Updated on April 14th, 2022

The Giro Montaro MIPS helmet is a new, focused helmet that provides maximum coverage and protection to both aggressive and adventurous trail riders. This mountain bike helmet is sturdy, secure and attractive looking. As a top quality brand, Montaro is equipped with MIPS together with a narrow plastic liner which settles between the head of a rider and the helmet’s inner portion. In case of an accident, the liner is meant to enhance the sliding of a helmet alongside it, a friction that reduces slide along the helmet, a movement that’s claimed to reduce the impact on the brain.

Features and Specification

  • A top-quality brand with a high protection and a ton of trail-friendly features.
  • Offered in individual sizes from XS through to XL.
  • It has extended rear coverage and is crammed full of all the latest Giro technology.
  • The helmet weighs 424 grams.
  • This helmet looks nice and has excellent attention to detail.
  • The Montaro uses the new Giro Roc-Loc Air holding cradle.
  • The top has index movements and can change greater to house a set of goggles under it.
  • The helmet’s rear has a network for the goggle band to settle, and the 3 outlets inside have a grip-rubber surrounding to retain the goggle band in position.
  • The system contains a variety of modifications and snugs that are suitable for the head ensuring your taste and preference fits greatly without exerting pressure.


  • Montaro’s relatively sleek profile, comfortable and has an airy feel.
  • The helmet is super comfortable.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • It provides extra coverage for protection.
  • It works excellently with goggles and glasses.
  • It’s adjustable to any head size and locks at that size.
  • Has more than adequate ventilation to keep you fresh in the saddle.
  • The minute knob at the rear can be easily operated even while wearing gloves.


  • The screws that hold the visor in place are cheap feeling plastic that come undone very easily


Giro Montaro MIPS helmet is a sleek, comfortable and highly refined helmet that can provide a superb execution to both aggressive and adventurous trail riders. You will find a ton like nicely integrated MIPS that dispels the force of some bangs, great airing, and a well-designed gripper for googles, an easy-to-use retention system and a lot more. It’s certainly a reassuring thing to have between the ground and your head.

Giro Montaro MIPS Helmet

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