Updated on September 16th, 2020

Well, we all know the motorcycle is notorious for causing far more fatal injuries in a percentage higher than passenger cars. Right?

But believe it or not, wearing quality helmets can save many from life-threatening injuries and even death. And in this case, a modular helmet is a gem. Why?

As a versatile helmet, modular works like a compact full-face helmet. As a result, there is no moving part that can break, and the head remains entirely constricted inside, minimizing damage in the event of an impact.

While getting a good-quality helmet on a budget hard, you can quickly get one under $300 if you know what to look for.

So, since we know you need it, here’s a complete guide to help you understand how to choose the best modular helmet under 300 to ensure a secure yet thrilling motorbike ride.

So, without any further ado, let’s start:

Modular Helmet, What Is It?

There are generally five types of helmets most available in the market, and among them, the modular helmet is trendy. It is also known as the ‘flip-up helmet.’

A modular helmet is a cross between the open face helmet and a full-face helmet. While driving, the glass protects the driver from the weather.

If necessary, you will be able to flip the face protection glass up and talk or eat in a stopped condition.

Due to their versatility with an added level of protection and comfort, a modular helmet is an excellent choice for people wearing eye-glasses.

Top 5 best modular helmets under $300

An ideal modular helmet would be comfortable stylish with a multi-functional feature. You would never regret purchasing this one as a bike rider.

But, for that, it’s important to select the best that is going to cover all your demand at a reasonable price. For you, here is our list of the best modular helmet under 300; that is precisely what you are looking for.

Pick one and enhance your biker profile!

  1. HJC 980-613 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  2. FreedConn Modular Flip up Full Face Helmet
  3. Typhoon G339 Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  4. Outrush Modular Smart Helmet
  5. EMA Unisex Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Best Modular Helmet Under 300 – Reviews

HJC 980-613 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet


Last but not least is HJC 980-613 IS-MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet. This helmet with CAD technology boasts a comfortable fit for your head.

The material used in the making of this head protector is polycarbonate. The use of polycarbonate makes it possible for the helmet to be strong enough to protect your head by dispersing impacts and still being light in weight to be comfortable.

You can adjust the face shield of this modular helmet single handily with just one button. The button can be used to release the face chin bar as well.

Speaking of chin-bar, the chin bar of this head protector is adjustable. So you can easily fit it to ensure a comfortable fitting.

Now, to the face shield. The material used in the face shield covering will give you a 95% adequate protection from UV rays. There is also a sun-shield integrated into the system.

The sunshade is smoke tinted. It also has three adjustable stages, which you can choose as per your need.


  • Fashionable helmet in multiple colors
  • The chin bar is adjustable
  • One-handed face shield control
  • Effective interior sunshade
  • Space for speaker systems


  • No quick-release in the strap
  • uncomfortably tight fit around the face and cheeks


Despite the lack of a quick-release system, it can be a pretty significant head protective measure to fit your head.

FreedConn Modular Flip up Full Face Helmet

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets

If you love traveling in a group driving several motorbikes, this FreedConn Modular Flip up Full Face Helmet is the one for you.

The reason? It is because FreedConn Helmet can keep you connected with your friends through the built-in 3.0 Bluetooth. You can use one Bluetooth device to pair three devices with a distance range of 500 meters!

And you can use this communication system for quite a long time. Nine hours for intercom time, to be exact!

You can use Bluetooth for activities other than intercom communication as well. Answering calls, listening to music, just name it!

What about the controls? Well, the manufacturers do know that a complicated maneuver during a ride is impossible.

So, they have just included one easy to control button for controlling the Bluetooth. Through Bluetooth, you can also connect to your mobile’s voice control system, which only makes your work easier.

By the way, the helmet is also robust enough to ensure your safety. But it is not bulky at all! Instead, the designed system is very comfortable.

Moreover, the super-effective ventilation system will offer you a comfortable ride. And most importantly, it’s very easy to clean, and the pads are removable too!


  • Easy-to-navigate Bluetooth system
  • Effective ventilation system
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Cheap, yet reliable


  • The audio quality could have been better
  • The plastic is vulnerable to scratching


So, as you can see, this is a helmet perfect for group riders or music lovers. Therefore, if you consider this factor as the most preffered one, it’s the suitable helmet for you!

Typhoon G339 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Typhoon G339 Adult Dual Visor Modular Snowmobile Helmet

A perfect blend of comfort and safety, Typhoon G339 Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a shining example of what a modular helmet should be like.

This gorgeous helmet does not lose in the looks department either. Not only is the helmet sleek, but also it is available in multiple colors.

