Do you feel comfortable with a full-face helmet that doesn’t allow you to breathe in the open air? I don’t think so. Maybe you are thinking of using an open-face helmet that is suitable for breath but not for safety. That’s why designers of the helmet have brought a helmet, which is a combination of both full-face and open-face helmet named modular helmet. Here I’ll describe to you the best modular helmets in recent times.

First of all, you should know about a modular helmet precisely. A modular helmet is prioritizing both durability and safety. Modular helmets offer tight air flexibility and allow you to lift the visor to give you breath, talk, eat. Besides, it is offering a wide range of options which you are going to know here. I’ll let you know the top modular helmets according to user reviews. Every helmet has advantages, limitations, and features which you’ll know from here.

Furthermore, I’ll give you suggestions on how to make you are choosing the right helmet for you. Before finishing, I’ll answer from several common questions that are asked frequently. So keep up with the text.

Top 6 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmets

Now I’ll show you the best modular helmets 2020. You’ll learn everything about the helmets, including their limitations. The following 6 modular helmets have the latest technology on in the helmets.

A.G.V. Sportmodular Carbon

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

The particular helmet is caught my eye for several reasons. Here I’ll go through those reasons. The first thing you should notice that the A.G.V. Sportmodular helmet is, the helmet has a traditional look of all the flip front helmets. The good thing about the helmet is its construction. It is 100% carbon fiber made that is the shell and the chin bar. That’s why it is the lightest flip-front or modular helmet available on the market. You’ll be glad to know the construction of the helmet is the same as A.G.V.’s Pista G.P. R, which is worn by MotoGP riders, so there’s no need to ask any question about the strength, quality protection provided by the helmet.

The A.G.V. Sportmodular comes with 3 shell sizes and 10 different colors, so you’ll find plenty of choices there. The adjustable rear spoiler diminishes the turbulence as well as maximize the stability. The push-button front release allows you to pull up the tab whenever you need to.


  • The ventilation system is perfect for getting the airflow in.
  • It provides 0 dynamic weight at 130km/h.
  • Chin guard locking system offers completely unaware opening proof tab and has a collarbone safe profile.


  • Sometimes sun lens touches the nose when it is fully lowered.


Undoubtedly it is one of the coolest, lightest, and most functional modular helmets. Though its price is quite high, it is worth buying for its style, firmness, versatile vehicle suitability, and full carbon fiber.

Shoei Neotec 2

Shoei Neotec II Helmet

Now I’ll show you the quietest modular motorcycle helmet of 2020. The Shoei Neotec 2 is the most anticipated one in recent years. The first thing I’m going to tell you is that this helmet’s outer shell is made a multi-fiber A.I.M. material, and the interior shell is made from EPS with a dual-density. So, you have a sturdy helmet on your head. The Neotec 2 is relatively light, and the weight is almost the same as Neotec 1. However, it is a lot quieter and quieter than the Schuberth C4.

Now come to the ventilation system. The ventilation has been vastly improved. Under the visor, there is a big ‘pet lip’ flip out that’ll give you a large opening for the chin ventilation, and the same goes for the top ventilation also. The Shoei Neotec 2 offers 360 degrees pivot locking system made of high-quality stainless, which ensures the safety and secure closure. The dimension of the helmet is 15.5 x 11.5 x 12.5 inches and has a weight of 5 pounds.


  • The helmet provides all of the advance aspects and technologies.
  • Riders can use QSV-1 sun shield instant relief from the sun in a quick motion.
  • The ventilation system not only keeps the rider’s head clam but also ensures a quiet interior inside the helmet.


  • It is not suitable for a narrower head.


This streamlined aerodynamic design is highly suitable for high speed. It is also lightweight, cheaper, and surely the best modular helmet with Bluetooth. Though it is a simple touring modular helmet, you can enjoy its comfortability throughout your trip.

