Updated on March 8th, 2022

Bilt Techno Bluetooth modular helmet is a magnificent product for those riders who wants a wide range of features and being an affordable one as well. Bilt is well known for making budget-friendly and features reached helmets. A few days ago, Bilt successfully released their very first Bluetooth helmet, which they named Techno Bluetooth Modular Helmet.

This helmet is a highly advanced and modernized product that is particularly produced for bikers who wants to ride on the road being protected and expect to be able to listen to their favorite music and talk to others without putting their hands off to the bike.

So, if you really want to know about this helmet more, then read this article until the end. We will break down the whole helmet in order to represent the entire structure.

Features of Bilt Techno Bluetooth Modular Helmet

There are so many features and abilities available in this helmet that you will consider buying this for sure. Completely safe and stylish design, Bluetooth intercom system, vents, lining, and many other things make this modular helmet the best. Now, let’s take a look at the features in brief.


To talk about the look and style, it looks very decent and smooth that you won’t be able to move your eyes from this helmet. However, the quality of this helmet is pretty durable and sturdy. Because it is built on a polycarbonate shell which is pretty tough and durable. So, there is less chance that it won’t break easily.

bilt techno2.0 modular Helmet

Having a very simple and aesthetic look, it’s the perfect helmet for bike enthusiasts. On the other hand, the placement of vent and exhaust inserts is quite great. Because of the well-planned design of this helmet, the perfectly placed face shield, mechanism, and eye-port seal are able to act together efficiently.

However, Bilt Techno Bluetooth modular helmet also comes with a functional locking face shield and a spring-loaded internal sun visor. In addition to these, the wind protector and chin curtain pieces are easily removable, so you can remove them when needed.

So, if you are looking for a sturdy, durable, and feature reached Bluetooth helmet, then you can definitely pick this one.

2.0 Bluetooth Intercom System 

Undoubtedly, one of the best features of this helmet is the 2.0 Bluetooth communication system. It is the best advantage which is provided by the Sena Bluetooth intercom system. The offered Sena DWO-5 (v3.0) Bluetooth audio system is composed perfectly in order to adhere to various communication requirements. Because of this wonderful system, you won’t have to put your hands off out of the bike.

However, the Bluetooth communication system has an optimal range of 400 meters. So, the overall performance will not be that much great if you are riding your bike in a rocky area, but that scenario is inevitable, including most of the Bluetooth system.

bilt techno 2.0 sena bluetooth modular helmet

Hence, the audio output is crystal clear because of the speaker that stands out in the market. Also, the intercom noise-canceling level is easily be regulated. So, you can adjust the level of noise depending on your needs. On top of that, in the Bluetooth communication system, they included the standard Sena intercom feature, which is the Universal Intercom System. So, there is no doubt that the Bilt Techno Bluetooth modular helmet is one of the best Bluetooth helmets out there.

Decent Ventilation System

If you sweat a lot like me, then the ventilation system might be your top priority while buying a helmet. Then fear not, because, in the Bilt Techno Bluetooth Modular Helmet, you will get an amazing ventilation system that you won’t find on the others. It comes with a metal mesh vent which looks in a word extremely wonderful.

A proper ventilation system is a sign of a good helmet. Since, because of this, riders can comfortably ride for over a long period of time. In this case, Bilt has come up with a helmet that has a front four-slot vent, two side intakes on the back, and upper tilt vents. In addition to these, there is an exhaust vent which also has a dual-slot system. That is placed in the center rear.

The helmet will ensure that you can feel fresh airflow so that you do not get filthy wind when you put on this helmet. You will get more than enough room in this helmet so that you can wear glasses without any issue. These are all-rounder surface-mounted airflow ventilation systems that are certainly able to assist you well for many years.


The interior of this Bilt Techno Bluetooth Modular helmet is just insane. Its properly well designed, and it includes all the necessary features and components for riders’ comfortability. In addition to these, the liner is another masterpiece. It’s soft and comfortable and removable as well. So, you can remove and wash it any time you want whenever it gets dirty.

Bilt is so much concerned about their users’. And in this helmet, we can relate it because they included chin deflectors for added comfort. So, if you want a comfortable helmet, then you can choose this one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is Bilt Techno Bluetooth Modular helmet available in extra-large size?

Yes, there are so many varieties of sizes available for this helmet, from extra small to double extra size. So, you can choose depending on your needs.

Can the Bluetooth system work with Symbian phones?

Yes, any mobile that has the Bluetooth feature can be paired with this helmet.

Can I play music to the Bluetooth system of the helmet?

Yes, you can play music to the Bluetooth system of the helmet. And the speakers are very good as well.


Bluetooth helmets are way smarter than standard ones. Because you can get yourself so many interesting and useful features by owning a Bluetooth helmet. Also, most of these are affordable and more comfortable. So, if you have a very tight budget, then you can still afford one of these. But obviously, not all of these helmets are good that are available in the market. But, Bilt Techno Bluetooth modular helmet is in another league. It’s affordable, comfortable, and feature reached. So, if you are looking for the best Bluetooth modular helmet, then you can definitely pick this one.