Updated on July 29th, 2022

Lexin  B4FM is another Bluetooth intercom system that has grown huge customer attention for its versatile features and secured a position.

Its simple design allows it to fit with almost all the designs of helmets available in the market. Talking about its specialty, it comes with a GPS and handsfree audio system.

Talking about its specialty, it comes with a GPS and hands-free audio system. When you’re riding with your biker friends, you can easily communicate through the hands-free Bluetooth voice conference system, even amidst annoying traffic noises.

Furthermore, if any of our buddies lag for any reason, you can both simply locate others using the GPS and reunite again.

The sound quality is experienced very loud and clear by most users despite riding at high speed. So, you can stop worrying whether you can hear everything clear while passing a busy, crowded road. FM radio is an additional feature that you would love to enjoy during your off-call time.

Definitely, it comes with an excellent waterproof design, getting you rid of being afraid of a downpour. The trump card of Lexin B4FM is its prolonged battery life.

Although most other speakers at this price offer a battery life of 12 hours, B4FM, surprisingly, has a battery life of 120 hours! It will allow talk-time for 8 hours and music streaming for 15 hours.

And the good news, by the way, is despite such extended battery life, the full charging time is only 1 hour. Let’s learn more about the key features of this unique Bluetooth intercom system.

Key Features


HiFi Stereo Headset

Communication while biking is an essential issue to take care of. LEXIN B4FM has an excellent and effortless hands-free communication system. It is prepared in such a way that it will maintain your safe, secure communication during biking.

The Bluetooth has access to Siri and S Voice. You can quickly call anybody and receive hands-free calls also.

You can listen to music with this Bluetooth. The specialty of this Bluetooth is it will provide you the first-grade Hi-Fi Stereo high Sound Quality music.

Additionally, this Bluetooth system’s most exciting feature is that it includes FM radio for your entertainment. Again you can use the GPS voice guidance in order to get the right direction of your destination.

Intercom & Pairing facilities:

If you have to ride for a trip or in an emergency situation, you have to keep in connection with more than one person at a time.

The LX-B4FM offers you a high-definition biking experience with a conference intercom for four riders with universal pairing.

LEXIN B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

It can cover up a 1600 meter intercom range. Within this range, it can add Noise Cancellation Up to 4 bikers. It means that you can join is a

group conversation while biking with your friends or in any emergency response.

The Bluetooth also has the feature of Universal pairing. The system functions quite similarly to most of the Bluetooth earpieces of the market.

The durability of battery: 

More surprisingly, The LX-B4FM Bluetooth intercom system has Cancelling and Long Battery Life. The system function excellent at speeds up to 120km per hour. The advanced noise cancellation technology is the most incredible feature of this particular Bluetooth.

The battery is made up of Lithium-Ion. Interestingly the battery provides you with streaming over 15 hours of non-stop music facilities.

You can speak over this Bluetooth for 8 hours as it also has the longevity of its talk time over the phone. Besides that, the Bluetooth has 120 hours of standby time that help you in a long-distance journey.

The versatility of Bluetooth: 

A Bluetooth inside the helmet can make your journey more safe and comfortable. It will reduce your effort of maintaining important phone calls and other issues while biking.

The LX-B4FM offers you a great Helmet Compatibility. So it can be an amazing device for your entertainment and communication at the time of riding.

LEXIN B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

It has two interchangeable Microphones. These unique tools offer you two choices. You can select between a microphone for the open face or the flip-face or a button microphone for full-face helmets.

It is very simple to adjust and carry on. The Bluetooth inside your helmet helps you to reduce boredom and enjoy your journey freely for a long time.

It’s Waterproof:

Any sort of device’s longevity depends on its maintenance. But maintaining an electronic device becomes more demanding when it is not waterproof.

The LX-B4FM is designed specially as Waterproof so that you can carry it all the time quickly. The unique Bluetooth is ready to serve you at in -15°F temperature. Isn’t it incredible!

It is formulated for all weather conditions. So you don’t need to bother about the condition of the weather.

Whether the weather is hot or cold, moisture or rainy, you can just keep a wireless connection with your dear through Bluetooth and enjoy a safe drive.

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Bluetooth is always a fashionable and useful device. If you’re looking for a versatile motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom at an affordable price, you must check out LEXIN B4FM.

Not only its versatile features make it unique, but its battery life the waterproof design will draw your attention for sure.

Excellent sound quality and short pairing time make it a top-notch choice. If you are used to long voice conferences while driving, you should acknowledge the complaints regarding it and consult with the riders who are already using it.

Many complaints are not found against this one. However, some users have mentioned that the voice conference feature lags at times, and for a few helmet models, the ear pads have been figured out to be too large. Nothing else!

And of course! Don’t forget to notice its size carefully as some users experienced difficulties regarding the ear pads’ size. But other than that, Bluetooth Intercom system cannot be expected to be so amazing in this price range.

price range.