Updated on November 25th, 2021

People love Sledding. It’s a lethargic snowmobile task. Well, individuals demand the highest protection and safety. So they look for the best snowmobile helmet to live in their passion.

The head requires shielding for many reasons. There are so many obstacles like injury, wind, cold, and wind. So a snowmobile helmet is of utmost necessity to prevent those things and enjoy riding.

For that reason, you need to find the exact sized snowmobile helmets that fasten in your head for all time. Otherwise, your mood will get spoiled, and everything will go in a vein.

Thinking about these critical situations, we have researched top snowmobile helmets for you. They will perfectly fit with riding style. You will accommodate one of them with your lifestyle.

Best Snowmobile Helmet:

There are different types of snowmobile helmets available in the market. All the helmet purposes are not the same. Some helmets go well with prescription glasses.

  1. 509 Tactical Snowmobile Helmet
  2. Castle X Mode Snowmobile Helmet
  3. FXR Maverick Modular Team Helmet
  4. Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet
  5. 509 Delta R3 Ignite Snow Helmet
  6. FLY Racing Trekker Helmet
  7. Typhoon Full Face Snowmobile Helmet
  8. Vega Unisex Helmet
  9. ILM Motorcycle Snowmobile Fullface Helmet
  10. O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet
  11. Auboa Modular Full Face Helmet
  12. .YEMA YM-926 Flip-up Helmet

A few helmets are suitable for smoke breaks, snacking, and trail-side charts. Others are convenient for metabolisms.

Our Top Picks

  • Best Selling Snowmobile Helmet: 509 Altitude Helmet
  • Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet: Castle X Exo CX950
  • Best Lightweight Snowmobile Helmet: Fly Racing Kinetic Thrive Helmet
  • Best Value For Money Snowmobile Helmet: Yema Modular YM-925 Helmet
  • Best Full Face Snowmobile Helmet: ILM Full Face Winter Helmet
  • Best ILM Snowmobile Helmet: Auboa Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet
  • Best Modular Full Face Snowmobile Helmet: AHR Full Face MX Snowmobile Helmet
  • Best Open-Face Snowmobile Helmet: CKX VG1000 RSV

Whatever you select, your priority should be the best snowmobile helmet for ensuring safety. Another, quality matters as well. Let’s check them out.

509 Tactical Snowmobile Helmet

509 Tactical Snowmobile Helmet

509 Tactical is an attitude type of snowcross manner snow helmet. It offers you sports safety with elegance. ECE or dot, this helmet can be your best companion to your sledding journey.

It’s great that this snowmobile helmet comes with a combo of goggles and a helmet. They are ideal complementary to each other. You will experience aggressive styling and a soaring horsepower ride.

The snowcross technique follows the lacking of lens or visions. As a consequence, the head protector enables the spec pair with it. Due to the fact, the goggles don’t fall out.

Certain things you should know about goggles. It should match with you entirely. There must be a nose deflector. The deflector pushes away the breath from optics.

Satisfactory ventilation can enter into your body. You feel cool while riding. It’s [possible to remove the breath guard for alleviation. No matter how the riding situation is, you can do it every time.

This brand delivers 15 color helmets. So, you are getting options to choose your favorite color. Similarly, there are six sizes available for it. So people get relieved to face any misfit. This product meets the demands of CARB.

The outer shell is polycarbonate. That’s why it’s so durable. Besides, the EPS foam works as a custom interior. Apart from that, the deluxe removable liner generates a homely feeling.


  • Outer shell mold assurance.
  • Supreme peripheral vision.
  • Leading opening eye-port.
  • Zero skin exposure.
  • Compatible with a neck brace.


  • No ear holes.
  • Flatter Colors


Overall, the 509 tactical helmet is quite tasteful considering relaxation. It almost covers up the sensitive part of your face. Lastly, this helmet can be a budget choice in your list.

Castle X Mode Dual-Sport Snowmobile Helmet

Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV Team Electric Snowmobile Helmet

Castle X Mode gets the acceptance of ECE and dot. It offers an absolute snow configuration for riding. Aside from that, the users can enjoy the benefit of a double anti-fog pane shield.

The advantages are not confined to this. People also obtain the sun visor with an amber tint. There is a breath box for inhaling and exhaling. They add chin cartons for cold weather.

About the design, it contains a modern shell to defend against the aggressive snow. The shell is built by applying the CAD. Well, the material is ultra-modern polycarbonate compassion.

Here, the composition covers several solid EPS lines. It is injected into the shape. Lastly, they finished it by placing a lateral chin bar.

There are hard coated shields. These are typically known as anti-scratch as well as anti-fog/ the coat protects the face shield and makes it user friendly.

This snow helmet delivers an open and cleanable internal passing system. It helps to fit with you comfortably with the highest security.

Adding anti -hypoallergenic and anti-perspiration ensures you anti-germ eyeglass. You will also acquire a warm cheek pad. Micro adjustment approaches the fast release.

The whole padding system is washable. As a result, you can clean it regularly when it gets dirty. Simultaneously, you will avail it for an extended period.


  • Mixed color arrangement.
  • Budget-friendly to purchase.
  • Sport orientation favorable.
  • Friendly to all weather.
  • Perfect flow of air.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Tin covered Plastic pin.


