Updated on March 19th, 2022

Whether you are going out for a long ride or just cycling around town, it is crucial to wear a bike helmet for safety. Kids, especially have to put on a bike helmet. The helmet needs to have the required sizing and proper fastening.

Cycling helmets bear the design of protecting riders from injuries of the head, but with brands being in competition to come up with the best road bike helmet, other factors that come into play are breath-ability, aerodynamics, and comfort. They are the main competition opportunities.

The primary function of the cycling helmet is protecting the head and all helmets sold by retailers with repute will meet standards set by the regulating authority in the producing country.

However, if you have the choice of spending more, you will come up with a lid that is breathable and lighter. The system of retention usually becomes more comfortable on an expensive helmet.

In the current economy, the majority of deaths and serious injuries happen to the head, highlighting the importance of putting on a bicycle helmet. The use of the helmet reduces the odds of head injuries by fifty percent and the odds of face neck or head by thirty-three percent.

The best road bike helmet does not have to be expensive. You can find a great model for twenty dollars. However, if you have thoughts that your old helmet will stay forever, then you are wrong. The protective foam liner will deteriorate in a few years, meaning it will not provide you sufficient protection in the event of an impact.

The Helmet Head Is Noble

At consumer reports, you will get an evaluation of the best road bike helmets for ease of use, fit adjustments, ventilation, and other features. Then there is a test for how each helmet will perform in the case of an accident.

In the test, straps were put on head foams and a dropping apparatus dropped them at fourteen miles per hour to find out how they will withstand impact. The electronic sensor in the metal of the dummy monitors the force being transmitted to the skull of the rider during an accident.

The test also runs for the strength of the attachment points, helmet chinstraps, and buckles. The drop was done with a particular weight so as to simulate the occurring force from a crash.

You need to replace the helmet every five years or immediately it starts showing signs of damage. If the helmet gets involved in an accident, just replace it even when it does not show signs of damage. The expanded form dissipating from the impact may still be intact, but the manufacture the helmet is done for a one-off use.

Bike Helmet Technology

The best road bike helmet has been designed and tested for its ability to protect against head injuries like the fracture of the skull. The multi-directional impact protection system is the newest offering when it comes to helmet technology. This low-friction, thin liner in the helmet allows the external shell to slide several millimeters on the skull during an impact, reducing the rational force and energy amount transferred to the head. The rotational force is a factor to put in a concussion.

In the test of similar pairs on one brand and model of helmets, one with MIPS and the one without, the MIPS helmet reduced the force of rotation by up to forty-three percent. The cost of MIPS helmets is twenty dollars more than the normal cost of similar brands.

It is hard to prove that any road bike helmet can protect against concussion as concussions are diagnosed according to the symptoms and results of the neurological exam. There is no one objective test like an MRI or CT scan that can determine if an individual had a concussion. That is part of why it is not possible to say that MIPS helmets reduce the chances of getting a concussion. However, tests state that there are added benefits of the best road bike helmet with MIPS, defining the reason for the additional cost.

Shopping for The Best Road Bike Helmet

A good fit is primary. If the helmet is not staying in place after a crash, chances are that it will not protect the head in the event of an impact. The straps have to snag and the helmet correctly positioned. After proper adjustment, minor adjustments will be necessary when you put it on the next time.

The sizing and styling of each manufacturer are different, therefore, the best way of finding the best road bike helmet that is rightly fitting you is going to the store and trying diverse sizes, models, and brands. Head shapes and sizes vary. If you cannot adjust the helmet to stay on the head, just choose another model. For children, do not purchase a very big helmet with the thought that he will grow in it.

After finding the one that will fit the head best, just adjust it to fit in the right manner. While at the store, you need to use these steps to make sure that it is fitting well.

The best road bike helmet has to fit snugly with the head partially compressing soft foam pads before straps get tight. Choose the size that fits closely minus being very uncomfortably tight. You will then use sizing pads to fine-tune it. Check in the mirror to ensure the straps are making a V forward of the earlobes.

Aerodynamics is a very big concern when it comes to competitive cyclists. Helmets that are more expensive will be tested in the wind tunnel and will provide a figure that saves watts to see the amount of the energy can be saved due to improved helmet aerodynamics.

During the months of summer, breathability is a major concern but it is less of a concern in winter and autumn. Since you may have to use it through the month, it makes a lot of sense to put this venting a consideration. You can always slip the cycling cup beneath if you suffer from chilly noggin.

Bell Stratus MIPS Cycling Helmet

Built with a similar core design principle like the pro-level Z20, the stratus combines both lightweight aero and the cutting edge technologies of comfort. The shape has been refined for the performance of the road, ventilated for lengthy climbs but remains fast for flats. The integrated float fit systems offer security and performance with the streamlined fit and oversized dial which is easy to adjust with just one hand.

The overbrow ventilation system in the best road bike helmet pulls cold air through the front and then pushes it via the air matrix, thus reducing overheating. And due to adjustable tri-glides that are not twisting, the straps remain flat and positioned properly regardless of the intensity of the hammering. This model also includes the Multi-directional Impact Protection system for additional protection in particular impact types.


  • Comes with the lightweight internal polycarbonate roll cage
  • Fusion internal mold polycarbonate shell
  • Comes with lightweight straps
  • Equipped with multidirectional impact protection systems for added security
  • Comes with overbrow ventilation for fresh air supply


  • Lightweight in nature for the head
  • Overbrow ventilation ensures a steady supply of air
  • The straps are lightweight for easy wearing
  • Very secure due to the MIPS technology


  • There are no known cons for this item


Overall, this is a quality product that should meet the needs of bikers, everyday cyclists, and long-distance road cyclists alike. It is definitely worth a second look when considering your next helmet.

Bell Stratus MIPS Cycling Helmet

Check Prices on Amazon
Check Prices on Amazon

Kask Mojito Road Bike Helmet

Kask Mojito Road bike Helmet

As a rider, one should always look for comfort in both design and style from the many available helmets in the market. This is what the Kask Mojito Helmet provides and much more. This product is extremely beneficial in terms of usability despite the seemingly simplistic and classic construction.


This product provides a lot of advantages for the user aside from extreme comfort and protection. These are as follows:

  • It is well ventilated. For an older helmet design, it gives modern helmet ventilation systems a run for their money. Currently, it has a little more than 26 ventilation holes available for stronger airflow.
  • It offers professional leather-style protection for the head which tends to leave a physical imprint on to the top of the scalp. This means that the headgear fits snugly and will not easily fall during travels.
  • This particular helmet design does not hamper peripheral vision over time. It will free the rider from unwanted nuisance during the bike ride without question.
  • Riders will be able to fit a helmet effectively because of the dial at the back of the headgear itself. At a turn of this dial, the riders will be able to adjust helmet tightness accordingly.


  • This particular product is comfortable to use and extremely lightweight. It is lined with sufficient padding to help protect the head from trauma due to possible accidents.
  • For heavy duty helmet construction and materials, this product is extremely easy to use and transport. Users will not have a hard time understanding how the inner mechanism for the dials work to gain more comfort down the line.
  • This helmet also has easy to adjust chin straps that provide additional comfort for riders all over the country.
  • The outer shell is definitely made to withstand extreme external force especially during prolonged use.


The padding while particularly comfortable and protective have limitations when it comes to sweat absorption. During hot days, users would have to squeeze the sweat out of the helmet regularly to free up some space for additional water retention.