Updated on April 18th, 2019

 A bike helmet is an essential tool for cycle riders. Toddlers are also riding bicycles. Cycling is an enjoyable hobby. It gives us entertainment and refreshes our mind. It is an exercise also and keeps our body fit. At the time of cycling, it is very essential to wear toddler bike helmet. It will help to reduce harm if an accident occurs.

Though cycling is good, it sometimes causes damage to toddlers. They are injured. But a bike helmet can protect them from the head injury. So, a bike helmet is a more significant tool in the time of riding a bicycle for toddlers.

What is a Bike Helmet?

A bike helmet is intended to reduce impacts to the head of a toddler.It always minimizes the side effects when they fall into an accident. It often interfaces with side vision.

Scientific research is going through the degree of protection offered by bicycle helmets within the event of an accident. Therefore the effects of helmet sporting are on bicycler and motorized vehicle driver behavior.

There is a debate going through for wearing helmets. Is it only for children or also for adult bicycle rider? Sometimes this debate gets occasionally bitter and intense. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the baby bike trailers available for kids.

How can you be sure that you buy the right helmet for your toddler?

There are some fundamental ways by which you can ensure that you are buying the correct helmet for your kid. The features are shown below. These features help you to choose the best helmet.

These are follows
  • Testification: All helmets ought to accompany a standard security label. Toddler will be safe if he put a helmet.
  • Get the Proper Size: Dedicated sizes area unit generally more accessible to sit It is more universal one size fits than all models.
  • A Pinch-free chin buckle:Your toddler catches their neck skin within the fastener when they lock it in the correct place. At that time, you’ll be able to guarantee it will never get wrapped. Then they could not be carrying one the least bit.
  • A strap and harness system merely adjusts with one hand and fits their head well. It can wrap around the forehead and past the ears.
  • Some vents, particularly for the demon-ridden racer.
  • Smooth, slippery, outer shell which will slide around any and everyone’s obstacles. The Aero tails will look cool. However, on a tumble, the rear paddle will force the principle in an exceedingly nasty fashion.
  • A ponytail port if the hair dictates a desire.
  • A color and decoration that appeals to your toddler.
  • Choose bright or shiny colors as they are more conspicuous. The drivers and other riders could see them without any difficulty.
  • Be sure that the helmet, your child using fits perfectly and can be modified.
  • Ensure that your child’s headgear contains a Snell or CPSC sticker.It can be solely a sign that your child’s helmet following the quality established by the Snell memorial foundation. Therefore the consumer product gets the safety Each non-profit organization will check the security of the top gear.

An identical time appeals to your young bicycler after the challenge is to induce them to wear it. It will ensure that your buying helmet is perfect and matches with these objectives. Take the time to play the strap to form a secure work around the ears while not the straps twisting.So, it confines the belt to carry the helmet in a certain situation.

How to We Wear Bike Helmet Correctly?

We should not only buy a helmet for cycling but also make it perfect and wear correctly to avoid serious accident injury. We cannot eliminate this disaster, but we can reduce its damage by using a helmet. Therefore, we should wear it correctly. There is a picture given below about the right way to wear a helmet. It is too important for the kids.

Does the Helmet Fit to Your Kid?

For kids or adults, a helmet should fit correctly in his head. If it does not fit, it may harm your comfort in cycling. Then, it could not reduce your injury. That’s why it is more important to check the helmet is fit or not.

  • The helmet must sit exactly on your top, before the helmet stay low on your brow. It will be protective for the forehead.
  • The side traps ought to be mounted firmly just under and often forward of ears. There ought to be no slack within the system once the strap is attached. If a helmet is worn to crush, it slides back or falls off during a crash.
  • You need to check the position of your helmet and try to fix it by looking a mirror. It will gently revolve the helmet over your head, often front to the back and onward to backward. Finally, it will be noticing the sky on your brow space. The skin moves with the helmet, you’ve gotten a correct match. Therefore it looks perfect and the match is snug.
  • If it is not, your helmet is just too loose.

Some Important Tips About Balance Bikes, Helmets,and Safety for Toddlers

A parent always gets fear seeing his or her child in pain. That’s why he or she should teach her toddler to ride bicycle carefully. To avoid these crashes your toddler learning experience should be started from a balance bike. It insists to take a helmet and wearing proper clothing to prevent injury.

Your child has to focus on only the acceleration and balance of the bike. The right helmet and clothing are also necessary at the first time of learning to ride a bike. It is very much essential to find the correct size helmet for your toddler.

Wearing a helmet is a good habit for your toddler to start doing at a young age. Clothing is also important. Make sure that your child wears close-toed shoes while riding.

The Necessity of Toddler Bike Helmet

Riding a cycle is always dangerous for the toddlers. The main reason is that they are too little to ride bicycles. The accident is a common issue all over the world. A lot of times they are facing disasters in time of riding cycles.

One thing is common in bicycle accidents. That is the head injury. A simple accident may lead your child to a permanent disability, brain damage or worse death. Now we show you a short list about the necessity of the bike helmet.

  • Bicycle helmets will scale back the danger of head injury by the maximum amount like 85{2f4b43b0d6efdd53c03a9a874674d6bf65a24bfae4027e9233fc27065b407ae4}.
  • Bicycle helmets will scale back the threat of brain injury by the maximum amount like 88{2f4b43b0d6efdd53c03a9a874674d6bf65a24bfae4027e9233fc27065b407ae4}.
  • It is calculable that seventy-five percent of bicycle-related death among kids may be prevented with a bicycle helmet.
  • The universal usage of helmets by youngsters ages four to fifteen may stop the maximum amount as one hundred fifty-five deaths. There are about forty-five thousand head injuries occur per year in the U.S.A.
  • It can reduce your risk of being found partly at-fault in an exceedingly claim for damages.

Some Suggested Bicycle Helmets for Your Toddler

We are already describing you about how to fit and how to wear helmets correctly. We also explain how to buy the best helmet for your lovely toddler. Now take a short look in this part.

In this part, we are going to suggest you some best brand of the bike helmets. These are suitable and comfortable for your toddler.

Giro Scamp, Bell Sidetrack Child, Melon, Lazer P’Nut(MIPS), Nutcase Little Nutty, Lazer BOB, Kali Chakra Child, Specialized Mio and many more. These are some of the perfect and comfortable helmets for your toddler. You can choose any of them and give it your child. It will save them from serious cycle head injuries.

Final thoughts

The riding of a bicycle is dangerous for a toddler. But it is as like as a habit and entertained process. Sometimes it may cause serious injury to your child. But a simple bike helmet can prevent this injury. Though a bike helmet cannot protect them from harm entirely, it can reduce the amount of damage.