Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

Updated on October 10th, 2021

Riding the motorcycle is a thrilling and fun experience, but since you are exposed, it is dangerous. Riding minus the right gear of protection could get you serious injuries or worse even when you are a very responsible driver. When it comes to the safety gear of motorcycles, a helmet should be on top of the list. It is crucial to settle for the best motorcycle helmet under $200 that will keep you very safe. Finding the right helmet is always tricky. You have to know the weight of the material that best fit your riding habits, plus the comfort and safety standards to make the helmet very effective.

Pros of wearing motorcycle helmets

Riding on the bike knowing you can count on the helmet gives you an edge for convenience and safety. Do not just wear any helmet, wear the best helmet. Below are key benefits of putting on the best motorcycle helmet.

Certified safety standard

First of all, the best helmet under 200 has to undergo certification and approval by the required bodies. This means that the helmet has passed meticulous testing and it ensures that it is functioning as protection against penetration and impact.

High protection guarantee

When you speak about the best when it comes to protection, helmets of high quality are manufactured from exemplary materials. Putting on the best motorcycle helmet under 200 ensures that you are protected from traumatizing head injuries. They are manufactured with light-weight, strong materials for resisting impact during inevitable road accidents.

Unique features

The industry of helmets has gone for so long with innovation and technology. When it comes to protection, advanced motorcycle helmets has outstanding features like visors and padding that ensures enough comfort and air flow while wearing the helmet.

Why put on the Best Motorcycle Helmet?

The right helmet is the most crucial safety equipment piece for a rider but head injuries are the reason for deaths in motorcycle accidents. You can break the arm or leg and survive, or even damage a major part of the body and get fixed. Damaging the brain slightly can be your end. A high quality, the well-chosen helmet can help protect you from such injuries. They are made from fiberglass for tough outer shells, Kevlar weave or carbon fiber, and a soft lining.

The main reason for putting on the best motorcycle helmet under $200 is increasing safety while riding and it is very crucial because you cannot decide or know when the accident will happen. It is advisable to ride safely to make sure that life is also safe. Some studies state that helmets reduce the risk of death by twenty-nine percent and head injury by sixty-nine percent.

Types of Motorcycle Helmets

Though the primary duty of motorcycle helmets is similar, there are different types of them. There are more or less than six types of them.

Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets are the most basic types of headgear. They cover the rider’s whole face and head area. Unlike open and half face helmets, the full face helmets have protection for your chins with its chin bar. These helmets protect all sides of your head during a crash.

Full face helmets have a good ventilation system. Some types have built-in breath boxes to keep fogging at the minimum level. It allows enough air flow to your nostrils and directs the exhalations away so that the visor remains clear.

The riding position of a rider is an important fact to keep in mind while buying a fullface helmet. Different people have different motorbike sitting positions. The helmets are also made dis-similarly as per various types of motorcycles and riders. The full face helmets are a little heavy.

Open Face Helmet

Open face helmets are also known as three-quarter helmets. As the name speaks, this type of helmet doesn’t have face coverage. They cover your ears, top, back, and sides of the head. These helmets are close to full face helmets. The open face helmets don’t have a chin bar and most times they don’t compromise of a visor either. However, some companies have introduced these helmets with flip-down visors or screens.

Open face helmets provide you equal safety as full-face helmets do except that your face stays uncovered. On a rainy or cloudy day, it might be difficult to use these helmets. Not to forget, bugs and flies are there too to trouble you. So, it’s suggested that riders should use goggles while wearing open face helmets. These helmets are popular with cruisers and scooter riders.

Half Face Helmet

Many people think that open, and half face helmets are the same. However, there are differences between both of these types of helmets. The half face helmets are also known as Shorty, or Brain Bucket, or Pudding Basin.

The vintage riders are mostly seen to use these helmets. They provide the minimal coverage. They cover half of your head from the top. These helmets have a strap to tie it with your face. The law approves them, but some safety foundations have prohibited the use of these helmets because of their failure to give sufficient protection.

The half face helmets are light. The rider must use goggles while wearing a half shell helmet because these don’t have any visors.