H.J.C. i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The H.J.C. i90 is considered as the best modular helmet under 300 according to the revzilla best modular helmets. The helmet is made with a polycarbonate shell and structured with CAD technology. So, it ensures both protection and comfortability. As the H.J.C. i90 uses polycarbonate, so it is providing lightweight protection. The aerodynamic developed CAD shape offers 10 mm greater visibility. Besides, the chin bar opening system is easy to initiate with gloves. Now come to the ventilation system. It provides adjustable air inlets for the upper part, chin bar, and by the extractor of the rear.

Furthermore, chin bar vent flows allow air across the face shield to dispose of the air, which causes shield fogging. The interior fabric of the helmet is made with anti-bacterial and quick-drying fabric. Also, you can get sun protection by pressing the One-Touch shield mechanism in three riding positions. The helmet has gained only 5.9 pounds.


  • It allows riders to use eyeglasses as it has glass groove.
  • The H.J.C. i90 ensures 10B or 20B Bluetooth communications. As a consequence, it is considered as one of the best modular motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth.
  • The helmet is compatible with the Smart H.J.C. intercom.


  • A little bit heavier than other helmets.


This streamlined aerodynamic design is highly suitable for high speed. It is also lightweight, cheaper, and surely the best modular helmet with Bluetooth. Though it is a simple touring modular helmet, you can enjoy its comfortability throughout your trip.

ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Sync Full Face Modular Helmet

ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 Sync Full Face Modular Helmet

Are you looking for the lightest modular helmet? ScorpionExo EXO-GT3000 is famous for its lightness. It uses the TCT-ultra Pre-Preg shell. The TCT-Ultra shell applies fiber mats that are pre infused with plastic resin. This is how the helmet feels so light without compromising its strength and durability. The ScorpionExo produces 3 sizes helmet extra small trough triple XL. So you are going to have an excellent fit across that range there. Now come to the chin bar, you’ll like it because it has such a fluid motion to it very easy to manipulate. The helmet has a large tab in the chin bar, so it’s going to be easy to use with gloves on.

Besides, the ventilation system looks pretty simple and again, a hefty tab to make it easy with gloved hands. The chin bar ventilation offers multi-position vent, and then you’ll get a large vent on the top. Also, you will have a single exhaust vent in the rear to help for drawing out the hot moist air.


  • It is durable, strong as well as one of the lightest among the modular helmets.
  • The air face shield 100% optically correct. It is wholly anti-fog and anti-scratch coated.
  • The tab of drop-down sun riser is on the left. You can quickly press the tab with gloved hands to drop down the sunglass.


  • It does not come with the additional dark smoke visor that other companies like Revzilla.


This helmet has an easy manipulation feature. Moreover, its inner fabrics will give you extra relief on a long ride. It is quite lightweight but strong enough. And of course, its unique aerodynamic design and color will surely grab your attention.

LS2 FF313 Vortex

LS2 Helmets Modular Vortex Helmet

Here I am going to break down the LS2 vortex carbon helmet available on the market. Vortex carbon is now going to sit at the top aligned with LS2’s line of helmets for modular helmets, and that’s because this is now going to have a full 24k carbon shell. Also, it has modular functionality. The good thing about it is dual homologated many times we see a modular helmet. They’re only structured to be worn in the closed position with the LS2. Besides, it has a locking mechanism on the left side, and it helps to lock down the chin bar. That means you can use the chin bar in the three- quarter position while you’re riding.

There is three shell size available to start from extra small up to extra-large two XL. The helmet is DOT ECE rated and 3.8 pounds in large, extremely lightweight for a modular helmet. Chin ventilation is a tricky one. For opening the visor, you have to move the tab upward under the visor. As a result, the chin ventilation won’t work any, more. That’s why we need to move down the chin tab after opening the visor.


  • The helmet is D.O.T. approved and very lightweight.
  • The visor is entirely fog and scratch proof.
  • The quick-release buckle is steel made and handy.


  • The helmet doesn’t give the total reduction in wind noise.


This helmet is the best budget modular helmets with a handsome look. It’s quite light and built with 24k carbon fiber, which makes it unique. This helmet will also allow you to use it dual-face mood. And you can have pleasure with its premium features.

