Are you wondering that is snowmobile helmets and motorcycle helmets are the same? Can you use one of these helmets for both activities, or do you have to spend some additional cash for buying a new helmet if you ride in both circumstances?

If these questions are revolving in your head, then keep reading this post. Because, here we will be discussing the difference between them, and snowmobile helmet vs. motorcycle helmet which one is more secured.

Difference Between Snowmobile Helmet and Motorcycle Helmet

The main purpose of a helmet is to protect your head from any major accidents that may cause serious injuries like brain hemorrhage, which is able to make your life upside down. However, although the main purpose and role of snowmobile helmets and motorbike helmets are the same, which is to protect your head from serious accidents, there are some differences between them.

They both are manufactured in different ways, and some of them are described below:


Due to the fact that snowmobile helmets are popular in colder regions and less necessary in warmer regions, the insulation system in these helmets is adequate. The system helps in the retention of heat, which will help you to keep warm.

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However, on the other hand, because motorcycle helmets can be used in all weather conditions, this insulation feature does not come with motorcycle helmets. So, it’s obvious that you cant use motorcycle helmets in snow are, and you cant use snowmobile helmets in warmer conditions.


The snowmobile helmets are manufactures with two important considerations in mind. One is to keep you safe while you are on the ride and the other one is the ability to keep you warmer in such harsh climates as those found in Alaska. However, in comparison to motorcycle helmets, snowmobile helmets are significantly lighter in weight. Since there is a lack of a rear-view mirror on snowmobile helmets, the lightweight ability allows the riders to easily turn their heads around when necessary.

Because the rider is presumed to fall frequently, almost all the snowmobile helmets are approximately weighed 300-600 grams. Because of this, you will be able to avoid taking an “additional toll” on your neck if you fall. And the damage on your head will be considerably less.

However, on the other hand, the weight of a motorcycle helmet is approximately 1000-2000 grams in comparison to one of these standard snowmobile helmets. And because of this, if you fall, the impact on your head area is expected to be greater.

Type of Shield

Unlike the snowmobile helmets, which lack a single pane shield, the motorcycle helmets have a single pane shield which is way harder. And that is necessary to prevent a more significant impact if you fall or face a crash. However, they will not function in the freezing temperatures of winter, and the consequences of accidents involving snowmobiles are less severe than those involving motorcycles, according to the National Safety Council.

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There are two layers of glass that protect the wearer’s eyes from the dust and fog when riding a snowmobile. In cold weather, this helps to reduce the accumulation of fog. It is separated by a thin layer of gas, which acts as a barrier to the transfer of heat, resulting in the formation of condensation between the panes.


In the snowmobile helmets, you will get the adjustable vents that help to distinct the moisture out of the helmet, which can produce due to your breathing. In addition to these, this ventilation feature also helps for perfect airflow in the helmet.

On the other hand, you cant expect to have a breath box in a motorcycle helmet, as it is not necessary. So, there is no way that you will be able to ride a standard motorcycle helmet in replacement of a snowmobile helmet.

Breath Deflectors

The breath deflectors are already installed in the snowmobile helmets in order to prevent fogs from being isolated in the lens while you are breathing. These breath deflectors are also known as breath guards.

Under the helmet, your face and nose will be tightly sealed in order to prevent your breath from escaping down the helmet. As a result of the diverted breath, the condensation will be avoided. That feature will help in the prevention of fogging. And on the other hand, you won’t get the breath guards in the motorcycle helmets because they serve no purpose in them, and it’s not necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can I use the snowmobile helmets on my Motorcycle? 

The simple and straightforward answer is NO. You can use the snowmobile helmets on a motorcycle. Because the snowmobile helmets and the motorcycle helmets are structured differently and function totally far apart. For instance, snowmobile helmets are way lighter than motorcycle helmets. So, you cant use snowmobile helmets in replacement of motorcycle helmets.

Is a snowmobile helmet DOT approved?

Yes, most of the snowmobile helmets are DOT approved. Every helmet should at least meet the minimum standard of DOT certification. Because, in some countries and regions, a DOT-approved helmet is a must-have thing for bikers. On top of that, a DOT-approved helmet is much more safe compared to the usual one. And most of the snowmobile helmets are DOT approved.


So, now that you are here, I assume that you have now fully understood that snowmobile helmets and the standard motorcycle helmets are not the same. Thus, we would like to recommend you wear snowmobile helmets for snowmobile riding and to wear the motorcycle helmets for motorcycling. In this way, perhaps you will be able to prevent any major damages from a serious accident. We hope that this snowmobile helmet vs. motorcycle helmet has helped you to know more about these helmets for a bit.