Updated on April 1st, 2022

If you are wondering about buying a helmet that can fulfill your all desire, then HJC V90 modular helmet can fit you. HJC has built this helmet by combining two favorite helmet styles, which are modular and vintage. So, this style makes this V90 a unique modular helmet that can suit your personality very well. Featuring an advanced polycarbonate composite shell makes the helmet strong enough. However, stick together with this article till the end to learn more about HJC V90 modular helmet.

Additional Key Features

Having various key features allows this HJC V90 to stand out in the market. The features of the helmet are indeed out of the box. One of the most valuable features is the optically superior anti-fog 3D face shield which is connected with an internal drop-down sun visor. It can block many damaging rays of the sun. Easy installation feature is also a great plus point for those who want a hassle-free life. V90 is also smart HJC ready, so you can use smart Bluetooth technology that makes installation more prosperous compared to building a rocket.

The interior of the HJC V90 helmet is antibacterial, so if you have a moisture-wicking allergy, then this helmet can be the perfect fit for you. Another great thing about this helmet is that the cheek pads are removable and washable. However, it is DOT/ECE approved. So, you won’t have to bother about the quality.


The HJC V90 Modular Helmet is way lighter than you ever expected. When you will wear this thing, you won’t be able to tell that you are wearing something. According to the official website, it is only 4 pounds which is lighter than other helmets available in the market.

Aerodynamic Style

According to HJC, they claim that the Aerodynamic style will help a lot to drive at a quieter and more stable speed. After doing some intense research and spending a lot of time, they succeed in giving an aerodynamic look to this helmet. Because of this style, it looks very modern and stylish. Also, the interior is so cool which is made of moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial fabric. Because of that, it will keep you cool and make you feel comfortable. So, if you want quality over quantity, then you can take this one.

Build Quality

If you are talking about the build quality, then you won’t regret the V90 helmet because it is built with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell that makes the helmet stronger. Using CAD technology, HJC designed this helmet to be lightweight and fit comfortably. So, we can say that it is a well-built helmet ever.

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If you are a bike enthusiast, then you will need an awesome-looking helmet that can blow anyone’s mind. And the HJC V90 helmet can be a perfect one that you can choose because it is a modular helmet with a retro design and a bubble screen, making it an ideal fit for biking enthusiasts. So, if you want a value for money helmet, then you can take this one to fulfill your desire.