacy on the smart technology.  These helmets have a specialty on different sections. We would assist you in finding a strong suit among them.

Sena MOI-PRO Smart Helmet

Takes the premium experience


The Sena MOI-PRO has a composite fiberglass shell. So, you can rely on the helmet for having a crystal-clear view. It has a higher-end model and popular for Bluetooth communication. The INC Pro is offering a QHD camera on the top.

Besides, the INC pro offers smart noise control, group intercom, Bluetooth audio, and music sharing features. For making it air convenient, there have top and chin vents as well as a rear exhaust port.

Now let’s see it’s the smart features it is offering. Using a face shield on the visor, you can have a fog-free sight from inside the helmet. Moreover, the multi-density EPS liner is removable and washable. It dies quickly.

The Sena MOI-PRO provides three sizes, such as- medium, large and extra-large. Both glassy-white and matte black give it a stupendous appearance. The QHD offers 1440p, and 30fps and FHD have 1080p and 60fps. Both QHD and FHD camera boasts a 135-degree aerodynamic view, and the helmet is Fmvss 218 standard.

Check the feature and pick the helmet.

  • Composite fiberglass shell
  • Two shell sizes: XS-LG and XL-2XL
  • Multi density EPS liner
  • Pinlock face shield (Pinlock lens included)
  • Removable, washable, quick dry liner
  • Top and chin vents
  • Rear exhaust port
  • Double D-ring closure
  • Includes breath guard and chin curtain
  • Electronics: CE, FCC, IC
  • DOT Certified
  • Weight : 7.5 Pound
  • Bluetooth 4.1 (Talk time 20h, Working distance up to 1600 meters)
  • QHD action camera (1440p,30fps) & (135 degree field of view and video recording time 2 hours)


  •  Allows 2 hours of looping video recording.
  • Double D ring fastening.
  • Anti-fog pin lock face shield.
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) certified.


  • Not too much ventilation

Final Verdict: Bluetooth communication system and QHD camera on the top make it worthy.