Updated on March 11th, 2022

Being a modular helmet rider, you can enjoy the world of technology. The outrush modular helmet is the recently released smart helmet from Sena. It is an affordable basic helmet that offers almost all types of motorcycling activity. Having numerous unique and beneficial features, Sena outrush has become the perfect modular helmet for daily bikers.

You will get Bluetooth 3.0 technology which is wrapped in a lightweight polycarbonate shell. So, you can simply wear the helmet and fire the road. In this Sena outrush modular helmet review, you will be able to know many unknown facts about the helmet. So, walk through the whole article until the end.

Sena Outrush Modular Smart Helmet Features

From the outside, the Sena Outrush looks very simple and usual, although it’s very attractive. But there are many useful and additional key features of the helmet that takes it to the next level. It’s very impressive that how Sena managed to provide many features in a regular helmet without making it difficult. However, for your convenience, we rounded up the features so that you can learn separately.

  • Two Way HD Intercom

If you have used the previous models of Sena, then you may know the feature of the two-way HD intercom. However, one of the most unique and useful features of Sena is this two-way HD intercom feature. Because of this, you can start communication between two outrush users. To do this, you will need to connect via Bluetooth. The transmission is very strong, stable, and reliable. Having a range of up to half a mile, it works very perfectly. So, if you are at a close distance from your associate rider, then you can easily talk with each other.

Even you will get an HD intercom mode as well. Because of the HD mode, the clarity of voice transmission will increase surprisingly. Suppose you are in heavy traffic where loudness is outrageous. So, naturally, you won’t be able to hear clearly. But Sena has got a solution for this. There is a Sena Digital Noise Reduction System that is able to reduce the noise and clarify the speaker’s voice.

  • Smartphone Connectivity

The Bluetooth version of 3.0 technology comes with Sena Outrash helmet. Bluetooth will let the helmet be connected or paired with your smartphone. To be honest, this is another wonderful feature that will allow us to lead an easier lifestyle.

With the help of Bluetooth 3.0, you can pair your smartphone with the helmet, and then you will be able to listen to the GPS navigation directions whenever you make any move. This is not the only feature that it can do; you can also talk on phone calls. That means if someone calls you on the smartphone when you are riding, then you can answer it and talk over the helmet. Undoubtedly this is the most useful feature for the riders. Also, you can enjoy music streaming while you are riding. But it is not recommended for your safety. Remember, better safe than sorry.

  • Modular Helmet 

Right now, you may have known that the Sena Outrush is a Bluetooth modular helmet. According to many biking enthusiasts and researchers, it is proven that modular helmets are the best for biking. One of the most comfortable and multi-functional helmets is the modular helmets. If you don’t know what a modular helmet is, it is basically a hybhttps://helmettoday.com/best-bluetooth-modular-helmet/rid helmet covering the full face and open face helmets.

Sena Outrush Modular Smart Helmet

The Sena Outrush is able to give you the proper satisfaction of wearing a modular helmet. If you wear this, you will be protected from both full face and open face helmets.

  • Visor 

If you previously used normal helmets that don’t offer any communication ability, then you are going to love the Visor feature. Sena is offering you a multifunctional visor that is very useful for riders. This is proof of the quality of Sena Outrush that they not only focus on the features but also on the safety of bikers as well.

You will get a clear face shield with an inner drop-down sun visor which will protect you from the radiation from the sun. You may wonder that the material of the sun visor is made of scratch resistance. But there’s a twist, it is also UV and fog-resistant as well. This is not the end; the Sena Outrush offers a fast-release wheel strap system that holds a strengthened chin strap. This is essential for ensuring the helmet and holding it attached to the biker’s head.

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Pros and Cons 

Every living thing on the earth has some advantages and disadvantages. In this way, the Sena Outrush modular helmet also has some pros and cons. You will get to know these below.


  • Affordable
  • The Sena Outrush offers an excellent warranty of five years.
  • Includes a pre-built two-way HD intercom communication system.
  • Offers a large talk time of up to 15 hours by giving a single full charge.
  • The range of the intercom is half a mile.
  • The material used to make is UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, and fog-resistant sun visor.


  • The charging time is huge 3 hours.
  • It offers a backdated Bluetooth version of 3.0
  • The sound quality is not satisfying.


Sena company is advancing their quality of helmets after each release. It seems like they are following the trend of offering many features in a compact size. However, they did a great job by successfully upgrading the Sena Outrush modular helmet. Because of this, you will get many useful and beneficial features that will help you while riding. So, if you are wondering about buying the best helmet in an affordable price range, then Sena Outrush will be the best option for you.