Updated on August 17th, 2020

There are so many modular helmets in the market. However, you need to but one depending on your budget and unique needs. Here is a list of the best modular helmet that you can find in the market. Each product has a description, features, pros, and cons. This information will help you to make an informed purchase decision as you buy your next modular helmet.

For the record, the best modular helmet is among the most crucial head gears for riders of motorcycles. While many riders of the bike know the importance of a helmet, the fine complexities and distinctions separate them when it comes to models, brands, features, classifications, and price. This makes it hard for you to choose the right helmet. For this reason, this write-up is in place to help you choose the right helmet.

  1. HJC IS-Max II Modular Helmet
  2. Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  3. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet
  4. YEMA YM-925 Modular Helmet
  5. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Modular Full Face Helmet
  6. IV2 VIPER Model 953 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Overall Best

HJC IS MAX 2 Helmet

HJC IS-Max II Modular Helmet


Best Value (Under $100)

ILM Modula helmet

ILM Modular Motorcycle Helmet


1.HJC IS-Max II Modular Helmet

Overall Best Modular Helmet


HJC IS MAX 2 Helmet

The flip-up bar in the HJC IS-Max 2 makes communication with the helmet easy and wearing glasses comfortable. The face shield of this helmet is superior optically because it shields ninety-five percent ultraviolet light. it has a quick replacement system that does not need secure tools for removal and installation. The ACS or advanced channeling system provides full back and front air flows that flush humidity and heat out and up. It also has vents for a multi-stage intake that combine with exit vents at the back to offer ventilation that allows flow-through.

The chin bar vent in the best modular helmet allows air to flow across the shield to assist in eliminating shield fogging. The washable, removable, and super cool interior lining is good has antibacterial properties, is washable, and is removable for cleaning the interior. The glass groove can accommodate the rider that puts on glasses. The sun-shield system for the visor has a one-touch integrated system for the helmet. It has an adjustable sun-shield that quickly deploys with ease while in use. It has three positions that are adjustable too.


  • It has a polycarbonate composite shell that also has an adjustable polycarbonate chin bar
  • Superior fit, lightweight and comfortable due to the CAD technology used in its manufacture
  • One face shield release and single button handed bar
  • It has a superior face shield licked with a pin
  • And also provides ninety-five percent protection from UV
  • It does not require tools to replace the whole shield system
  • Integrated sunshield with a locking system that deploys with ease and quickly
  • The ACS controls the flow of air and flushes humidity out and up.
  • The interior is super cool because it made with an antibacterial material
  • All cheek pad sizes are interchangeable in all sizes of helmets
  • It meets the set standards for the best modular helmets

This modular helmet  has a lot of features in it to make it the best choice for your riding needs. It has an internal drop down sun visor for reducing glare and making the ride very enjoyable. The Moisture-wicking anti-bacterial liner gets the sweat to the integrated ventilation channels. The chin bar rises with one button that is easy to operate with a hand that is gloved.


  • It is cool and comfortable due to the antibacterial fabric it is made with
  • It is lightweight and fitting to enhance the comfort of the rider
  • You will have fresh air because it has the mechanism of flushing humidity out and up
  • It is easy to handle because you do not need a tool to replace the sunshield
  • It is pocket-friendly when purchasing


  • It does not come with the pin lock insert lens


Given all this information, you have all that is required to buy the best modular helmet. The most important thing is to get the products that meets most of your needs within the set budget.

2. Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Another best modular motorcycle helmet


Bell Revolver Evo Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Revolver EVO switched to the beast mode when they hit the market. It came with a bang for money factor that you cannot contain. This modular helmet competes with a few others on the market because it has a few competitors. On the market, by far, this sporty modular helmet has a lot of premium features that are inclusive of the lightweight polycarbonate alloy shell, integrated drop down sun visor, compatibility with bell transitions, and velocity flow ventilation systems. Even with all these properties, it maintains a price point that is very affordable. In case you are searching for a helmet that is versatile, the one you can use while hanging out with big boys minus emptying your wallet, this modular helmet will check all your boxes.


