Updated on April 1st, 2022

When a bike is the companion of your everyday life, then a helmet should be your best mate. To ensure the protection of your head during driving, Nolan N100-5 arrived with the combination of the latest unique features.

This helmet will overwhelm you with its striking look that gives the vibe of elegance in biking. The design, color, light weightiness, and Ultra-wide shield of this helmet are specially formulated for your comfort.

Additionally, it has US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 DOT FMVSS No. 218. It ensures the long durability and strength of this particular helmet.

When biking is a necessity and your passion, this helmet includes all the prodigious property Within it. Only for encouraging your biking experience, this modular helmet complies with an elliptical movement chin guard.

Its Sun-visor glass can protect your eyes from UV rays and save you from any distraction while riding a motorcycle.

To make the maintenance of this helmet, easy One-piece cheek pads are added. Moreover, an AirBooster ventilation system is in this helmet to provide you Airflow inside the helmet.

Let’s dive deeper to get some more special advantages of this helmet.

Key Features of Nolan N100-5

Elliptical movement chin guard

The flip-up helmet gets its regeneration through the arrival of the modular helmet. This Nolan N100-5 helmet has an elliptical movement chin guard specially formulated by Italian elegance and design.

This particular feature is included to ensure a slim and refined profile to this modular helmet. The function of this chin guard is to protect your chin from any bugs or dirt.

It keeps your visor area free from getting addled to dirt. The helmet has included this guard’s Elliptical movement to reduce your problems of feeling hotter or finding the guard harder.

The unique chin guard of this helmet assures the fogging-free visor to provide you a happy biking experience.

VPS drop-down interior sunscreen

Protection from the harmful rays and the sun’s reflecting colors are the most vital issues during biking.

Unlike the ordinary helmet, Nolan N100-5 encircles a VPS drop-down interior sunscreen and Pin-lock fog-resistant lens for securing the eye guard of its users.

This sunscreen is constructed of scratch-resistant Lexan. It is exceptionally added in this helmet for providing the entire protection from UV rays and light reflections.

The helmet includes this interior sunscreen in such a way that you can remove maintain it in any kind of emergency situation.

There is an easy access side lever that retracts VPS sunscreen in adverse conditions. Moreover, this helmet’s Ultra-wide shield has widened your peripheral vision, which is essential while biking in the street.

AirBooster ventilation system

Most of the time, you will get suffocated to wear a helmet as there were no ventilation systems. But you will be amused to learn that Nolan N100-5 helmet has reduced your worries of facing all breathing problems inside the helmet.

Here in this helmet, you will get an Airbooster ventilation system that serves you air circulation inside the helmet.


A biker knows The necessity of Airflow inside the helmet. It can reduce anxiety and makes you relaxed to present you with a fantastic journey.

There is also a Clima-Comfort inner liner that is unparallel consists of dual-density, micro-perforated fabric. This amazing feature is concise in this helmet to provide you complete cooling and comfort inside the helmet.

Easy Maintenance

When you are a regular biker, a helmet is an utmost necessity. So you have to wash it and keep it clean and clear.

So the Nolan N100-5 is here for you that is very easy to maintain. There are One-piece cheek pads that you can simply remove or replace smoothly.

You will not get any problem with ware the helmet with the chin guard open and closed. Furthermore, the helmet has a Dual-action chin bar opening system.

Though sometimes the chin bar creates a disturbance in biking on the busy road, this helmet includes a secured system here also for you. The maintenance of this chin bar is so simple that you can operate it by wearing gloves also.

DOT Approval

This particular Nolan N100-5 helmet is a complete production of Italy. It is solely designed, engineered, and entirely manufactured in Italy.

The DOT standard test is the most vital and crucial test for all types of helmets. The test is conducted to check the strength and durability of a helmet.

Most importantly, The Nolan N100-5 helmet has met up with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 DOT FMVSS No. 218.

This DOT standard denotes that the helmet is tested properly in different sort of adversities. The DOT certification ensures that your helmet is safe and secured for providing the ultimate protection of your head, eyes, and face while riding a motorbike.


If you are a passionate biker and looking for a perfect helmet, Nolan N100-5 is a great choice for you. It completes all the necessary features that a biker dream of in his favorite helmet.

When you are a new biker and think of a helmet that will be easy to carry and maintain, this helmet is here to eliminate all your worries.

It is a super lightweight helmet with 6 Pounds that help you carry the helmet easily while riding a motorcycle on the street. So if you are a bike passionate pick this modular helmet with out any hesitation.

In order to experience the real fun of bike riding, select a compatible helmet as your trustworthy mate. This helmet will reduce the anxiety of breathing and disturbance of light reflection.

Whether you are an expert, a regular biker, or a beginner, this helmet is always suitable for all kinds of bikers.

As a biker, you must give priority to the safety of your head all the time. Here this helmet has lots of vital features, including DOT approval, to give you supreme protection with maximum comfort.

This helmet has no substitute for exploring a new era of biking by conducting full security with the aristocracy.