Updated on June 18th, 2021

Imagine you are riding your bike with your buddies on the road with open fields on both sides. The sun is setting while you are riding together. You are enjoying the vibe and atmosphere quite a lot.

You and your friends are having a lovely chat about life and slowly cruising around. What a fantastic time! Right? All of a sudden, your phone starts ringing. You do not know who is calling, and it might be an important call.

You decide to pull over and answer your phone. After answering the phone, you realize that the good vibes you were having are ruined just because of a phone call. If you regularly ride your bike, facing this type of situation is not very uncommon.

Now, go through the first part, and imagine you have a motorcycle communication system. Having such a device can significantly improve your riding experience.

So, to make your life a bit easier, we have created this complete buying guide and mentioned what we consider to be the best motorcycle communication systems out there.

Let’s check them out!

Best Motorcycle Communication Systems Reviews

Cardo-FREECOM-PLUS-Motorcycle-Communication System

Cardo FREECOM 2 PLUS-Motorcycle 2-Way Bluetooth Communication System

Communicating with a group while riding is not for everyone. Some riders want to enjoy their ride with just a single person.

The Cardo FREECOM PLUS Motorcycle Communication can the perfect motorcycle communication system for you if you are such a person.

Unlike other motorcycle communication systems, the Cardo FREECOM PLUS is an IP 67 rated true waterproof device.

So, do not worry about the weather condition because no matter how harsh the weather is, this device will last through it.

Safety is probably one of the top reasons behind buying a motorcycle communication system. Safety measures are taken to a greater level with the inclusion of Google Maps instructions.

Take your next road turn without worrying about always looking at your phone and concentrate more on enjoying the ride.

Other enticing features include auto volume adjustment, noise filtering, music sharing, and a comfortable fit to provide an excellent user experience.

The sound quality is quite suitable for listening to music on the go. You can share music with the other rider as well.

With the inclusion of voice commands, this device ensures you do not have to use your hand while riding. As a rider-to-passenger communication system, the 500m range is quite lovely too.

But no device is without its shortcomings. But the shortcomings of this device are not that alarming.

The included adhesive does not last that long, and the attaching process might be difficult for some helmets. Some users might not like the weight of this device.

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As a rider-to-passenger communication system, the Cardo FREECOM PLUS can be an ideal choice for many riders. Features like IP 67 rating, google map instructions, noise suppression, music sharing, and sound quality makes it a viable option.

Though it has some cons like short-lived adhesive and attachment issues with some helmets, considering everything, the downsides are not that alarming.

Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset - Intercom with Universal Microphone

Let us be honest here, anything becomes more enjoyable if you can share it with your friends, and riding a bike is no different.

With the ability to connect up to 4 people at a time, the Sena SMH10 can be a suitable way to communicate for a small group of riders.

The incredible feature of the Sena SMH10 is its talk time and standby time. It can last up to 12 hours of talk-time and 10 days of standby time.

This is insane, right? No need to worry about constantly plugging in the charger every once in a while. Once it is fully charged, the Sena SMH10 will get you through a day quite easily.

Enjoy excellent internal communication with up to four people with the help of Bluetooth v3.0. The inclusion of Bluetooth v3.0 means it can cover 900 meters while maintaining its audio quality. Intelligent noise suppression also helps to deliver a seamless experience while riding.

Safety is not a part of where the Sena SMH10 compromises. It has GPS voice instructions to ensure the utmost safety.

Having a GPS voice instruction system can come in quite handy while navigating through an unknown area. You do not have to continually open your phone and see the map as the device will instruct you.

Though it does not include voice commands, you can easily use the dial to control it while driving. One of the more severe issues one faces while buying a communication system is whether the device will fit or not.

The Sena SMH10 relieves you from this headache by including a universal mic that will surely fit on your helmet.

All these features seem too good to be true, but the Sena SMH10 does have its shortcomings. This device has no IP rating, which means it is vulnerable to extreme weather.

You might also consider its single kit to be a shortcoming too. But considering its price, you really can not complain.

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The Sena SMH10 provides a quality product without digging down your pocket too much. With a talk-time of 12 hours and a standby time of 10 days, the Sena SMH10 can be a juggernaut when it comes to use-time.

Other impressive qualities include GPS voice instructions, Bluetooth v3.0, and a universal mic kit.

Durability and having a single kit are the only downsides of this device. As it lacks IP rating, you need to be careful about under what condition you use it.

But considering its pricing, there is no room for argument here. As long as you use this device safely, you should enjoy an overall pleasant experience.

Sena 30K Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

SENA 30K-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

There are many types of riders out there, and each has its requirements of a communication system. We often see a large group of riders cruising around in their bikes.

For such big rider groups, the Sena 30K can be a viable communication solution. With mesh intercom technology, the Sena 30K can connect to almost limitless users within one mile.

A group of riders can have various types of communication systems. The Sena 30K solves this issue with the inclusion of two processors. Having two processors mean it can connect to both a mesh intercom as well as other Bluetooth devices.

Mesh intercom technology is the most standout feature of the Sena 30K. Communicating with a large number of riders is not simple.