  • Internal sun shades offer UV protection minus stopping and changing face shields
  • The velocity ventilation system flow adjusts for temperature control and maximum ventilation
  • It has composite polycarbonate alloy shell that makes it lightweight
  • The stable aerodynamics signature is perfect for resisting lift and buffeting
  • It has integrated speaker pockets for the audio speakers
  • The contour cut cheek pads are perfect for comfort and fit
  • Click release for easy, toll-free, and fast swaps
  • It has anti-scratch and anti-fog shield
  • The newly designed eve port seal reduces wind noise dramatically
  • It has washable and removable interiors for maximum comfort.
  • D-ring closure and magnetic strap keeper
  • It comes with a clear face shield


  • This helmet is lightweight to reduce the stress on the neck of the rider
  • It is easy to use due to its user-friendly design
  • You can use it even in a foggy environment
  • It has a sleek design that reduces the noise of the wind
  • It has an absorption liner that is removable to enhance hygiene


  • There are no known cons for this product

5.ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

When it comes to helmets, ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet is a famous candidate. This brand interests all classes of cyclists because it has great characteristics as it makes the riders to feel meticulous. Safety is a very crucial issue when it comes to this helmet, which makes it the most essential device for a rider.

On safety, it has an aerodynamic shape on its exterior as it is a vital role for easing in the air with less wind noise and vibration. It diminishes pressure on the neck muscle of the rider after a lengthy ride. The aggressive and aerodynamic shape of the helmet plays a crucial role in races. It also diminishes the loss of life. It meets the approved safety standards for all helmets.

The best modular helmet has a jaw part that goes for the open face and full face, locking them into the right position. It also has clear eyeshadows and lens and they work well. It has a thin strap that is clear for getting a tight and nice belt minus any problem. The ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet comes with a bag for protection against minor scratches and major scratches.


  • This modular helmet comes with an impact absorption liner
  • Exceeds the basic set safety standards on the market
  • It has a helmet liner and cheek pads that are lightweight and are easy and soft to remove. They are also washable.
  • Lightweight and sleek design for reducing wind noise
  • It has a modular flip function, wide view, anti-fog, and anti-scratch function.
  • User-friendly design for ease of use
  • It has a shell that is aerodynamically shaped to lessen stress on the neck of the rider


  • This helmet is lightweight to reduce the stress on the neck of the rider
  • It is easy to use due to its user-friendly design
  • You can use it even in a foggy environment
  • It has a sleek design that reduces the noise of the wind
  • It has an absorption liner that is removable to enhance hygiene


  • There are no known cons of this product.

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet

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3.1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

One thing that strikes when it comes to 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet is its price affordability. For individuals that want to ride safely and do not need a very expensive helmet, the best modular helmet is the best choice for you. This helmet sells in various colors like matte, red, violet, pink, green, or silver. Additionally, the helmet comes in different sizes for a perfect fit regardless of the size of the head.

The 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet meets the safety requirements approved by regulating bodies. The best modular helmet features a washable and removable padding for additional comfort when riding, plus a glossy UV protection finishes to help the exterior layer and color of the helmet to last for long regardless of weather conditions.

It has a wonderful aerodynamic and lightweight design for making the ride perfect for individuals riding bikes on casual city streets. It is also easy to follow technology because this helmet has three incorporated speakers’ spots for connecting Bluetooth systems to stay in touch with beloved ones while on the go.And it  also has an integrated sun shield to protect you from Ultra Violet rays and other reflections during the day. Also easy to retract it so that you have a safe night ride at a flip of a switch.


