Updated on April 1st, 2022

A trustworthy and friendly helmet is a must to ensure safety and security while biking. Sena MOI-PRO-GW-XL-01 arrives with a new avatar that maintains cent percent safety when riding a sports bike.

The fitting of a helmet matters the most when participating in a race with your sports bike, ensuring regular fitting for your head.


This helmet has Momentum INC Pro Bluetooth Camera that makes you record the visual image and video with one click. The camera can record 2 hours on stop video. You can record your performance and speed with the help of this camera.

Again To provide airflow is an essential part while riding a motorcycle.

So this helmet has top and chin vents. The rear exhaust port’s durable D-ring closure ensures the breath guard and chin curtain during sports driving.

It also has a composite fiberglass shell. The multi-density EPS liner pin lock face shield protects your eyes and face from rays and dust so that your race goes smoothly.

The helmet’s most exciting features are removing it quickly, washing it, and reusing it within a while as it has a quick-dry liner. You don’t need to waste extra time and effort behind washing and to dry the helmet for a long time.

Sena MOI-PRO Smart Helmet

Safety & comfortableness

Only for the convenience of a sports biker, the helmet is super lightweight to carry out. Its weight is only 6.9 pounds which helps you to run faster and make you one step forward to the winning point.

This helmet has been originated in the United States with 30.48 cms (L) x 33.274 cms (W) x 39.116 cms (H) package dimension.

So to enjoy sports biking or participating in a race, the helmet will be the best mate for you. It will protect your head and accelerate the riding with it all sorts of unique features.


When you are a bike racer, the Sena MOI-PRO-GW-XL-01 is the most efficient tool for your riding. It is ready to provide your safety and comfort.

The helmet is also suitable for those who are starting their career as motorbike sportsmen. It will make safe your eyes and face make your journey obstacle-free.

Moreover, you can wash it and prepare it for reuse so quickly that you don’t need to wait for a long to do it. So to enjoy the ultimate freedom of biking, choose the best helmet as your buddy and go for a thrilling ride.