Not to mention the abstract patterns! They work exceptionally well with the colors to enhance its beauty. So cool!

But beauty is not tantalums to safety, and the Typhoon Company knows it very well. That is why they used ultra-developed ABS to create the shell of the headpiece.

The advanced material helps the helmet to disperse any impact. It also lowers the head protector’s weight. This way, you won’t have a headache when you wear it for day long.

Speaking about comfort, this helmet’s interior is covered with soft liners and cheek pads.  Even better, they can be removed and washed as per your convenience.

Did you ever know? A significant number of motorcycle accidents happen because of eye-strain due to constant light change.

To prevent accidents due to this issue, Typhoon G339 headgear is installed with a tinted sun-visor to protect your eyes during the day. And what makes it even better is that it is retractable.

Almost forgot! Typhoon G339 head protector is installed with a dual-visor. Do you know what does it mean? More safety for you!

And that’s not all. A dual visor can also prevent the wind and cold better. While it will not be of much use in the snowy winter, it will help in autumn seasons.


  • Effective DOT certified safety measures
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight
  • The sun visor can be retracted
  • Comfortable design
  • Space for radio installation


  • The interior can be tight


Overall, it is an effective helmet for ensuring head protection without compromising your comfort if you are careful with the size selection.

The modular design is perfect for conversing with people without removing the helmet entirely.

Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

Love listening to music while enjoying a ride? Have you ever considered buying an Outrush Modular Smart Helmet?

This Sena-made headgear is a prime example of technologically advanced quality helmets at a cheaper price. Unbelievable, but true! Its quality will leave you with nothing to desire for.

First, let’s check out the safety factors. The helmet is well-made enough to be certified by DOT. Its robust shell and multi-density EPS liner ensures your safety to the utmost level.

Then let us consider the reason why we set it apart from so many other head protective devices, the Bluetooth technology. utrush Smart Helmet is equipped with built-in HD audio Bluetooth communicators.

It means that you will not need to buy or install any Bluetooth devices. You can just use it straight-up from the package!

The high-level Bluetooth feature can be used not only for hearing music from your mobile, but also for taking phone calls, searching for GPS directions, and connecting to FM Radio.

The device is so high-powered that you can even use it for having conversations with other motorbike riders. A single charge will give you a talk-time of fifteen hours.

Another exceptional feature of this head protector is its drop-down sun-shade paired with a face shield. Both of them work together to keep your eyes safe from elements.

And if you are concerned about its looks, we say, don’t be. It is true that this device is available in only white and black colors, but the design makes the helmet look exceptional.

What’s even better is that it will suit you whether you are a boy or a girl. So cool!


  • Integrated high-quality Bluetooth device
  • Micro-USB charger
  • Lithium battery charge retains for a long time
  • Quick-release strap
  • Room for eye-glasses


  • The ventilation is a little lacking.


Well, if you are looking for a highly-efficient helmet with top-notch features in a limited budget, then you can try out this modular helmet. All in all, it’s a combination of effective specs and cool design!

YEMA Unisex Modular Motorcycle Helmet

YEMA Helmet Unisex-Adult Motorcycle Modular

If you are looking for a helmet where you can fit your glasses inside, try YEMA Unisex Modular Motorcycle Helmet.

Whether you are a boy or a girl, you cannot go wrong with a YEMA helmet. It is designed to be unisex, beautiful, and scratch-resistant.

YEMA Modular Helmet is also sturdy and lightweight. The wide, clear visor will not only let glasses fit but also help you experience a flawless vision.

And don’t forget the soft helmet liner and cheek pads will keep your head comfortable. You can also remove them easily whenever you need to wash them. So, no, sweaty-smell!

Speaking about sweat, a helmet cannot be too comfortable if it is too hot or too cold, right? That is why this helmet is equipped with an adjustable ventilation system.

The system will keep the temperature inside the helmet in check. More importantly, it will prevent your visor from fogging. So, a lower chance of having an accident!


  • Clear visor with a superior adjust system
  • Easy-to-adjust liner and cheek pads
  • Adjustable ventilation system
  • Nice sunshade
  • Sturdy yet comfortable


  • The switches are hard-to-find
  • Poor water-blocking ability


Most importantly, it’s a beautiful and functional helmet for anyone who wears glasses. Therefore, who should buy this? Got it, right?

How to Choose the Best Modular Helmet Under 300

There are many models available in the market for modular motorbike helmets. Some even cost thousands of dollars.

So, it can be hard to believe that you CAN get a reliable modular helmet under 300 dollars.

