Updated on April 1st, 2022

For a genuine bike racer, a specialized helmet is a must. When you are racing with your bike, you have to take care of complete protection of yourself.

The Formula Vector Helmet is arrived here in a new avatar to ensure your protection when you are racing in the dirt. This Motocross helmet combines aesthetics beauty with ultimate protection as the best mate of a bike racer.

The structural design of the helmet gives a striking look with all the beneficial features. The dot approval denotes that the helmet is ready to protect you in probable danger.

You will be amused to know that it can progressively respond to low speed and high speed. Moreover, the helmet is consists of Expanded polystyreneThis extremely lightweight helmet always makes you one step forward to the race.

When you are going to participate in racing, you have to prepare for the probable adversities. This unique helmet is crafted specially to provide the utmost care to your head.

There is also a Clavicle shell relief zone to rescue you from clavicle injuries. For protecting your nose, the Custom molded rubber trim is included in this helmet. Let’s learn some more about the excellent features of this helmet.


Ventilation system

 When you a racing participant, you should keep in mind the matter of ventilation very carefully. Otherwise, you may get suffocated inside the helmet and lose your aim.

This Formula Vector Helmet is formulated in such a way that it can provide you proper vent inside the helmet. As the helmet is consists of EPS, the air is pathed to pass through the various air intake vents.

Motocross Formula Vector Helmet

The air is passed through the last vent channels in the EPS and exited through the separate rear exhaust vents.

This fantastic feature is added to this special helmet to serve you complete cooling and comfort inside the helmet. It will help reduce the brain’s anxiety and stress, and you can concentrate on your race properly.


Lightweight shell

You want to wear a stylish helmet but don’t like to bother a heavyweight racing helmet. So the Formula Vector Helmet is the best choice as your perfect mate of the race.

Most surprisingly, The Weighs of this superb stylish helmet is only 1290 grams. The carbon fiber shell of the helmet makes it extremely lightweight to carry on. It helps to resist superior penetration.

Additionally, it also contains lightweight custom visor screws and titanium alloy D-rings. Here the Custom molded rubber trim works as the nose guard of the user.

The Energy Cells of this helmet ensure the absorption of low-speed linear and rotational moving impacts. It protects your brain by reducing forces transmission.


EPS and EPP formula

EPS Technology denotes the inner liner of the helmet. It is considered as the main for a helmet that controls impact absorption in a helmet. This crush-able foam gives a smooth liner to the Formula Vector Helmet.

It also absorbs the force of the impact more deftly. Again this helmet complies EPP chin bar that refers to Expanded polypropylene creates. It is an additional element of impact mitigation.

The helmet has an expanded EPS volume. It is used to creates more gaps between your head and the ground to assure your head’s cent percent safety.

Furthermore, the helmet contains the clavicle shell relief zone. It emerges a soft area covers with EPS and EPP to reduce your clavicle injuries.


DOT Approval

The DOT security of all kinds of helmets refers to the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 DOT FMVSS No. 218. s. The DOT standard test checks the strength, durability, and protect-ability of a helmet.

The test is taken as the most crucial test for all sorts of fly racing helmets. Like all others, the all other Fly racing helmets Formula Vactor Helmet has met up with the DOT standard certification.

Formula Vector dirt bike Helmet

It denotes that the racing helmet is fallen into different sorts of adversities where it performs appropriately to protect you.

It ensures that your helmet is safe and secured to provide the ultimate protection of your head, eyes, and face while participating in a bike raced.


Easy Maintenance: 

Maintenance is essential to the extent of the durability of a helmet. If you are using a racing helmet, you should maintain the helmet properly to keep it dirt-free, fresh and new.

The Formula Vector Helmet has arrived with its unique features to lessen your extra effort of cleaning and washing your favorite racing helmet. This particular helmet is prepared in such a way that it is effortless to clean and dry.

The helmet has a comfort liner and quick-release cheek pads. Both of them are made of a washable moisture-wicking and anti-microbial material.

The quick removing cheek pads that you can remove or replace smoothly in any situation. You can easily clean the fly racing helmet and make it dry to reuse.



The sportsman is always zealous about experiencing new things. Especially when you are a bike racer, you have to fight not only with the competitor but also with the hazardous chaos.

If you want to avoid those unnecessary disturbances, the Formula Vector Helmet is the proper selection for you.

A weighty helmet may lessen your moving force in the race. So you should select a lightweight helmet including all the essential benefits.

To resolve this problem, you can get this super lightweight helmet which is only 4 Pounds. You can carry the helm easily when you are biking with great speed.

If you are not a professional bike racer, the helmet will be the most helpful mate for you. It will make you introduce to the fantastic experience and the ultimate fun of biking.

Most of the time, the racer is riding recklessly as they concentrate only on the winning point. So to avoid the chances of a mishap, the helmet works as the most reliable tool.

This exceptional helmet will facilitate you with fresh air inside the helmet that regulates your blood circulation. So remain anxiety-free by Waring the  Formula Vector Helmet and win over the world of bike racing.