Usually, when there are so many riders around, the network signals interfere with each other and reduce the audio quality.

But the mesh intercom technology solves this issue very efficiently. It has two different modes. One is the private mode, where you can create a network including 16, and it can reach up to 5 miles.

Another is the public mode, where you can connect to a limitless amount of users within a one-mile radius.

There are no complications of using this device too. All you need to do is press a button, and it will connect to other devices. It also has additional features like noise suppression and GPS directions to make your life a bit easier.

You can not find any downsides of the Sena 30K except for its unavailability of an IP rating. So, be extra careful while using them in harsh conditions as, unlike others, this device can cost you a lot of money.

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The Sena 30K can elevate your communication experience if you like to ride in a big group. The two included processors allow for both a mesh connection and a Bluetooth connection.

The mesh intercom technology is incredibly enticing as it will enable you to connect to almost limitless devices in its public mode. It also has a private mode that can connect 16 riders within 5 miles.

There are no real cons if this product except the lack of an IP rating. If you do not consider its lack of an IP rating, the Sena 30K can be regarded as one of the best motorcycle communication systems.

LEXIN B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom with FM Radio

Another product for the small biker group is the LEXIN B4FM. Just like the Sena SMH-10, it can allow an intercom between four riders at a time, but what separates it from the Sena SMH-10 is its waterproofing technology.

You do not need to use your hands while riding as it allows you to control Siri and S voice while you are connected.

Safety measures are nothing to worry about as you can make and receive calls, listen to music, and get GPS voice assistance by just using voice commands.

If you are a music lover, the LEXIN B4FM will surely entice you. It can stream music for 15 hours with an 8 hour talk time and 5 days of standby time.

The music experience is enhanced even further with advanced noise cancellation technology. The LEXIN B4FM is a well-balanced product, but it does not excel in any particular field.

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For small groups of riders who are looking for a well-balanced communication system that also is waterproof, the LEXIN B4FM can be a suitable option for them.

With a music stream time of 15 hours and talk time of 8 hours, it will surely get a preference from music lovers out there.

This device balances all aspects of a motorcycle communication system quite nicely but does not excel in any particular aspect.

Cardo Packtalk Slim Bluetooth Communication System

CARDO DMC Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication and Entertainment System

The most common complaint about any communication system is the need to use your hand while riding.

Stopping and seeing your phone every once in a while can be quite annoying. The Cardo Packtalk Slim solves this issue with its natural voice control.

You can do small actions like increasing or decreasing volume or checking your battery status by using its inbuilt voice technology.

With the ability to connect to Siri, Google, or S voice, the Cardo Packtalk Slim makes sure to give you a hands-off experience.

IP 67 water resistance makes sure your motorcycle communication system lasts through even the harshest of environments.

The mesh communication system allows for easy disconnecting and reconnecting of any devices. And on top of all this, the Cardo Packtalk Slim is powered by JBL to provide excellent sound quality.

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The Cardo Packtalk Slim is a product that excels in multiple faucets. But the users who are looking for a device that will allow you to enjoy your ride without any interruptions, this device should fit you perfectly.

Internal voice assistance makes sure to control even the smallest of actions by using your voice. On top of all that, it has an IP 67 water resistance!

Best motorcycle communication systems buying guide

Nowadays, we are all quite aware of headsets. We use our headsets to listen to music or even answer phone calls on the go sometimes.

But buying a headset for casual use and buying a motorcycle communication system can be a bit different.

A regular headset might get the job done. But it will indeed not perform up to the standards of a motorcycle communication system.

We have divided this segment into two parts to make it easier to understand. In the first part, we will talk about different types of communication systems, and in the second part, discuss the essential features.

So, without further ado, let us dive right into the Best motorcycle helmet communication systems buying guide.

Types of helmet communication system

Mobile communication systems have come a long way since they were first introduced. Modern technological advancement has given us three types of communication systems.

  • Wired systems
  • Wireless systems
    • Bluetooth wireless systems

Read along to know more about them.

Wired systems

This systems are the most affordable and efficient among all three communication systems. Wired systems usually have a central control box that contains all the electric parts and the battery.

The riders and passengers are all connected through wires that are also connected to the central control box.

As they require wires to communicate, a wired system is best for a rider to passenger communication. You might be thinking that who will even consider buying a wired system in 2021 anyways. Well, wired systems have their upsides too.

As we mentioned before, a wired connection is the best when it comes to efficiency. A wired connection can provide a lossless communication transmission. Also, wired connections are the cheapest option out there.

But the most underwhelming part of a wired connection is the comfort or the lack thereof. A wired system requires continuous attaching and detaching whenever someone drops off.

Wireless systems

The wireless communication system is the most modern and by far the Best motorcycle communication systems. It can provide lossless communication without using any wire throughout a larger area. What more can you ask?

It uses different radio signals like GMRS, FRS, FM, and Bluetooth to communicate. The frequency of a wireless system is relatively narrow, which allows it to travel through any obstacles in between.

The downsides of a wireless system are its price and the fact that it uses public frequencies. Using a public frequency can allow other people to eavesdrop. So, do not share any private information while using a wireless communication system.