NEXX X. Vilitur Modular Motorcycle Helmet

NEXX X. Vilitur Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet can meet your expectations if you are looking for a stylish modular Helmet for a short or ultra-long ride. This ultra-light helmet has a large visor along with an extra drop-down sun visor. It also has a rubber sealing around the mask for optimum acoustic isolation.

It has a metal locking mechanism between the chin bar and helmet chassis. You can adjust two go-pro cameras in this helmet. NEXX X Vilitur modular helmet also compatible with the NEXX X-Com Bluetooth headset.


  • You can use two action cameras.
  • You can fit it comfortably.
  • It has extra padding.
  • Pads are removable and washable.
  • Quite lightweight.
  • Enough air vents.


  • At high speed, sometimes it can’t prevent noise.
  • You have to buy a pin-lock separately.


This helmet has almost all modern facilities, and building quality is fantastic. It has a sophisticated look, and when you wear this, it will surely make a difference.

What to Look Before Buying a Modular Helmet

A modular helmet will be best if it is made with quality materials and ensures protection as well as comfort. Before buying, you should have to provide certain factors.

Raw materials of the shell

You should always check the material used to structured and construct the shell of a modular helmet. Material is essential because it directly affects on helmet’s weight and strength. Here I’ll tell you about several articles which are used for a modular helmet.

Carbon fiber: It makes the lightest helmets and has terrific impact displacement performance.

Polycarbonate: This material has enormous flexibility and also helps by absorbing impact energy.

Fiberglass Composite:  Fiberglass is not as light carbon fiber but can protect your head from a massive crush.

EPS: EPS is used in the inner shell of the modular helmet. In the multi-density helmet, it works even better.

Helmet size

The modular helmet has various sizes. That means you have to know your head circumference and find which company’s helmet suits on you. Before selecting a modular helmet, you should apply tricks.

Tricks 1: First, you have to pass your finger between your head and the brand-new helmet. If the finger fits between your head and helmet, you should look for a small one. You should select a helmet that embraces your head without creating any pressure.

Tricks 2: You should know the shape of your head as well as measurements. Manufacturers produce modular helmets according to the rider’s head shapes like round oval, intermediate oval, long oval to ensure proper fit and protection.

Lightweight and Durability

Before selecting a modular helmet, you should look for its weight. The modular helmet has a heavier weight than other types of helmets. But you should choose the lightest one because the modular helmet is made with aerodynamically and it can create heavy pressure during riding. That’s why for a modular helmet, you should ensure it has lightweight, excellent ventilation system and durability.


Visibility is the most important one among all of the features. It is crucial to make sure that the helmet has clear visibility. You can see through the visor from comfortably. But you should not get tensed about visibility at all. Manufacturers also give extra priority on visibility during production. Besides, if you want to ride by moving the chin bar upward, you should make sure you the chin bar is locked, and it gives no effect on your eyesight during riding.

Safety and security

Security and safety need to be ensured before buying a modular helmet. Make sure the helmet has anti-fog and anti-stretch visor. Ensure that the modular helmet has a proper ventilation system, and the visor locking system works correctly. Moreover, you should check the helmet with gloves, to check the ratchet and the slider, which helps to move the visor.


  1. Is the modular helmet safe?

    – Yes, the modular helmet provides all types of protection. As you know, the helmet is airtight by it offers an excellent ventilation system. Besides, the helmet covers all of your face and head. Some of the modular helmets are made with carbon fiber or polycarbonate, which are very much lightweight and doesn’t create any pressure on your head.

  2. What is a modular helmet?

    – A modular helmet is like a full-face helmet that you can use as an open-face helmet during riding as it has the adjustable chin bar. Besides, a modular helmet allows you to open the visor without moving the chin bar and the drop-down sunglass.

Final Note

Now it’s time to wrap up the article. Motorcycle rider needs complete protection and security during riding. The best modular helmet fulfills the demand of the riders. It ensures complete head protection with crystal clear visibility. Do not try to wash the interior helmet with the water or soap. Try to buy a lightweight helmet with the latest technologies like Bluetooth. Do not forget to check the D.O.T. safety ratings before buying any helmet.

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