Updated on April 1st, 2022

You might not have any desire to spend a ton of money on helmets if you don’t ride regularly. But you can’t compromise the safety and comfort just because you don’t have the budget. However, if you are looking for the best modular snowmobile helmet that can fit within your budget, then the newly released LS2 modular helmet can be a good choice for you.

By using this helmet, you can enjoy almost all of the standard helmet features without putting extra pressure on your wallet. Hence, you usually prepare yourself for an annoying fit when you want to pay less for a helmet. Well, in that case, you may get disappointed as you will get an excellent and comfortable fit with this helmet.

All of the discomforts and troubles will disappear if you choose the LS2 modular helmet because there are many outstanding key features and abilities that make this helmet a perfect one for daily riders. However, in this LS2 Modular helmet review, we will describe some significant features. So, walk through the whole article to learn more about this helmet.

Features of LS2 Modular Helmet

Modular helmets are meant to be feature reached. So, it’s obvious that you can expect many beneficial key features in this LS2 modular helmet. Now, let’s check that out whether this helmet will blend in with your expectations or not.


After looking at the SHARP test result, we expect that LS2 will be able to give you proper safety in case of an accident. The SHARP result was pretty nice. The average score was 3 stars out of 5, which is considered to be an appreciable score.

The main reason behind its protection is the Polycarbonate build that makes this helmet a tougher one. Polycarbonate-built helmets are really safe and do the job properly. Also, these helmets are very lightweight and affordable. So, if your budget is tight and wants a lightweight and safer helmet, then undoubtedly go for this snowmobile modular helmet.

On top of that, it also got a wide Pinlock Max Vision visor which will keep your vision crystal clear at the time of rain or in cold areas. Also, it has a drop-down sun visor which is really a great good feature that prevents you from getting caught out and astonished by the sun. So, the safety of this helmet is genuinely great.


Usually, modular helmets are a little bit noisier compared to the other helmets, like full-faced one. Also, it’s not a big deal if you find a modular helmet noisier. But don’t worry, the LS2 modular helmet is not going to disappoint you. According to the user’s review, it seems like we have to declare it as the quietest modular helmet ever.

Modular helmets are noisier mostly because of the mechanism for that articulating chin bar. That articulating chin bar either produces space for commotions to get in or maybe because there is shorter space available for noise-canceling padding. That’s why modular helmets are noisier. But if you look after the enriched features and abilities, then it’s worth the deal.

Although LS2 produces less noise than others, you can wear some decent earplugs to ease the noise. When we looked after some reviews of its owner, and it was a mixed opinion as always. Because noise is a very idiosyncratic thing, some owners said that it was a little bit noisier, and some said it was pretty quiet.


I have to say, the ventilation process of this helmet is awesome. There is a beneficial chin vent that can be operated with a two-way open or close slider. That vent provides muck ventilation at the back of the visor. Needless to say, it also has a crown vent with again a two-way slider that controls it.

LS2 Modular Metro Helmet

The Crown vent is specially designed to catch air through the helmet shell. And that will keep the top of your head very cool by pushing the air which was taken through the shell into the channels inside the helmet. You will also find four different exhaust vents at the back. Those exhaust vents will help to pull the warm and musty air out of the helmet and creating a room for letting more pure air in.


The visor of this LS2 modular helmet is quite impressive. It’s a grade-A optically accurate visor. That means it will be absolutely distortion-free. There is a wide visor that will give you some extra peripheral vision which is considered to be stable. And in European countries, it will come in a Pinlock-ready system that also includes a Pinlock Max Vision anti-fog inside the box.

But keep in mind that, in the USA DOT zone, it won’t come with a pin lock but with LS2’s Fog Fighter anti-fog build. So, the LS2 modular helmet will be a perfect choice if you want a good visor.

Looks and Design

The most important part that we loved about this helmet is that it comes with an intermediate oval head shape design. That means this helmet won’t be overly broad and not overly narrow-shaped. In addition, it is slightly closer to that standard long oval-shaped design. So, ultimately LS2 will fit most of the riders.

If you are an oval head-shaped person, then you will notice that when you wear other normal helmets. It’s putting pressure on the back and the front side of your head, which will annoy you. But this helmet won’t do that. So, it’s a plus point of this LS2 modular helmet.


The LS2 modular helmet is a food value for money product at a very reasonable price. Also, you will get all the necessary key features that should work well universally, from a daily commuting helmet to a touring holiday one. And we tried to describe all the necessary features that make this helmet worthy. So, we hope that this LS2 Modular Helmet review has helped you to choose the perfect helmet for your riding accompany.