  • This motorcycle helmet is quite affordable on the market
  • It comes in different colors so that you choose the one you love most
  • It meets all the required safety requirements
  • Liners are washable and fully removable to enhance hygiene
  • It has a glossy protection to protect it against UV light and other radiations
  • It has an aerodynamic and lightweight design to make it perfect for riding


  • They come at an extremely affordable price
  • Available in diverse sizes so that they fit well
  • They come in diverse colors and styles
  • They are both functional and versatile


  • It is made from plastic which makes it less durable
  • It is suitable when you are riding slowly in the city
  • The inner visor is inefficient and poorly designed

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

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4.YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet

YEMA YM-925 Modular Full Face Helmet

The professional grade YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet is approved on necessary standards on the market. It is exciting and fashionable in terms of design and advanced features. And it is just what you require for your needs of motocross, racing, street biking, dirt bike, snowmobile, adventure motorbike, ATV, Quad, MX, and much more. It is perfect for both women and men.

The manufacture of YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet is done with outstanding materials that are inclusive of multi-density EPS, aerodynamic ABS shell, double D-ring buckle double visor system, and a reinforced chin trap. It also has a switch that is very easy to use for changing the sun visor quickly. You do not need special tools to remove and install a novel visor that has a quick release system.

The best modular helmet has adjustable exhaust and intake vents for creating light, constant air flow that helps to keep the rider comfortable and cool. It has a very comfortable liner that is fully washable and removable so that the helmet remains odor free, fresh, and clean. There is also additional space for Bluetooth speakers and glasses.The visor system has a switch that makes it easy to use so that it becomes easy to change the sun visor.


  • This helmet has an exciting fashion design with advanced features. This makes it when you are an adventurous human being.
  • Made from outstanding materials that are inclusive of a reinforced chin strap, aerodynamic ABS shell, a multi-density EPS, and a double D-ring buckle.
  • It has a ventilation system that is fully adjustable to create a light, constant flow of air to make you comfortable and cool.
  • Comfortable pads and liners
  • The pads and liners are washable and removable to make it easy to keep it odor free, fresh, and clean.
  • It has extra space for Bluetooth space and glasses.
  • Sun visor system with easy switches for changing the sun visor quickly. You do not need other tools to change it.


  • It has very clear visors for good eyesight
  • The helmets have a solid feel
  • Flipping knob to the sun-shade mode is sturdy
  • Vents are easy to open and move
  • The front-facing helmet opens up making it easy to hear everything
  • Materials for construction are wear proof
  • The vents keep the best modular helmet from fogging
  • Price is quite favorable to the pocket
  • It does not have sharp edges or parts that are looking cheap
  • Washable and removable
  • Replacements are not too expensive


  • It is quite hard to locate switches by an initial feel
  • The switch of lifting the chin is hard and is located in a hidden location
  • Straps would be good in case they were ratchet style or velcro

YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet

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6.IV2 VIPER Model 953 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

IV2 VIPER Model 953

The IV2 VIPER Model 953 Modular Motorcycle Helmet comes with a one-hand, one button, flip up system which converts the helmet from being a full-face to being open-face when needed. It is among the most advanced modular helmets for adults. They have one hand, one button flip-up system for converting the helmet from being full face to being an open face. They have waterproof and glove-friendly controls for easy control.

The best modular helmet comes with the EPS impact absorbent inner liner and a washable and fully removable interior. It also possesses a durable shell that is lightweight in nature. The manufacture of the shell is done with thermoplastic advanced shell technology. it is easy to control the anti-scratch sun visor because it is retractable.

This helmet has an advanced ventilation system that provides more than ten venting ports for air flow. It also has a system that releases the buckle quickly. It has a non-removable graphic towards the back. You can also use it as a snowmobile helmet for your application. When you purchase it, it comes as one piece of the helmet and one microfiber cloth bag for the helmet. The sizing of the best modular helmet is based on the fit suiting majority and the common standard in the industry. In case you have a personal preference for a loose or tight fit, it is suggested that you place an order for smaller or larger sizes as per your requirement.


