ZlYJ has designed their Bluetooth Motorcycle Modular helmet with comfortable and soft mesh lining that makes your riding more enjoyable and safe. The stylish appearance and advanced factions make it a chosen one for many bikers.

You can pick up this ABS plastic made helmet as a highly protected one. Even after going under processes like extrusion, blowing, and high waste, it will remain reliable for its toughness and durability.

Not to mention the latest Bluetooth system it carries. The headset provides a high definition stereo sound quality; thus, you can feel music very clearly, even from a 10M transmission distance.

Operating the Bluetooth system is very handy and the installation process as well. And as it comes with a waterproof design, you can run the set in all weather conditions!

However, the headset is equipped with a 500mA lithium battery; you can play it for almost 32 hours continuously in the long run. Also, there is a USB charger cable, two high-definition stereo speakers it will equip with.

How much comfortable is it?

If the facts come about the liner and pad, be sure that it would be very cool and breathable as for the soft air fabric. And, the removal and washable properties of these help to keep your helmet clean and odor-free.

Providing direct ventilation on the helmet makes the mouth vent better in reducing breathing. Moreover, its strong ventilation performance would keep you always dry and, of course, comfortable.

As it can easily suck in the airflow before and after the vacuum suction, the pipe won’t remain as stuffy or hot. Thanks to the sun visor system, it would safeguard you from all glare with the integrated UV anti-fog glasses.

Moreover, this ZLYJ motorcycle helmet is a professional one that meets and exceeds all the requirements of DOT ECE fmvss 218 safety standards thus;, you can be confident about its best experience.


ZLYJ will be one of the best options if you are looking for one which would have a strong ventilation performance and very comfortable.

However, the weight might be seemingly heavier to you, but other traits drawback all its limitations.

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