The helmet contains most of the features of a good helmet. Within the budget, it offers more. So if your budget is quite tight but expecting something better, Castle X can be a good option for the snow journey.

FXR Maverick Modular Team Helmet

FXR Maverick Modular Team Helmet with Electric Shield

As the head is the most important part of your body, it should remain untouched at all costs. The FXR helmet falls under the expensive section of helmets, but does it protect according to its price?

The snowmobile helmet is made out of advanced polymer alloy. For this reason, the helmet is more lightweight compared to the other helmets of this range. Because of its light weight body, you won’t feel any neck pain or fatigue.

Combining the polymer alloy shell exterior with the EPS interior, maximum protection is FXR’s main target, which they achieved. The EPS foam interior can absorb impact so your head will be safe from sudden aggressive hits.

The peak of the helmet works magnificently as a sun blocker. This means that you will be able to go for a snowmobile ride in broad daylight. You can also remove the peak to ensure that there is no drag at high speed.

The helmet has an electrically heated anti-fog system that eliminates fog even if you breathe with your mouth.

This ensures that your vision stays clear, preventing accidents from happening. The visor is also scratch resistant so don’t worry about any scratches.


  • Lightweight design reduces fatigue.
  • Polymer alloy shell exterior and impact absorbent EPS interior.
  • Helmet peak blocks sun rays, and is also removable.
  • Electrically heated anti-fog face shield.
  • Scratch and UV resistant
  • Adjustable air vents for high air circulation.
  • Available in three different colors.


  • Costs more than what it should.
  • The lack of a dual visor system is unacceptable at this price.


Overall, the FXR Maverick modular team helmet performs phenomenally. If you are fine with not having a dual visor system, and slight overpricing, the FXR helmet will give you superb protection and comfort.

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet with Electric Shield

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Helmet with Electric Shield

If you are looking for something versatile, then scorpion is the best to choose. It is something then values with money. Any adventure like snow riding, touring, or other things, you will experience an excellent ride.

With the quality they offer, you won’t hesitate to pay more. Yes, the latest LG Polycarbonate armor engulfs the whole structure. That lowers the weight and is easy to put on the head.

At the same time, the design is so impactful to catch the eyes. They are all in a mix of dispersing colors. The colors are white/gray, matte blue, and dull gray.

This snow helmet also comes with a pair of goggles. The liftable chin bar has convenient access. Similarly, you can also remove the shield while riding with goggles. Even you may retain the electric shape.

Pulling out the peak visor is another best idea. For that, you can alternate your style with a new look. Scorpion developed the helmet to give you a light feel. Of course, it is relatively healthy.

Some exciting traits like density EPS double displacement and advanced polygonal EPS create more faithfulness to the user. They deliver high –level vitality displacement.

The ratchet arrangement grants thoroughly tool-less changing equipment. You won’t waste your time. This is relatively clean and clear with an electric double-pane face shield.

Dot supports the brand because it carries out the requirement of them. Indeed, that is FMVSS 218 grade. On top of that, CAB approves the brand too.


  • Anti-fog shield.
  • Optical transparent dual pane.
  • Resistant to scratch.
  • Hard coating attachment.
  • Enormous size eye-port.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Heatshield slacking connection.


This helmet is a premium quality tool and ready to serve multipurpose. Off the rod or Sledding, you will acquire all in one. Decent ventilation will never give you the feeling of short breath. So if you have money in your hand, you can shop for it.

509 Delta R3 Ignite Full-Face SnowHelmet

509 Delta R3 Ignite Full Face Snow Helmet with Fidlock

509 Delta R3 works with Tri-configuration alternatives. These are commonly known as full face, open face, and dual face. Human beings use different modes based on their requirements.

However, the double-pane possesses anti-groove attributes to protect the face shield. At the same moment, it also has anti-fog features to clear out the face shield from the fog. Those things are coated into an ITO glassy electric cover.

The super helmet owns the orange sun protection. Anyway, the job of that shield is to cover the individual from unbearably hot. The shopper can also drop t down.

Polycarbonate is used to manufacture it. The element is premium. So, it becomes weightless and easy to carry. The head doesn’t feel extra pressure having it.

Along with that, the snow helmet has double density EPS. Regardless, the EPS is suitable for the highest crashing situation. It tries to protect a person from getting hurt.

Another advantage, it contains a chin curtain. That is so much useful for cold. The chin curtains offer complete protection on every side of the neck from wind, swirl, and snow.

There is a movable breath-box for airflow. You can remove the cheek pads and inner liner very merely and wash them for reuse. Maintaining hygiene is obligatory.

ECE and Dot give the helmet a safety certificate. The helmet comes with a list of sizes allowing wearing all. Lastly, a push-button is locked, and the shield is removed.


  • Great Neck gator.
  • Glossy outer side.
  • Internal humidity fulfillment.
  • Comfortable to in and out.
  • Absolute wiring.


  • The seal should be tighter.
  • Inners layers are stretchable.


A product is valued according to the budget. So, in comparison to the budget, the helmet is outstanding. It gives almost the service of a premium helmet. You can settle on buying it if your cash is short.