What is Bluetooth wireless systems

The Bluetooth wireless systems hit the perfect balance between comfort and affordability. For this reason, it is the most commonly used communication method among riders across the globe.

A Bluetooth system does not require a wire to communicate, making it easier and more practical for riders to communicate amongst each other. You can also listen to and share music with other riders on the go.

Though it is the most commonly used communication method, it has its shortcomings too. Bluetooth systems usually cannot cover much ground, and they are also vulnerable to disturbance.

But if you are communicating through a short-range, a Bluetooth wireless system will probably work just fine.

Things to consider before buying


The first and foremost thing to consider before buying anything is how much money you are willing to spend on it.

While we all want to purchase the best available product out there, it is not always possible because our pocket does not always allow it.

Buying the costliest product is not always the best option because it may not fulfill all your needs, whereas a cheaper product might be enough. But that does not mean you should opt for the cheapest product either.

Buying a cheap product usually ends up as a waste of money. Cheap products are also notorious for ruining your experience too.

Things you should consider before buying are the features you are getting for the amount of money you are spending, are those features necessary for you and do they fit your budget. You will end up with a decent overall product if you can balance these three precautions.

Easy to use

We always tend to buy the fanciest product out there. But when it comes to a motorcycle communication system, you might be better off buying a simple one.

Do not think that this is a way to discourage you from buying a featured product. The primary purpose of a helmet communication system is to make your rides safer.

A motorcycle helmet communication system with a lot of complicated features might be very hostile for new-comers.

While having more features does help, but it can ruin the sole purpose of using a communication system, which is safety. So, if you are new to using this device, you should opt for basic models.

GPS quality

Nowadays, motorcycle communication systems include GPS. Having a GPS in your communication system can elevate your riding experience and make it safer for you to navigate around unknown territories.

Riders who love to ride in a group can also benefit from this feature. If all the riders have GPS attached to their communication systems, keeping track of everyone becomes much more comfortable.

You can also find systems that have voice assistance. This feature can take safety measures even further. Having voice assistance means you do not have to pull your phone out every time you need to take a turn.

We highly recommend a motorcycle communication system with included GPS if it fits your budget.

Number of allowed connections

The capability to connect to more riders is always a welcomed option in a motorcycle communication system. More connection means the ability to be connected to a bigger group and easily navigate where everyone is.

A typical communication system usually supports around 3-5 connections at one time. But if you want more connection, you can surely get one for the right price.

One thing to keep in mind is that, as the connection capability increases, the price significantly increases as well.


We need to stay connected to everyone no matter the weather condition, right? Weather-resistance is an essential quality of a motorcycle communication system, especially if you always go out for long rides.

It is impossible to predict what type of weather awaits you when you go out for a ride and having a device that can resist any kind of weather should always be a priority for every user.

An important thing to keep in mind while looking for a weather-resistant motorcycle communication system is that whether it is waterproof or water-resistant. People usually mix up water-resistant to waterproof and end up damaging their device.

Water-resistant devices can protect from light rain or heavy rain for a certain period whereas, a waterproof one can be used freely even under harsh conditions.

Devices with waterproof quality are much more expensive than the ones with water-resistant quality.

If you have enough bucks in your pocket, we recommend getting any type of resistant quality as you never know what kind of weather you might end up facing.

Two ears or one ear

You can opt for a two-ear version or a one-ear option depending on your preference, as both have their upsides and downsides.

If you are using a two-eared one, it will surely make communicating with others much easier compared to a one-eared one.

While it can produce clearer sound, it can also make it hard to hear other vehicles. On the other hand, a one-ear option gives you a clearer sound of your surroundings at the expense of a less clear communicating experience.

At the end of the day, it comes down to a personal preference. You should always choose the most comfortable one for yourself.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is a modern technology that can cancel out outside noises. This technology is available only on two eared ones.

Having a motorcycle communication system that can cancel out outside noises can significantly increase the communication quality. You can hear what others are saying very clearly despite the amount of traffic noise around you.

But you should keep in mind that noise cancellation can cancel out the noise of other vehicles too. Usually, devices have different modes to control noise cancellation so, this should not be an issue.


How much range you need on your motorcycle communication system is strictly based on how you will be using it.

You should always check the range on your device before buying it because having the best features mean nothing if you can not communicate with others effectively.

Finding the right range can be quite tricky if you are a newcomer. We suggest that you should consult with an experienced rider before choosing one.

Sound and mic quality

This feature is usually dependent on how much money you are willing to spend on your motorcycle communication system. The more money you spend, the higher quality sound and mic you will get.

The sound quality determines what you will hear through your earpiece. A good-sounding communication system not only provides clear communication but also provides a good music listening experience.

On the other hand, a right mic will determine how others will hear your voice through their systems.


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Final Words

So, we have reached the end of this guide on the best motorcycle communication systems. And as you have come thus far, we hope you got what you need.

Therefore, buckle up, and get the suitable one according to your preferences. Also, don’t forget to check out the buying guide before deciding on the ultimate one!