Updated on March 11th, 2022

The recently released Schuberth C4 Pro is a full carbon fiber flip-up helmet that is designed to go for both touring and sports bike riders. It is one of the best-selling helmets at this price range that now represents the evolution in the modular helmet industry. Schuberth has upgraded and improved the C4 Pro Carbon version of their previously released helmet C4 model. In this C4 Pro model, they improved the quality by making up the outer shell with carbon which is the strongest material used in a helmet.

Because of so many additional key features and facilities, everyone has started to buy this C4 Carbon helmet. Achieving the best-selling helmet award, it has become a great living example of evolution. There are so many attractive features like intercom, Bluetooth version of 5.0 technology, microphone, speakers, and so on. However, let’s walk through this Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon review to learn more about this helmet.

Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon Modular Helmet Features and Benefits

From the outside, it looks like a simple flip-up helmet, but from the inside, there are a lot of features that can blow up anyone’s mind. Because of the carbon build, it looks so decent and classy. According to some sources, Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon is considered to be the quietest helmet ever. So, while you will be riding a bike with this helmet on, you won’t get irritated and will feel comfortable. Hence now, let’s look into the features .

schuberth c4 pro carbon modular helmet Outer Shell

The outer shell of this Schuberth C4 Pro is made of pure carbon, which is the strongest material that can be used on a helmet. So, you can have faith in the durability and reliability of this helmet. Also, because of the carbon fiber texture, the outer surface looks really decent. So, if you are one of those who prefer an aesthetic look as well as quality, then you can definitely buy this helmet.

The manufacturers made only two different sizes of this new modular helmet which is XL and XS. This helmet has a tough multi-fiber composite shell that can protect you from major accidents. So, it is going to put pressure on your wallet as it costs more. But it’s worth the money considering the features and abilities.

  • Noise 

If you keep the speed below 60 mph on a modest bike, then the helmet will provide you the death-quiet noise isolation. Most of the time, we get the annoying noise because of the wind blowing at the visor and fairing. But the lid of Schuberth C4 Pro carbon is well researched and noticeably more tranquil than any other lid.

However, the interior is also soundproof as the chin bar covers all the empty areas. So while riding the bike, the chances of getting air ironside the helmet are totally zero.

  • Intercom

Intercom is the most advanced and innovative feature in a flip-up helmet. With the intercom feature, you can make phone calls, or talk, listen to the favorite music while riding, etc. To make the connection stable, there is an antenna inside the helmet. However, it’s very easy to use as you just need to plug in a battery, and it’s ready to go.

Additionally, having an FM radio feature takes this helmet one step ahead. So, you can listen to your favorite radio stations while riding a bike. However, the range of intercom connections is listed as less than 1000m. But obviously, you won’t get a thousand-meter range. You can get approximately seven to eight hundred meter range in an open road. But it’s still pretty good.

  • Ventilation 

Like the awesome build quality and comfortability, the ventilation process of this helmet is also appreciable. There is a single chin and crown vent that helps to improve the ventilation process. Hence, you can open the crown vent by the three-way slider, which is located on the top of the vent. The chin vent will absorb the air and will emit it into the helmet. And the air will be discarded by the rear of the visor. Also, it is very easy to open or close the vent.

schuberth c4 pro carbon modular helmet

Certainly, there is a huge screen vent that will help for getting much airflow and preventing you from getting sweat. But the visor can crack if you open it unconsciously. So merely open the visor for getting extra air when you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Schuberth helmets worth the money?

Schuberth is now one of the best-selling helmets in the market. They include so many amazing features and abilities in a competitive price range. So, it will worth every penny if you can afford one.

Which is better; modular or full-face helmet?

Full face helmets are lighter compared to modular helmets. Because you won’t get hinges or other competitive features on a full-face helmet. But there are a lot of features and facilities on a modular helmet. So, if you want a lighter helmet, then a full-face helmet will be great. But you should get a modular helmet if you prefer many features and hinges.


A helmet is the best companion while riding a bike. It can protect you from getting major injuries in an accident. And this flip up helmet can be the best helmet for you because there are a lot of features and abilities in the helmet. The comfortability and durability are also significant.This is the best creation from Schuberth. So, if you are looking after a quality helmet, then you can definitely buy this one.