Updated on April 1st, 2022

SKI Doo Modular 3 is a snowmobile helmet that started a revolution and has been advancing to improve with features and style. It has an exceptional vision with an optically accurate dual lens visor and a built-in mode that extracts humidity and prevents fogging.

Modular 3 is the latest and popular Modular snowmobile helmet from SKI Doo. It is the most modern and aesthetic-looking modular snowmobile helmet which was first released in October 2014. SKI Doo Modular 3 helmet comes with all the necessary key features that riders want to get. For instance, you will get an adjustable sun shield and flip-up clamp piece, as well as some great updates.

However, in this SKI Doo modular 3 helmet review, we will be discussing some of the great features and abilities. So, let’s walk through this whole article to learn more about this helmet.

Features of Ski-Doo Modular 3 Helmet

Having all the necessary features is the main aspect to consider for a snowmobile helmet. In this case, Modular 3 Helmet won’t be going to disappoint you. There are so many fascinating key features that will catch your eyes for sure. Hence, now let’s take a look at the features and abilities of this snowmobile helmet.


The Ski-Doo Modular 3 helmet is made full of 100% Polycarbonate composite shell that also comes in two outer shell sizes, those two are XS – L and XL – XXL. Since Polycarbonate is the main material, this helmet will be strong and very lightweight. So, if you are a heavy rider who loves to ride full day long, then you won’t have any headaches or pain because of the weight.

Another plus point of this helmet that I liked most is that it comes with a standard oval fit and contains in scaling in at about 1550 grams or 3lbs 7oz. This is truly a pretty good weighting for a modular helmet. Also, the Modular 3 helmet from SKI Doo is coming in 50 grams less than its predecessors Modular 2 helmet. Not only the weight but also some other features SKI Doo has managed to pack inside. Let’s check it out.


The aesthetic look and retro design of this helmet will certainly drag you to buy it. SKI Doo modular 3 helmet design stands out in the market from the rest of the modular helmets in multiple ways. To be simple, the unique position of its vast number of exhausts, will bring you maximum comfort and help to prevent the helmet from being fogged up while you are driving in cold weather.

SKI Doo Modular 3 helmet

On the front of the helmet, there are two dual-layered EPS liners positioned with cooling air channels. Even though it’s a snowmobile helmet, you can use it in the hot weather.

All you have to do is to adjust those cooling air channels depending on your needs. However, if you like aesthetic looks, then hold your horses. SKI Doo modular 3 helmet comes in a signature black gradient color which is attractive for men riders.

Hence, another there best thing about this helmet is that you can remove and reattach all the parts. To clarify, all the parts and attachments are removable. In addition, it’s not a tough task to remove and replace. Also, you can add some other parts and attachments for your own comfort and benefit.

For the glasses wearers, there is good news for them. Modular 3 helmet comes in a lining on the temples at each side so that you can wear the glasses more pleasantly.


The interior of the SKI Doo modular 3 helmets is designed to fully adapt to the biker’s head. All the paddings available inside of the helmet are shaped in 3D. Because of the #D shape, you will feel great comfort in all types of rides. However, despite having these amazing comforts, SKI Doo has still maintained to keep a high level of security.

In addition, another climax of this helmet is that all the parts in the interior, are multi-layered, removable, and can be washed. In the meantime, you can also select various sizes of cheek pads that are replaceable. Those will depend on your likings. The best thing about SKI-DOO that I like most is that it makes sure to satisfy all the customers by providing their desires when it comes to the features of SKI Doo helmets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a modular helmet and are they safe?

Modular helmets are the ones that are designed in a hybrid of open-faced and full-face helmets. Hence, these helmets can also be hinged up at the jaw to show the full face. And people often use these helmets because of the customization options and immense features. However, according to professional bikers, modular helmets are pretty safe on the road.

What can I wear under the helmet? 

Personally, I would recommend you to wear a balaclava. But, frankly speaking, anything you wear underneath the helmet won’t help so much. The helmet itself is providing you sufficient insulation.


SKI Doo modular 3 helmet is a top-notch player currently available in the market. It looks great, comes with many amazing features, and is quite affordable to buy. Many buyers can find the price high, but the premium quality, sleek layout, and excellent performance will be worth every one of the pennies. However, we hope that this SKI Doo Modular 3 helmet review has helped you to acknowledge this helmet.