But if you know your needing, what to expect or look out for, you can get a relatively good one without spending much. Just keep the following points in your mind, and you will get a good, suitable one.

Never Ignore Your Safety

The first and foremost duty of a motorbike helmet is to ensure its wearer’s safety by protecting his/her head.

Check out the following suggestions to understand whether the helmet is safe or not.

  • The material used in the making of the helmet, AKA durability
  • The inclusion of removable check pads mitigates the impact.
  • The chinstrap and its release system help to protect the chin and the jaw.
  • The fitting of the helmet should fit the shape of the wearer’s head.
  • The SA test passed helmets are the best as they go through the flammability tests and the rollbar multi-impact test.

No Compromise with Quality

Remember, if you want to have safe riding experience, you can NEVER compromise with the quality. Make sure to check the material used in the making of the helmet’s body.

The material plays a significant role in determining how much pressure the helmet can withstand, in a word, its durability.

Despite being the cheapest option, Polycarbonate is useful in absorbing impacts. But if you can spend a little bit more, try getting one made of Carbon Fiber. After all, it is the most robust material.

Also, if possible, get one with anti-scratch featuring as well. It adds more to the strength of the overall helmet-body. Beneficial, right?

Looks Are Important Too!

No matter what people say, looks matter! A helmet with a pleasing outlook not only can make you look good but also improve mood.

While the helmets under 300 can’t be compared with the thousands of dollars, many modular helmets that cost less than 300 dollars have aesthetic looks featuring many choices of colors and patterns. Choose one that fits you the best!

The Lighter, the Better!

Besides being durable, the helmet also needs to be light in weight. Many believe that weight is an indicator of an item’s quality. Due to modern technology, it is not entirely true.

You should keep this in mind and try to buy a lightweight bike helmet. Why? It will reduce the amount of pressure on your head and add to your comfort level.

Ventilation is Necessary

Proper airflow within the helmet is crucial to ensure a comfortable riding experience. The more ventilation ports are integrated within the helmet, the cooler it will be.

The result? A sweat-free pleasant journey! And for that, a proper ventilation system a must.

Don’t Ignore the Comfort.

One more thing, focusing on durability, weight, safety features, all are great, but these all will come to naught it ultimately, the helmet is not comfortable. So while buying your product, make sure to check out the fitting.

The shape matters! Just think not every person’s head-shape is not the same. Suppose you have a long oval-shaped head. But by mistake, you bought a helmet suitable for intermediate oval (the most common) shaped head.

The result? It will not fit your head. A complete waste of your valuable time, energy, and money!

Also, try to get a helmet with added removable cheek pads. That way, not only your comfort level will increase, but also you will be able to maintain your hygiene well by washing them periodically.

Ending Remarks

As mentioned before, the price does not always determine the quality. For occasional riders, learning how to choose the best modular helmet under 300 can help maximize their capitals and yet enjoy the thrilling experience of riding motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are modular helmets less safe?

Well, it’s a common query among bike lovers. As we know, if you use a modular helmet, it’s better not to open the front part of it. And in case you do, there is a risk if you have an accident,

So, the answer is clear; Don’t dare to open the front glass while riding the bike wearing a modular helmet!

Should I buy a modular helmet?

Modular helmets are a perfect choice for those who want to flip-up their helmet-front.

For example, if you like to have a chit-chat while taking a break in your ride, you should go for a modular helmet. As simple as that!

Why Is Wearing Helmet So Important?

Motorcycles sure are great as a mode of transport in narrow, off-road areas and are loved by thrill-seeker youths, but they are far more dangerous than passenger cars. But does that mean you should just stop riding it?

Of course not! After all, taking precautionary measures can lessen the danger level a lot, and without proper cautiousness, even cooking can be dangerous.

Studies prove that wearing helmets can be just the thing necessary to ensure a rider’s safety.

Protecting one’s head is the most important in reducing the fatality of the bike riders, and that is where the helmets come in.

According to a report published by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), 5172 motorcyclists died of accidents in 2017 while wearing helmets could have saved 749 of them.

See? 14% of deaths could have been prevented if only helmets were worn! So, next time you ride your motorbike, just make sure that you wear a helmet, okay? Even if it is just a trip downtown.

Final thoughts

As you can see, these helmets we presented in the article are excellent examples of the best modular helmets under 300.

All of them indeed have some shortcomings. But considering their price, they all provide excellent services. Got it, right?

Now, it’s your turn to choose a suitable one according to your needings. So, what are you waiting for? Get one for yours right away!

So, have you found this guide helpful? Share it on your social handles, and let us know your thoughts below in the opinion box!

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