  • The best modular helmet is easy to control and has a retractable anti-scratch sun visor
  • You can use it as a snowmobile helmet
  • A newfangled helmet has an interior design to enhance comfort
  • It has advanced ventilation for providing the best airflow.
  • The inner liner is made with EPS impact absorption
  • It has an advanced durable and lightweight shell made with thermoplastic advanced shell technology
  • It has stainless dual D-rings made of steel with a strap button
  • You can have access to replacement visors easily


  • Advanced ventilation to enable the free flow of air
  • It is durable due to the sturdy material used to manufacture it
  • It is easy to replace its visors
  • The interior design makes it comfortable to wear
  • It is durable and lightweight to make it easy to put it on
  • Easy to clean them because the liners are removable


  • There are no known cons for this product.

IV2 VIPER Model 953 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

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Why Choose The Best Modular Helmet? Are Modular Helmets Safe?

Who said that motorcycling is a sport for the exclusive, who can afford the accessories and the rich? It is good to know that there are several motorcyclists that do it as a hobby and those that are living on their bikes who spend a fortune on equipment and rides. Not all accessories for bikes are very pricey so that biking becomes an affordable sport for you. The truth is that you cannot compare a very expensive helmet with a cheap one but why should it be all about money? The best modular helmets that are expensive bear the design of rich clients with expensive rides.

Ride on with the best modular helmet. As you continue making choice of the right helmet for your motorcycle, you need to understand the specifications and features that it has. While making considerations to suit your style of riding from escalation of adrenalin to a simple road trip, the right helmet remains a very crucial aspect of your motorcycle. There are a lot of choices in the market, honest product reviews, and shopping guidelines that will assist you to decide on the right helmet for your application. Put on the best modular helmet that suits your personal style perfectly minus compromising your safety and comfort.

In case you are in the market shopping for the best helmet for your motorcycle, it is crucial to note the pros and cons of putting on helmets.

Pros of wearing the best modular helmet

Riding on the bike knowing that you are counting on the helmet ensures that you have convenience and safety. Do not just put on any helmet but put on the best one. Below are the main benefits of putting on the best helmet for the motorcycle.

Certified safety standards

First of all, the best modular helmet for the motorcycle must be certified and approved by the necessary bodies. This is to mean that your helmet has passed the required testing to make sure that it is functioning to protect the head against penetration and impact.

High protection guarantee

When you speak about the best when it comes to protection, the best modular helmets are manufactured from exemplary materials. Putting on the best helmet ensures that you have maximum protection from head injuries that are traumatic. They are manufactured with strong materials so that they resist impact during inevitable road accidents.

Outstanding features

The industry of helmets has moved alongside innovation of technology. So much when it comes to protection, advanced motorcycle helmet sets have the following crucial features like visors, padding, and air vents are included to make sure that enough comfort and air is getting through when putting on the helmet.

Cons of putting on the best modular helmet

Undeniably, the major purpose of the best modular helmet is providing protection to the head during moments of unexpected accidents. They make sure that you experience less head injury and trauma. However, much as it has so many benefits, putting on a modular helmet also has several disadvantages. They include:

Compromised comfort

Enclosing the head with the helmet can be uncomfortable. The head will not be getting fresh air. While manufacturers of the helmet will design the helmet for the vents of air to counteract discomfort, several wearers say that it has turned out to produce very loud sounds when the wind is going through the modular helmet.

Hygiene concern

Everybody sweats out and the internal pads are usually made of materials that are absorbent. Germs may grow when the absorbed sweat inside the inner pads dry. This will end up resulting in a garment that smells bad. It is crucial to clean the helmet on a regular basis.

Budget concerns and maintenance

It is crucial to check the outer covering of the helmet for cracks and to make sure that straps are intact. The reason is that it may snap out during impact moments. In case you realize item problems or cracks, then there is a likelihood that you need to purchase a new one. This is damaging to the budget.

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