Modular Helmet

These are a mixed type of Full face and open face helmets. Also known as Flip-up helmets, these are readily convertible from open to full face version. The chin bar of these helmets can be lifted up, and so, the helmets then look like an open face helmet. These helmets possess a chin strap also.

With these helmets on, the rider doesn’t need to take it off entirely for a little chit-chat with a passerby, or for smoking, or eating something. The modular motorcycle helmet only has to lift the chin bar up.

For the advantage of convertibility and protection, these helmets are immensely popular with motorcycle riders. However, they are not equally as protective as full-face helmets.

Off-road Helmets

Also known as motocross, these helmets have an angular or V-shaped chin bar. Initially, these helmets didn’t have chin bars, but off-road helmets of today have those. They don’t have any face shields; instead, they have an open portion for the rider to wear goggles.

For off-road racing, and some moving around in the woods, these helmets are an excellent choice.

Dual-sport Helmets

Dual-sport helmets look much like full face helmets. They have some features of off-road helmets too. To be precise, these helmets are hybrids of full face and off-road helmets.

Also known as crossover or hybrid, the dual-sport helmets are well ventilated and soundproofed. The popularity of these helmets is increasing day by day.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet.

Best full face motorcycle helmet under 200

The SH-FF0026 full face helmet has a dual vented diffuse for allowing maximum flow of air. It is made of a thermostatic shell to make it lightweight in nature. It has brow vents, dual top vents, and a quick release shield to enhance air circulation. The pads are removable to enhance easy cleaning. This helmet is good for both words as it has high-end features and reasonable prices. When you purchase it, it comes in a bag that is scratch resistant and is double-boxed to make sure that it gets to you while still in its best condition.


  • Has lightweight shell built for safety comfort and speed
  • Internal channel vent system for ensuring a constant flow of air around the head
  • D-ring closure with a retention strap for keeping the helmet fit with the straps
  • Removable components for keeping comfort and cleanliness


  • Easy to clean because of the removable components
  • Fits well on the head due to the D-ring closure retention strap
  • It is comfortable due to its hard shell
  • Ensures safety when riding in high speed
  • Low price (under $200)


  • There are no known cons for this product

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016 Full Face Helmet.

Check Prices on Amazon
Check Prices on Amazon

HHH DOT Youth & Kids Helmet

Best youth dirt bike helmet under 200

This is a new helmet with interior padding and visor design to enhance comfort. It meets the required safety standards and comes with a new helmet bag. The sidelines of this bike are removable and washable with a washing machine. It is light in weight for ease of comfort. This helmet is perfect for those individuals that want to buy a helmet at affordable prices. This helmet can be a good gift for your kid on his birthday. It flips up and down with ease to make it comfortable and allow for air circulation. It fits well on the heads of teenagers.


  • Comes with the perfect design for the interior padding and visor
  • Comes boxed in a helmet bag to enhance its security
  • Has sideliners and removable components for easy cleaning


  • Comes at affordable prices
  • DOT approved to show quality
  • Removable components make it easy to clean
  • Interior padding and visor design enhances comfort
  • Enhances the safety of kids while riding


  • The weight may be quite too much for kids

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet

Best modular motorcycle helmet under 200

This ILM modular helmet is the perfect choice when going for a tour. It has top performance and standard features when it comes to comfort, functionality, safety, and dimensions. It is ideal for people looking for a full face helmet with safety and aesthetics features plus the practicality of the open helmet. It comes with a chin bar in the closed position to hand it a performance that is similar to the full face helmet.


  • Removable inner pads and flip-up helmet to enhance cleaning
  • Have open vents for ventilating the helmet
  • Has dual visors for easy flipping up and removal for enhancing vision
  • Comes in diverse sizes to ensure proper and correct fit to the head


  • Fits the head in the right, correct, and precise manner
  • Comfortable due to vents that ensure circulation of air
  • Have visors that enhance flipping
  • Quite affordable to many people on a budget


  • Does not have known cons

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Full Face Helmet

Check Prices on Amazon
Check Prices on Amazon

Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

Best open face helmet under 200